Best Pasta Cooker in India 2021 – Electric & Automatic

#1 Prestige #2 Panasonic #3 Bajaj
Prestige Pasta Cooker Panasonic Pasta Cooker Bajaj Pasta Cooker
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Rice is the most popular and easily available food for almost every India. Rice is considered to be an integral part of the diet in India, which is served in a different form of recipes.  The rice and pasta cookers have become not just luxury but a necessity as it has become part of the kitchen today. Without a cooker, your kitchenware accessories won’t be complete.

The rice cooked in the cooker is healthier than the rice boiled in a normal way. The rice remains rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates when cooked in the cooker. Even the pasta, which has become part of everyday food gets cooked nicely and tastes yummy when added with ingredients. Cookers not only allow rice and pasta, but it also helps in cooking other grains which are used in everyday meal. There are different brands of cooker available in the market which are easy to handle and are designed to steam or boil the rice or pasta perfectly well.  The cookers are available in different sizes, designs, and look. Every model has its own features and advantages, which you need, to understand when you decide to buy. 

Top 5 Best Electric Cooker For Rice & Pasta

The list below included the best of rice and pasta cookers in India, which have unique features and offer exceptional services. The branded cooker helps you not just to love the tasty food but also makes you enjoy your time in the kitchen.

#1. Prestige 1.8 Litre Red  Pasta Cooker

Prestige 1.8 Litre Red  Pasta Cooker

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The red ed cooker having a capacity of 1.8 Litre is the ideal cooker. The cooker has detachable power cords and the long handles that remain cool. It cooks tasty food quickly in the minimum time. The nicely designed cooker with a closely fitted lid and   2 pans, is available with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

The different kinds of rice can be used, depending on the requirement of water, which can be filled as per the scales. The cooker can cook rice, pasta and many other food items depending on necessity.  The cooker works perfectly and independently, the moment the lid is closed, the cooking cycle gets activated. It also has an automatic cooling system. Basically, the electric rice and pasta cookers cook the food by heating the liquid inside the pot and make use of steam produced to boil or to stem the food. The temperature can be adjusted depending on the food item.  The cooker is used not only for cooking rice, pasta, and other grains but to make cereals by adding pieces of nuts and dried fruits. The affordable, multi-purpose rice and pasta cooker definitely help you in preparing delicious recipes effortlessly. 


  • The nicely designed cooker works efficiently
  • Two cooking pans are highly useful
  • Offers one year warranty from date of purchase


  • Two pans should be of bigger in size and better quality.

#2. Panasonic 4.4-Litre Automatic Pasta Cooker 

Panasonic 4.4-Litre Automatic Pasta Cooker 

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Panasonic 4.4 Litre rice cooker is white in colour and having a 2-year warranty is a perfect match for your modern kitchen. In case of any issue regarding the cooker or any of its accessories, the replacement can be done within 10 days. The well-designed cooker made of strong stainless steel which is bigger in size and available at a reasonable price. 

The auto-cooking option makes it easy to handle and easier to cook, even in a hurry. The automatic switch controls the cooking system and makes sure that the rice or pasta gets cooked on time and remains healthy. The ionized aluminium cooking pan is also available along with cooker and useful while cooking various items at a time. When you give the Panasonic cooker to your mom or wife as a gift, it will not just change the atmosphere in the kitchen, but it also makes the food delicious when various recipes are tried using the wonderful cooker. The electric cooker with easy to adjust options can become the most useful item of your kitchen. It can work effectively during winters and also during summers, even without AC. The cooker is easy to use, clean and remains shiny as ever.


  • It cooks food sufficient for the entire family.
  • 2 years of warranty is an advantage.


  • Similar sized cooking pan and plate are not easily available if damaged.

#3. Mealthy Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker  

Mealthy Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker  

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The highly advanced cooker offers programmable options for smart cooking. It is one of the best cookers available in the Indian market today. This cooker should be a part of every household. Whether you have AC in your kitchen or not, the cooker remains equally efficient with it’s easy to operate electrical options and remains as a major item of your cooking system. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 pressure cooker with the highest ratings from the consumers has become one of the most popular kitchenware items. Buy it today, if you are really planning to make your kitchen most modern and up-to-date. 

The cooker has a capacity of 3 litres that can be programmed according to your tastes and needs while preparing the recipes. Varieties of dishes are available in the list, and it also allows a person to try innovative food-items while cooking. The rice and pasta can be cooked deliciously by keeping the vitamins and carbohydrates intact, which makes the food hot and healthy. The cooker is durable and sturdy and remains in your service for longer. It can be easily maintained and cleaned once the cooking is over. The cooker is available at an affordable price and can be easily bought on a monthly instalment basis also.


  • Smart cooker offers programmable recipes for easy cooking.
  • Highly useful and easily affordable. 
  • Available on the instalment basis.


  • The warranty should be offered, which could have been an added advantage for the auto-programmable cooker.

#4. Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker 

Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker 

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The automatic electric pressure cooker having 11 in 1 function is one of the classical cookers which bring a positive change in your kitchen. The feather touch soft preset menu with non-sticky pot makes the well-designed cooker look attractive in the shiny black. The 5 Litre cookers prepare rice or pasta in a perfect manner for the entire family. Even the person with no knowledge of cooking can cook appetizing and mouth-watering dishes and recipes within a short time. 

Geek Robocook pressure cooker with feather touch preset menu offers 11 preset menus that include rice items such as Pongal, Biryanis, Pulaos, and Idly-sambar. Also, various types of Pasta and many other vegs and non-veg items can also be prepared. The cooker is made up of stainless steel along with rich shining fibre material. The Geek Robocook cooker is easy to use and can keep the food warm for longer hours. You can easily clean the cooker and wipe it when not in use. The cooker which is fully automatic and shock-proof remains safe and secured. The affordable, stylish cooker certainly makes your neighbour jealous of your kitchen and the tasty food that you offer to others.


  • Pre-programmable recipes make you an expert in cooking in a short time. 
  • Easy to manage, easy to use and easy to wash & clean with dishwasher as well.
  • The additional Teflon bowl helps in cooking.
  • The 2-year warranty is an advantage.


  • Teflon cooking pot or the bowl if damaged, then it cannot be replaced easily.

#5. Bajaj Majesty Multifunction Pasta Cooker 

Bajaj Majesty Multifunction Pasta Cooker 


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Bajaj Majesty Multifunction rice cooker has become popular among the housewives as well as the cooks and chefs. The white in colour 0.5 Litre cooker comes with a 2-year warranty that is highly practical. The cooker is light in weight but strong and long durable. The Bajaj cooker is compact in size and it can save a lot of space in your kitchen.

The compact-sized cooker is the most convenient kitchenware item that makes cooking enjoyable. The cooker is smaller in size and it is most ideal for a single person or for the couple. The travel-fit cooker is trouble-free to carry and can fit easily in your bag without adding any extra baggage. The transparent lid on the top is well-fitted and makes it easy to monitor the food item under preparation. When you compare the price and the usefulness of the cooker, you will find it most suitable for your needs because the purpose of the cooker is not to prepare heavy food in large quality. The cooker remains handy and can be cleaned without much effort. The smaller in size, white coloured shiny Bajaj cooker with a transparent top, remains versatile while preparing delicious dishes of rice or pasta.


  • Bajaj cooker with a transparent top makes cooking easier. 
  • Its compact size makes the cooker handy, easy to use, and wash.


  • Food is prepared at a time is limited in quantity.

Buying Guide To Choose The Best  Pasta Cooker

The buying guide will help you to know more about Pressure Cooker before you decide to buy it. Cookers are available in various brands and can easily suit your needs, once you understand the necessary features in details.

Size of the Cooker

Before you decide to buy a cooker, you must find more about the various sizes of the cooker and decide the size before you look for any other feature. The size of the rice cooker can be calculated on the number of cups of rice cooked at a time. The size of the cooker is measured in terms of the litre, but still, you make it sure about the number of cups that you required to cook the rice every day before buying it. The size of the cooker matters most while preparing food for the family members.

Type of Cooker

There are various types of cookers available, which include traditional cooker or the most-modern cookers. The traditional cookers don’t have many options, but the automatic pressure cookers offer many facilities. The electric cookers with pre-programmed recipes and soft-touch menu options make cooking quick and enjoyable. You can understand various features and usefulness while cooking.

Warranty for the Cooker

Most of the kitchenware items available in the market offer warranty. The warranty allows the proper utilization of the item over a period of time. Most of the brands offer a wide variety of modern pressure cookers with added advantages along with the warranty, which is definitely an advantage. The warranty of the cooker starts from the date of purchase, and it is certified in the receipt after the purchase.

Branded Cooker

There are various branded companies offering high-quality cookers in the market. But before you buy it, you should do a survey and find more information about various branded cookers available. Some of the features are outstanding and can help you in your kitchen while cooking. Also, some of the companies offer better services including one or two years of warranty, which is beneficial. It is not easy to choose the branded product without understating the brand-value, features offered and the price of the item.

Price of the Cooker

The price plays an important role while making a decision. Most of the cookers available are well-equipped with modern amenities and are useful while preparing various dishes and recipes. But the products with reasonable prices are mostly in demand and you should compare the prices of the cookers while checking the various features and only then come to a conclusion. These are some of the major features which are needed to be taken into consideration before deciding to buy the most suitable cooker. Your budget is important and you have to decide accordingly.

Final Words

The best of branded cookers along with its advanced features are discussed above. If you are keen to buy a pressure cooker today, then you should read the details of branded pressure cookers along with the necessary recommendations given. It will undoubtedly help you in making a wise decision based on your needs and your budget. The automatic pressure cookers offer advanced cooking techniques and simple ways of preparing the food that you like the most. 

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