Best Neckband Bluetooth Earphones 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 OnePlus #2 BoAt #3 Sony
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones BoAt Rockerz 255 Sports Wireless Headset with Super Extra Bass 
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Wired earphones are now obsolete almost every brand provides a pair of wired earphones with the purchase of a new phone. There are, some brands that have started giving wireless earphones with a new phone, but that shoots up the overall cost of the package. In such a case, the brands prefer providing wired modes. As a customer, you can upgrade your earphone to Bluetooth earphones. Today, the quality of the Bluetooth earphones is much more reliable than what it was a decade ago. The battery life is also much longer than ever.

Many brands offer Bluetooth Earphones at an affordable price, and they are also very durable. Some of the brands provide extra features like bass boost and sweatproof design. You can decide what you are looking for while buying the earphones, and this will ensure that you are happy with the quality of the wireless earphones. The average life of the Bluetooth earphones is over two years, so it is undoubtedly not a recurring expense. You can even choose to buy an expensive wireless earphone, and you will not need the upgrade for many years to come.

With all these enhancements, it is worth considering a Bluetooth earphone for your phone. If you are now planning to upgrade then the next question that you need to answer is which is the best Bluetooth earphone to buy? Well, this is undoubtedly complicated, but we are here to help you. In the section below, you can look at the best options available in the market. It will be easier for you to choose the earphones this way. Let us check out the details now – 

Top 10 Best Neckband Earphones Reviewed for 2020 

If you are in a hurry, and if you quickly wish to order the neckband earphones for yourself, you can just go ahead, and browse through the list. You can even check out the reviews, or you can just check out the pros & cons to make a quick purchase. Scroll through the list below – 

#1 OnePlus Bullets Neckband Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

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OnePlus is one of the best brands that provide value for money product. Fortunately, the brand started manufacturing the earphones as well. The neckband earphones from OnePlus are available in White, Black, Blue, and Green colour. They also support warp charge technology which makes the charging process very quick. After a full charge, the earphones are going to last for approximately 20 hours. These earphones are loaded with features that make it very easy to use. The features include a quick pair and a momentary switch. They offer a unique acoustic experience to the user. 

Because of the warp technology, you get a 10 hour playback time with just 10-minute charge. The latency of these earphones is also very low. These earphones are compatible with most of the phones, so you will not have to worry about the compatibility either. The total weight of this model is 28 grams so that they won’t feel heavy either. You can certainly go ahead, and make this purchase from OnePlus


  • It is an affordable choice, and it has unmatchable quality.
  • The earphones come with one year warranty.
  • It supports warp charge, which ensures that you are not deprived of the music even when you miss to charge your earphones.


  • Bass output is average.

#2 BoAt Rockerz 255 Sports Neckband Headset with Super Extra Bass 

BoAt Rockerz 255 Sports Wireless Headset with Super Extra Bass 

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BoAt is another brand that offers high quality, sound equipment. Its portfolio includes several earphones, headphones, and speakers. The brand has also mastered the wireless technology, so, you can certainly go ahead, and consider these earphones from boAt. The earphones are IPX5 rated, and this rating makes the earphones water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant. After buying these earphones, you will not have to be worried about damaging them during the workout. The bass offered is powerful, and the magnetic ear-tips makes it easy to latch the earphones. You can connect these earphones to the android or apple device. In addition to this, the earphones can also invoke the voice assistant for you.

The good part is that the earphones have, buttons to control the volume, and the track. You can even answer and disconnect the call using the earphones. The Bluetooth version on this earphones is 4.1, and this results in low latency. The 110 mAh battery holds a lot of charges as well. With just a 10 minute charge, you get playback of 45 minutes. These earphones also have a very comfortable fit. Overall, they are sturdy, and they offer the right value for money.


  • It comes with a one-year replacement warranty.
  • The earphones have an ergonomic design, and they do not fall out from ears easily.
  • The bass delivery is quite impressive.


  • The battery life on a full charge in just 6 hours.

#3 Sony WI-C200 Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones 

Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones 

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At number 3, we have a brand that is recognized across the world for its sound quality. Yes, we are talking about, Sony. The earphones come with a lot of features, and it is also available at a very reasonable price. The earphones have a 15-hour battery life, and the magnetic earbuds also tangle free. The metallic finish makes it very attractive as well. It houses the latest technology, and that is evident by the use of Bluetooth 5.0 for transmission of signals. The driver unit has a size of 9 mm, and it also has a mic on it. The earphones can easily invoke Google Assistant. Quick charge feature ensures that you do not have to wait while your headphones are getting charged. 

The buttons on the control unit can adjust the volume, answer the call, and change the track. It is available in black, and white colour, and both of them looks quite amazing. You also get three different sizes of the earbuds, and that makes it easy for you to adjust the size. you may also like to check true wireless earbuds 


  • The brand offers a warranty of 15 hours on this earphones.
  • The playback time offered on a full charge is 15 hours.
  • The sound quality is impressive, and it has a tangle free design.


  • These earphones are not water-resistant.

#4 Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband Neckband Earphones

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If you are looking for, something affordable, then these wireless earphones from Boult should serve the purpose for you. They are presently retailing at a price of less than Rs 1200. They offer hands-free convenience as they have inline controls for making calls, changing tracks, and adjusting volume. There are dedicated hooks on the neckband, which makes it very easy for you to get the right fit. The driver has a high quality magnet, and the high-bass feature makes the earphones a lot more desirable. The micro-woofers are integrated on the driver to enhance your experience.

For the connectivity, the earphones have Bluetooth 5.0, and it also features auto-pairing. You can connect these earphones with two devices at a single time. Apart from this, you can connect these earphones with Apple Device as well as, android device. Other features include Kevlar cable, snug fit, and longer battery life. The passive noise cancellation works as expected. You can check out more about these earphones by visiting the link listed above.


  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on these earphones.
  • It has a Kevlar cable that doesn’t tangle, and it is also firm.
  • The earphones are waterproof, and they can be left under 1-meter water for 30 minutes.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#5 Realme Buds Wireless earphones.

 Realme Buds Wireless

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Another brand that competes with OnePlus is Realme. The quality is on par, but the cost is slightly lower than the OnePlus earphones. The driver size of these earphones is 11.2 mm, and it offers powerful bass. Apart from this, the design feels very premium. The elastic memory metal ensures that the earphones do not get damaged. These earphones are also sweat resistant as they have an IPX4 rating. You can use them during jogging, and with a 12 hour battery life, it is worth the purchase. The magnetic connection offers auto on/off feature. The earphones also have a volume control, and other functions integrated on it.

The earphones are available in black, green, and orange design. With just 10 minutes of charge, they last over 100 minutes. With a full charge, these earphones can last up to 12 hours. With the six month warranty, you stay covered for any issues. Overall, these earphones are quite reliable, and you can consider them for purchase, especially if you are looking for, something that offers reliability at a lower price range. 


  • The brand offers a six-month warranty on these wireless earphones
  • This earphone has an IPX4 rating, and it also has a battery life of 12 hours.
  • The quality of these earphones feels premium.


  • Some people raised issues after long term usage.

#6 Zebronics Zeb-Symphony Bluetooth Earphone

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Here is one of the most affordable Bluetooth Earphones available in the market. They are presently retailing at a price below Rs 700. You can check out the deals available on these earphones before going through the review. These earphones have a magnetic earpiece that provides turn-on & turn-off functionality to the earphones. Apart from this, these earphones also have media control, buttons, and volume control, buttons. With a full charge, they last over 13 hours, and this playback time is enough to take you through your day. The package also includes three pairs of earbuds with a different fit.

The google voice assistant and the Siri is supported via these earphones. This model is also water resistant so that you can use them during a drizzle or a heavy workout. It supports all types of, android, and apple devices. You can even connect them to tablets, and it will offer the real wireless experience to you.


  • You get one year warranty on these earphones.
  • It has a playback time of 13 hours once they are fully charged.
  • It is one of the most affordable wireless earphones available in the market.


  • Some users raised issues with the quality of these earphones.

#7 Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless Earphones

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless Earphones

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If you would like, something very water resistant then you can consider these earphones from JBL. The brand offers wireless earphones with exceptional quality, and it is a pioneer in the audio industry. These earphones feature a premium design with metallic earbuds. Apart from this, the earphones also have a normal bass and deep pass feature. You can tweak the equalizer settings to get the output that you like. The battery life shouldn’t be a concern either. A full charge will give you 7-hour battery life, and it works very well. With Bluetooth 5.0, you experience seamless connection and low latency. 

The deep bass on these earphones is very impressive, and the 3, button remote offers enough flexibility as well. The earphones can be used to command the voice control, and it adds a level of accessibility as well. You shouldn’t be concerned at all while buying earphones from JBL because they offer nothing, but the best. It is indeed worth considering.


  • It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, and 12 mm drivers.
  • The earphones come with one year warranty and 7 hour playback time.
  • It is IPX5 rated, and hence it has high water resistance.


  • These earphones are slightly heavy.

#8 OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones 

OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

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At number 8, we have earphones from OPPO. They are priced the same as OnePlus earphones, and they are also reliable. These earphones come with a 12 month warranty, and they are compatible with Apple as well as android devices. A full charge will deliver you playback time of 12 hours whereas a 10-minute charge will give you playback time of 2.5 hours. These earphones have active noise cancellation, which takes help from AI to reduce the noise. The neckband is made of silicon, and the band is very comfortable for use. The lightweight design is yet another setting that makes it easy for you to use the earphones.

The drivers have a size of 9.2 mm, and it also offers clear audio to you. The high-resolution wireless audio enhances the experience of music. They are very durable as the earphones are IPX5 rated.  The rating makes them resistant to dust and water. Overall, you can consider these earphones for daily use.


  • The neckband is made of liquid silicone, and it is resistant to bacteria.
  • The total weight of this earphone is just 22 grams.
  • It is UPX5 rated, and it has AI-powered noise reduction technology.


  • We found them to be slightly expensive.

#9 Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless Flex Neckband Earphones

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless Flex Neckband Earphones

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JBL is such a lovely brand that it can’t be ignored. Here is the second product from JBL that we have reviewed for you. These earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 that is coupled with Qualcomm chipset to deliver the best quality to you. The driver size of these earphones is 12 mm, and hence you get a powerful bass along with the clear, sound. Playback time shouldn’t concern you as well because it offers a playback time of 7 hours with a full charge. Also, if you get very sweat, then you can use these earphones, and be assured that the sweat wouldn’t damage the earphones.

The earbuds have a metal design, and it looks very upmarket. A lot o

f people do not like the bass delivery by these earphones, but gladly, you get a dual equalizer function in these earphones. The dual equalizer enables you to adjust between deep bass and normal bass. It is available in 2 colours, and they both look very upmarket.


  • You get an adjustable equalizer earphones where the bass, and volume can be adjusted.
  • The quality of these earphones is impressive, and you will love the audio output.
  • These earphones are loaded with the latest technology.


  • Nothing as such.

#10 Noise Tune Charge Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

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If you often go for HIT, then you might also be scared of earphones falling out on the road. If that is your concern, then you must check out this last option available to you. These earphones are available from Noise, and it offers stability that none other earphones can offer. These earphones are loaded with QUALCOMM chipset, and it also comes with 16 hour playback time. The inline remote control makes it easy for you to control the remote. There is a dedicated, button for enabling bass booster so that you can toggle it depending on your mood.

The audio quality is exceptional, and these earphones also have dual pairing mode. The dual pairing mode lets you connect to two devices at the same time. The brand has also obtained IPX5 certification for the earphones, and hence it is resistant to water. The Bluetooth 5.0 offers a seamless experience even when you are taking calls or listening to music.


  • These earphones have a toggle, button for enabling bass booster.
  • You get a playback time of 16 hours, and the brand offers one year warranty as well.
  • It has a comfortable fit with the sturdy build quality.


  • You might find it slightly bulky.

Buying Guide for Wireless Earphones

You have been through the best wireless earphones available in the market. We understand that the purchase decision can be challenging, so what is the solution? Well, you can go ahead and check out the factors that will impact your buying decision. So, let us move forward, and check out this comprehensive buying guide which will help you in purchasing the wireless earphones.

Sound Quality

Start by looking at the sound quality of the wireless earphones. You can even go ahead and look at the technical specifications to understand the sound quality. For example, you can check out the frequency response and the impedance as well. Apart from this, you can also check the driver size of the wireless earphones. These are the significant factors that will impact sound quality. You can even look for advanced features like noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation is one of the desired characteristics, but you will surely end up finding passive noise cancellation.

Sweat & Water Resistant

You will be using your wireless earphones while you are working out. In this case, it will make a lot of sense to buy, something that is sweat resistant. The sweat during the workout will not damage your earphones. Apart from this, the earphones will also stay protected in a mild drizzle. This is quite an essential factor, and you must avoid buying wireless earphones that are not sweat resistant.

Bass Boost

Some models come with a dedicated bass boost functionality. In, some of the models, the functionality stays enabled by default. But in some models that have a dedicated button to enable the bass boost. The bass boost can make it fun to listen to the Punjabi, songs, and other, songs that have a high level of bass. It can give you an experience of a personal, sound system.

Mic Presence & Compatibility

Another must have feature is the mic. Without a mic, you will not be able to take calls, or you might not even be able to use the virtual assistant. The mic certainly makes it easy for you to take the meetings wirelessly. You must also check the compatibility of the wireless earphones to ensure that you can use the wireless earphones with your phone. You must also check the Bluetooth version to provide a stable connection without much of packet loss.

Control options

You would not like the earphones if you have to take out the phone from the pocket and change the track. In such a case, buy the earphones that have control options on them. The buttons should be able to control the volume, change the track, and answer the calls for you. This feature will improve the accessibility of your earphones, and it will make them genuinely wireless.

Weight of Earphones

Since most of the wireless earphones that we have talked about are over the neck models. The advantage of such a design is that you will not lose the earphones. On the downside, most of the weight of the earphones will be on your neck. In such ac case, you must check the weight of the earphones, and ensure that they are light enough to let you work out without any problem.


Pay extra consideration to the brand of the earphones. Only buy a wireless earphone from a reliable brand. The brand should also have a comprehensive customer service network. Without the customer service network, you will find it challenging to address the warranty issues. You can even go for OEM brands. For example, if you have an OnePlus phone, then you can go ahead, and buy the earphones from OnePlus as well.

Battery life

Look at the battery life of the earphones as well, and buy the models that offer longer playback time. Typically, the earphones have a battery life of over 12 hours, and this is enough to get you through the day. You will come across the models with 18 hours of battery life as well. These models will make it easy for you to ensure a seamless day. You will only have to charge them once in 2 days, and that is certainly manageable.


The next thing to check is the warranty associated with wireless earphones. Typically, you will find brands offering 12 months of warranty. Some brands may offer a 2 year warranty as well. You will also come across models with six months warranty. In such a case, always buy the models with a longer warranty as they will last longer. The brand will address any issues with the functionality during that timeframe. 


The last factor that we are going to list is the price of the wireless earphones. The median range is Rs 2000, but you will also find models that are priced around Rs 1200, and you will also fund earphones that are a lot more expensive than Rs 2000 earphones. The best bet is to understand your budget and buy the earphones accordingly. 

Final Verdict

After going through the list of wireless earphones, you should find it easy to choose one. You can buy any one of these earphones, and they will serve the purpose for you. If you wish to buy, something else then we would recommend you go through the buying guide. It has the factors that you should consider before making the final purchase decision. It is essential to understand your needs while buying. Do not forget to check the warranty policy applicable on the wireless earphones as this will protect your purchase in case of a malfunction.

Another advice before we conclude the page is that you must go for reliable brands. The built quality and sound quality should be your prime concern. With all the information, you can go ahead and buy the model that you like. Do let us know in the comments section about which Bluetooth earphones did you purchase. Also, if you have confusion or if you are looking for more information about a particular model, then you can visit the Amazon link associated with the product. The product page will have all the information required. Thank You.

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