Top 10 Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022 – Expert Review & Guide

It is a need to have fans at your home when you are from India. After all, ours is a country known all over the world to be hot and humid. Hence, people set to choose generally ceiling fans for their homes. As their names suggest, these fans are fixed on the ceiling so that they dissipate air in the entire room evenly. We have also seen many people getting coolers to think of having relaxing moments in hotter weather and seasons.

These days, people have moved towards table fans, but there is always a risk with such fans when you have kids and pets. Hence, for having an additional burst of the air, we would suggest you choose pedestal fans. These fans have rods in their design that act like a stalk to keep the fan blade high up. You can move these fans easily to any corner of the house and experience exceptional air delivery from them.

Best Pedestal Fan Reviews For 2022

Other than that, pedestal fans now come in different designs, which help you choose as your preference goes with appliance design. Therefore, we have our work today based on the best pedestal fan that a buyer can get in 2020 easily if he/she lives in India. We have picked the pros/cons format for our work. Additionally, we have included everything about each pedestal fan in our reviews. Let us discuss the details below –

#1. iBELL CHROME 10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf, High Speed with Timer SwitchPedestal Fan 5 Leaf, High Speed with Timer Switch iBELL CHROME

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Life truly becomes easier when you finally get a pedestal fan. However, the pedestal fan you pick must be such that it lasts years without numerous maintenance hours. Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the iBELL pedestal fan today. Out of all the pedestal fans we had with us, we gave the iBELL pedestal fan the first spot because of its clean design and overall smooth functioning. Other than that, the iBELL pedestal fan also comes with a warranty of two years, which assures its quality standards.  

iBELL has used stainless steel to manufacture this pedestal fan. As we may know how stainless resists rust at all times, we should also know how it is one of the most durable materials that one can find. In this CHROME pedestal fan, you will get to see five blades which dissipate the air in a room in such a way that you always feel relaxed whenever you sit in front of it after a tiring day. Its base will remain stable no matter what, and you can keep this pedestal fan anywhere. 


  • The motor power of this pedestal fan is rated to be at 55 Watts. 
  • The base of the iBELL pedestal fan always remains stable. 
  • This pedestal fan’s black design makes it look highly sober. 
  • The height of the fan is sufficient enough to throw air evenly in a room.


  • We have not come across the cons of this amazing pedestal fan by iBELL.

#2. AmazonBasics – High-Speed Pedestal Fan with Automatic Oscillation High-Speed Pedestal Fan with Automatic Oscillation AmazonBasics

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We adore pedestal fans, which come with automatic oscillation. Automatic oscillation is seen in most of the pedestal fans these days. However, the oscillation must be smooth enough, and the fan should not make any unwanted noise while that happens. Hence, we now have the AmazonBasics pedestal fan with us. Over the years, AmazonBasics has manufactured many useful products ranging from Notebooks to Luggage Bags. However, they have now seamlessly moved towards electronics. 

We have to mention how AmazonBasics in not disappointing the customers at all. With a clean white design, this High-Speed pedestal fan by them has everything you would wish. One can operate it at a maximum speed of 1456 RPM, and yet the fan’s motor won’t give up. Its blades are thinly and aerodynamically designed, and the pedestal fan also comes with the three-speed option. Other than oscillating, this pedestal fan can also tilt at three angles so that you can adjust the area of airflow as much as you want. 


  • This pedestal fan has been tested well for meeting all the durability standards. 
  • The fan’s height can also be adjusted within the range of 115 cm to 135 cm in three angles.
  • The product’s top speed is known to be at 1456 RPM, which is surely very high.
  • Its oscillation is smooth and jerk-free.


  • The white design will make the pedestal fan difficult to maintain in areas that have high dust content.

#3. Usha Mist Air Icy Pedestal Fan 400 MM in a White DesignAir Icy Pedestal Fan 400 MM in a White Design Usha Mist

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When it is fans, the one name that you will repeatedly come across in India is – Usha. Not only sewing machines, but Usha has also built their name for the most versatile and long-lasting fans in the country. Customers tend to trust the name so much that Usha’s brand value has only taken the positive turns of the roads of their journey in the market till now. Today, we have brought their Mist Air Icy pedestal fan with us. Besides having the most sophisticated looks, this pedestal fan is also something known to be high on durability. 

The pedestal fan has got three blades, which are all intricately and aerodynamically designed. With the aerodynamic design, the fan allows better dissipation and distribution of air in the entire room. Even when this pedestal fan is placed at the corner of the room, you will see how it will yet continue to offer better airflow and a cool icy experience in the entire room. Other than white, the Usha Mist Air Icy pedestal fan is also available in purple and Black & Yellow options. With an RPM of 1280, this pedestal fan is only here to impress.


  • This pedestal fan has got overheat protection, which helps immensely in thermal overload.
  • For performing better in the Indian household conditions, the fan has a power copper motor.
  • The weight of this Usha pedestal fan is only 6 kg 950 grams. 
  • The height of this appliance from the ground is 1.3 meters.


  • The version of this pedestal fan, which comes with a remote, does not perform that well.

#4. V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote in Black DesignPedestal Fan with Remote in Black Design V-Guard Esfera

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For most people, light-colored pedestal fans are a big no. this happens a lot with us as Indians as our belongings might go pale after some time. Hence, we are unquestionably the fans of darker products and darker appliances that do not lose their look. With them, you will also have the minimum needs of dusting and wiping every day. Thus, the V-Guard Esfara pedestal fan is what we have chosen for you. This pedestal fan’s black design is so aesthetically pleasing that you can keep it anywhere in your house. 

And even then, this pedestal fan will set the tones to a qualitative level so that your room looks mesmerizing. Its three-blade design, along with a wider base, enables better airflow without getting unusual jerks or brakes. The V-Guard pedestal fan’s power ratings are known to be at 52 Watts, which is quite low. Hence, when you think of using this pedestal fan at your home, in the long run, you will find it highly cost-effective. one can also try controlling this pedestal fan with its remote so that they can enjoy it even when they are too tired to reach it.


  • The black design of this pedestal fan will suit all kinds of interior designs and other settings. 
  • Its remote performs betters than other controllers of pedestal fans in general. 
  • The ABS plastic used in the V-Guard pedestal fan is surely qualitative. 
  • The three-speed selector of the fan offers sleep at Natural, Sleep, and Normal levels.


  • The durability of this pedestal fan can be enhanced, according to experts.

#5. iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf with RemotePedestal Fan 5 Leaf with Remote iBELL WINDP10

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Another terrific pedestal fan from iBELL is the WINDP10 pedestal fan, which comes with five blades in its design. When there are five blades in a pedestal fan, you will see how thin they are made to maintain the appliance’s weight. However, this only helps the fan in distributing air in a much convenient and effective way. We chose the WINDP10 pedestal fan for many reasons; however, the most striking one is surely the feature that this pedestal fan can be controlled with a remote.

As modern technology knocked on the electronics industry’s door, we have seen various amazing innovations throughout the past two decades. However, incorporating the use of a remote in fans is surely something that impresses many people. When the WINDP10 pedestal fan is set in a place such as a hall, you will find it difficult to reach them again and again. However, with iBELL it would feel much easier to you as you get to use their black pedestal fan with ease regularly. Other than that, this pedestal fan’s operation is so easy to understand that none of your family members will have any problem with it.


  • With five blades, the WINDP10 pedestal fan can dissipate air even in larger rooms.
  • Its height is perfect, and the rod of this fan carries the neck and the blades pretty well.
  • The base of this pedestal fan will never harm the floors of your home. 
  • The remote of the WINDP10 is always known to be quick in its action.


  • The operating voltage of this pedestal fan is not suitable for countries outside India.

#6. Atomberg Efficio+ 400 mm BLDC Motor Energy Saving Pedestal FanBLDC Motor Energy Saving Pedestal Fan Atomberg Efficio+

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Another superb pedestal fan that comes with remote control is this one by Atomberg. We have seen so many ceiling fans by Atomberg that have performed so well in the market that Atomberg has managed to create their own space in the country. Many people are now choosing their fans over the others as Atomberg has been putting a lot of work into the research and design when it is about their fans. Therefore, it was mandatory for us to at least mention one of their amazingly manufactured pedestal fans with you.  

We see how you must not be noticing the pedestal fans’ design as they tend to look quite the same. However, when you finally arrive at the Atomberg Efficio+ pedestal fan, you will see how its design is sharper than the other ones. An option like the Efficio+ pedestal fan is not what you can grab if you go for its quest in the local appliance market near you. Its remote has minimal buttons so that you get to operate the pedestal fan even when you are sitting in low or no-light conditions in your room. Get the Atomberg pedestal fan now!


  • With a BLDC motor, the Efficio+ pedestal fan by Atomberg is highly energy efficient. 
  • It has got a slim metal body along with a strong ABS construction. 
  • One can also switch to use this pedestal fan as a regular table fan in their house. 
  • The features such as the Oscillation & Timer mode in this pedestal fan are seamless.


  • The finish of this pedestal fan is glossy, while some people may prefer matte.

#7. Orient Electric WindPro Stand-70 Pedestal FanWindPro Stand-70 Pedestal Fan Orient Electric

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How can one forget or skip mentioning Orient while speaking about any sort of fans being available in India? We find Orient to be focused on serving their customers so well, which is probably why many people in India go with the Orient no matter what. Today, we have the WindPro pedestal fan by them with us. It has got a White/Blue Tint design, which is going to look amazing in domestic as well as professional settings. Additionally, many people have chosen this as their fan as they move to hostel or dorm rooms.  

We also found this pedestal fan to be sophisticated enough for a hotel lobby or reception area of an office. It does not have shiny bits on its design and looks minimal and modern. With the revolutionary concentric winding, the Orient WindPro has managed to remain in people’s homes for several years without raising the needs for any kind of a maintenance process. We cannot skip that it has also got five blades that allow maximum airflow no matter how small or how huge the room is. 


  • The reliability of the Orient Electric WindPro, along with its durability, is high.
  • For adjusting its height, this pedestal fan has the smoothly moving telescopic adjustment.
  • Its body is quite slim to fit even in the compact spaces. 
  • The sweep of this pedestal fan is around 400 mm, while its air delivery is known to be at 95 CMM.


  • The wattages of this Orient pedestal fan is comparatively high.

#8. Usha Mist Air ICY Blue 400 mm Pedestal FanPedestal Fan Usha Mist Air ICY Blue

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Usha always works on the durability of their products more than anything else. This is why they have performed so well in India. After all, it is the durability that we have always wanted from products, and that indeed includes the appliances. And even after offering high-quality and superior durability, Usha still manages to rate price their appliances at rates that we can all easily afford. You will get to see Usha fans in many houses irrespective of their social standards and income. With Usha, everything is top-notch at an effective rate.

On spot 8, we have got their Mist Air Blue pedestal fan with us. While being made with plastic, this is the pedestal fan that will always resist the electrical shocks. It is one of the safest and well-known pedestal fans that one can choose to have in their house. Other than that, the height is sufficient. Therefore, even when you have pets or children at home, you will see them never being able to reach the blades of this pedestal fan and get themselves hurt at any time. Furthermore, the combination of the blue parts with the white body makes this pedestal fan look highly attractive.


  • This Usha pedestal fan is known to never make unwanted noise. 
  • Its highest RPM is 1280, while its air delivery is known to be at 67 CMM.
  • For the assembly of this pedestal fan, you won’t need extra help as its manual is enough.
  • Its dimensions are perfect for small to medium spaces.


  • This pedestal fan won’t work as well when the room or area is large. 

#9. Orient Electric Stand-37 Trendz High-Speed Pedestal Fan

High-Speed Pedestal Fan Orient Electric Stand

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Enough of black and white pedestal fans when you can have the Orient Stand-37 pedestal fan in an entirely blue design. Yes, that is indeed correct. We have the Stand-37 Trendz High-Speed pedestal fan today with us, which not only performs exceptionally but also looks like an appliance that is going to suit modern settings very well. We often see such pedestal fans being installed in an open-eating area such as outside a cafeteria or eating outlets across the country.  

Other than that, the Orient Stand-37 pedestal fan also has high RPM, which is known to work well even at 2000 units. With that, Orient is here to ensure maximum and easy air delivery throughout the room quickly. As you get tired and perspire, you would wish to have the bursts of air on your body quickly with the Trendz High-Speed pedestal fan that is surely possible. It has got the best protection so that corrosion never attacks its housing, and you get to experience the utilitarian and innovative features of this pedestal fan at all times.


  • This pedestal fan has got a freely moving up and down tilting mechanism. 
  • Its blue design looks very rich as it sets it apart from other pedestal fans in the local market.
  • This pedestal fan does not weigh that much, so you will be capable of moving it around easily.
  • The ratings of the Orient Stand-37 pedestal fan are highly positive amongst Indians.


  • The price of this pedestal fan is slightly higher than what is known to be the average price.

#10. Havells Sprint LED 400 MM Pedestal FanPedestal Fan Havells Sprint LED


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Lastly, it is the Havells Sprint LED pedestal fan that we have with us. For better performance of a fan, it needs to have a strong motor build. After all, it is the motor that forms the heart of the fan and keeps the blades moving. When the parts of the motor are not qualitative and well-managed, you will see it performing poorly on many fronts. Such pedestal fans also give up right after a few months of usage. Hence, in order to gain the maximum output along with benefits, you have to have a pedestal fan with a good motor. 

This was when we thought of stopping at the Havells Sprint LED pedestal fan when we were about to close our discussion. Havells is more famous for its wires than it is for its fans. However, over the past few years, they have worked hard on the design and managed to bring some wonderful pedestal fans for all of us. This Sprint pedestal fan by them has got a smooth oscillation, and its voltage and power requirement are also known to never be that high. With the Sprint LED pedestal fan, you will have no complaints whatsoever.


  • The noise level of this pedestal fan is only 62.1 dB. 
  • Its base is heavy, so that the fan is always stable.
  • It is an easy-to-move pedestal fan.
  • The look of this pedestal fan is impressive.


  • The design options in this pedestal fan’s range are limited.

How To Choose The Best Pedestal Fan

We have included different versions and styles of pedestal fans for you so that you have a variety of options. But with numerous such options, you will have doubts and confusion about which pedestal fan to choose. Hence, we have inculcated everything the buying guide we crafted for you below –

The Wattage of the Pedestal Fan

Like any other fans that you would want to invest in, you should also see the wattage of a pedestal fan. Even when you keep your pedestal at corners, you would still use it, and it will still consume electricity. Hence, the right wattage of the pedestal fans matters a lot. However, you must know that pedestal fans have got low wattage. Again, the average range should be near 55 Watts, and you would be good. These fans are highly economical, and getting them at your home will only help you get the right amount of air at all times.

The blades of the Pedestal Fan

It is known quite well how the leaf blades of a fan can affect its airflow a lot. Hence, buying the ones with more number of leaf blades in their design will help you have a faster and better flow of air in the entire room. When you have pedestal fans with four to five blades in its design, you will also see how it will perform much better than the ceiling fan of your house. With such amazing offerings, you might even start using it more than the other appliances in your rooms. 

The size of the Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are what people choose to keep in the corner of their rooms; hence you have to have pedestal fans that suit the corner as well as fit well there. For this, the base of the pedestal fan has to be of the right size. After all, the stalk or, say, the middle portion of the fan is thin enough to get compensated anywhere. With the correct size of the pedestal fan base, one can keep it anywhere. This will surely help you adjust your room space in a better way and not change it just because of the pedestal fan.

The accessibility of the pedestal fan

Pedestal fans which are accessible make the deal a whole lot better. They are easy to move, and you can use them in multiple ways across your house. When there is a family gathering, you can take the pedestal fan out and operate it to have the best and most relaxable time. Additionally, we like pedestal fans with long wires as you do not have to struggle to reach the power switch with them. Furthermore, when pedestal fans are lightweight, it is easy to move them wherever you wish to. 

The price of the pedestal fan

Pedestal fans are surely not the costliest fans that you can have. Instead, you will buy them at a rate known to be highly affordable. However, you can get even better deals if you choose them by keeping their average rate in mind. In order to know that, you can check the prices of whatever pedestal fans that we have brought on various e-commercial sites. By doing that, you will get a brief idea about what pricing of pedestal fans looks like in India. 

Bottom Line

As the demand for pedestal fan keeps growing in India, we got to see many types and designs of pedestal fans as we prepared this list. However, we have only picked those pedestal fans who have worked as the most qualitative and long-lasting fans over the years for many people. As you go through the description of each pedestal fan, you will also see how we have described them all vividly in order to cover everything. You are going to see a lot of pedestal fans with a huge variety so choose whatever you find right.

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