10 Best Wall Mount Fan in India 2022 – Reviews, Guide & Tips

Fans have a vital role in our lifestyle. With the temperature soaring high in the summertime, fans and air conditioner are a must for everyone. In India, the demand for fans certainly rises up with the scorching heat. There are various types of fans in the Indian market in form of ceiling fans, table fans, wall-mounted fans and more. Among them wall mounted fans in India are an ideal way to cool your room and make the environment cozy for living or sleeping.

Wall-mounted fans are one of the most cost-effective and efficient pieces of fan to use for. It is also quite simple and easy to use and provides a contemporary and classy look to the room. Wall-mounted fans have a robust speed and offer a simple yet highly functioning way of cooling the room and making it a perfect either for home or office.

There is plenty of walls mounted fans available in the market at different price spectrums and features. Deciding one for yourself based on so many options around is a hard task. We here looked at this plethora of options and put them to test based on our buying guide to find the best pick. We’ve enlisted ten best wall mounted fans available in the market for you. Read along.

Best Buy Wall Mounted Fans in India

Here is the list of the best top 10 wall mounted fans that are present in the market. Read along for the same.

1. Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan (Black and Grey)


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The first pick of our list goes to the Havells with their top piece. This one form Havells is a great piece of wall-mounted fan and is much loved throughout by all people. Hence the top seller chart for most of them.

This fan is a powerful one with energy-efficient to the core. It has 2 pole capacitor type motor that helps to deliver strong air throughout at the speed of 2800 RPM. It has minimal power consumption and has aerodynamically designed 3-leaf ABS blade that comes with aerofoil section allowing efficient and maximum air efficiency. It features unique rocket-based design that has 360-degree rotation allowing the fan head to rotate both in horizontal and vertical planes.

Havells has included an elegant spiral mesh guard with this along with a guard ring that showcases a touch of grace. It is perfectly suitable for using home and office and can be set up for desk or wall or even cabin mounting. It has jerk free oscillation and has smooth running. It is further backed by 2 years of warranty to it.

What we liked

  • Powerful and efficient performance
  • Aero-dynamically designed ABS leaf blade
  • Unique rocket-based design and 360-degree rotation
  • Elegant spiral mesh

What we didn’t like

  • Absence of switches on the board


2. Logotto Happy Home || Laurels Air Wall Cum Table Fan 

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Next up we have the one from Logotto with this Happy home wall mounted fan. Logotto is a much-loved brand in the market and is slowly rising to the core with their efficient products over the years. This wall-mounted fan is one such piece.

This one has an elegant design and comes with high efficient performance. It has a high air delivery and is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It has a powerful motor that can help provide for a high-speed air flowing throughout the room and space. It has an integrated design with fuse to helps auto-protect the motor from the thermal overloading. It comes with three blades that help circulate the air around.

This fan is quite a multipurpose item as it can be used along for a wall-mounted piece and can also be used as table fan. It is perfectly suited to the Indian weather. It also has a novel base design and has a decorative style to it.

What we liked

  • Elegant design
  • High efficient performance
  • Integrated with the fuse for auto-protect

What we didn’t like

  • Has question marks on durability


3. Bajaj Ultima 75-Watt Cabin Fan

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Bajaj is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to electronic appliances and more. It has been a name for top-performing home appliances over the years and has rightly garnered top praise. We here have a wall-mounted fan from Bajaj that performs to the highest core. Let’s find out more about it.

Bajaj Ultima cabin fan is a sleek and stylish fan that is selling like hot cakes in the market. It has a superior technology that helps enhance the air thrust for better airflow. It comes with a unique streamlined style that helps to provide easy airflow mechanism and allows for a good design. It’s pretty lightweight and is portable to carry around from one place to another. It has an air delivery of 60CPM and has an RPM of 2200.

This cabin wall mounting fan comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer. It can be used in the room or cabin with good effect as the airflow is of good quality.

What we liked

  • Powered with superior technology
  • Enhanced air thrust
  • Easy airflow mechanism
  • Lightweight and portable

What we didn’t like

  • Some may find flaws with the design aspect


4. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Wall Fan (White)

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Usha is one of the top names for fans in India. It has been known for top performance and feature-laden fans for years and they are rightfully one of the top names around. Their ceiling fans, table fans, and wall-mounted fans all have garnered quite a praise all over. This time they make an entry into out wall mounting fans.

This one is branded as Usha Maxx Air fan and is one of the best pieces when it comes to wall-mounted fans across. It comes with a high air delivery mechanism and has a unique pivot based arrangement equipped for tilting and oscillation. It has aerodynamically designed semi-transparent PP blades and has a jerk-free oscillation.

It has impressive performance skills and allows for superior air flowing inside the room and cabin. It is perfectly suited for home and office usage. It comes with a power of 55 watts and has a 1 year of warranty on it. It provides an RPM of 1280. It sits perfectly on the wall and provides ample airflow all throughout. It’s also pretty silent and performs efficiently.

What we liked

  • High air delivery mechanism
  • Unique pivot based arrangement
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Superior airflow
  • Transparent PP blades

What we didn’t like

  • Some may find issues with the airflow

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5. V Guard 400Mm Remote 3 Blade Wall Fan

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V Guard is another of the trusted names in the market when it comes to home and electric appliances. They are a renowned brand across the field and their products are known for top-notch quality and performance. V Guard has numerous products under their tutelage and they have rightfully taken this spot in our review with their impressive wall mounted fan.

This wall mounting fan from V Guard is a highly efficient piece with great performance metrics. It comes along with an impressive high-quality build and has sturdy body to it. It’s also visually alluring adding to the contemporary look of the room or office. It comes with yellow and black color combination which is sure to win your heart.

This wall-mounted fan has a motor speed of 1350RPM and consumes a power of 55-watts. It comes with 3-speed settings and has a powerful performing motor and more. It also has 3 blades and can be mounted for on the wall of the room or office with ease. It has remote control system which allows for easy control of the air mechanism in the room.

What we liked

  • Highly efficient piece
  • Top-notch build
  • Visually alluring look
  • Remote control system
  • Easy airflow mechanism

What we didn’t like

  • Priced quite high

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6. Starvin Laurels Wall Fan || Multi-Purpose fan || High Speed


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Starvin Laurels is another brand that is making rave names in the market due to its highly efficient piece of offerings. They are a major player in the home appliance and have gained quite a name for themselves during these past few years. We have one of their walls mounted fans as part of our review list.

This wall-mounted fan from Starvin Laurels has one of the impressive performance metrics and comes with a 12-inch diameter fan. It features an elegantly designed fan that has 120 ribs guard and a new high-speed low voltage system. It also comes with a pull cord control system for the speed and oscillation setting. It has an aerodynamically designed and balanced blades. It has 2400 RPM and comes with a power consumption of 60 watts.

This fan has been one of the top sellers around and is preferred by people due to its value for money aspect and high performance. It comes entrusted with 1 year of warranty.

What we liked

  • Elegantly designed fan
  • Aerodynamically designed fan
  • High-speed low voltage setting
  • Pull cord control system

What we didn’t like

  • Quality issues

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7. USHA Mist Air ICY with Remote 400 mm, Smart Wall Fan

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We talked about how Usha brand has been one of the best ones around. It has been one of the top brands for electric appliances around and they rightfully deserve another entry into our list. This time it’s a mist air ICY and is one of the most impressive fans around.

This wall-mounted fan has 3 intelligent wind modes and comes with option for normal, natural and sleep mode which allows you to personalize as per the required setup. It also has sweep of 400mm and comes with a speed of 1280 RPM. It has an option for controlling the speed and wind mode along with option for timer and oscillation of the fan. The sleep timer mode also allows for controlling of the number of hours that you can ensure to run the fan before sleeping.

It has a remote control feature which allows you to have the complete command at the timing and the functioning of the fan. It has aerodynamically designed blades which allows you to have the perfect balance of air around.

What we liked

  • 3 intelligent wind modes
  • Timer and speed control
  • Remote control system

What we didn’t like

  • Priced pretty high

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8. Luminous Buddy 300MM Cabin Fan

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Luminous as a brand has been around for years and is known for being one of the top-tiered companies offering electronic and home appliances around. It has a lineage of high performing consumer-oriented electronic products and wall-mounted fan is one of them. We here take along the wall-mounted piece as part of our series.

This wall-mounted fan is a buddy fan that is perfect for a home or an office setup. This fan allows for an up-close and personal airflow that helps to cool the temperature around and keep the airflow at the optimum. It comes with a complete fan setup included in the box which can be easily installed for.

This fan comes with 2 years of warranty and has a visually appealing design. It adds to the look of the room and allows for supreme performance and also consumes less power. It has aerodynamically designed blades that allow for wider airflow. It also has a sturdy metal body that allows for long lasting durability.

What we liked

  • Buddy fan
  • Comfortable for room and office setup
  • Visually appealing design
  • Supreme performance
  • Long-lasting durability

What we didn’t like

  • Airflow might not fit a large room

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9. Orbit WF-1610 Wall Fan (White & Blue)

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At ninth in our list is the one form Orbit with their high performing wall mounted fan. Orbit is one of the trustworthy brands in the industry and is rightly known for its high performance and functionality. Their electronic and home appliance are one of the best ones around and this wall mounted fans doesn’t disappoint either.

This wall-mounted fan not only has the looks but also has impressive performance. It is a perfect piece of fine features and functionality. It comes with an attractive design and can perfectly blend with the environment in the room and office. It has aerodynamically designed blades that run at perfect airflow speed and has a sturdy build that helps to make it last quite long.

It has 3-speed settings that help to select the required fan speed. It comes with a motor speed of 1360 RPM and has a 230 mm sized fan. It has a power of 70 watts and comes with a weight of 3 kg which is pretty lightweight and can be suited to mount on the wall. It has 3 blades that help in airflow and comes with oscillation function.

What we liked

  • Attractive design
  • 3-speed settings
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • Oscillation function

What we didn’t like

  • Lack of remote control

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10. VARSHINE Plastic Power Ton Ashoka Hotline Roto Grill Magic Fan

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Next up we have the one from Varshine to round up our list. One of the new and upcoming names in the industry, Varshine is currently picking up the pace making it one of the best names around. This wall-mounted fan from Varshine is a good pick to go for and is something that deserves mention in our list. They are one of the leading organizations in the roto grill fan.

This fan features a rustproof design and is based on plastic body. It has the ability to provide over 30% more air and comes with an efficient airflow system. It comes with high performance and low maintenance making it one of the best options to go around with. It has a 12-inch fan and runs on a volt of 230. It comes with 1 year of warranty and comes with easy installation method.

What we liked

  • Rustproof body
  • Efficient airflow system
  • High performance and low maintenance
  • Easy installation method
  • 1 year of warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Quality issues

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Types of Wall Mount Fans Available in India

During the purchase time, you can find that there are two different types available in the market as well as online. The type based on power and use. Both types have unique traits that differentiate them. Let’s have a look –

Residential Fans

The very first type of wall mount fan is a residential fan, and it is made for common household use. You can install such type of fan in the living room, dining area, and patio section. These are small and absolutely easy to mount, which makes it a perfect solution for household use. Due to compact size and less space covering features, these are manufactured in large numbers and sold around the globe.

Even, you can use this fan for ventilating area and getting rid of hot air from the room. The only problem is less power and range. These are reliable when you want the flow of air to a close range. You can find these fans in restaurants also and find that these are pretty convenient to use.

Commercial Fans

Commercial fans are similar in terms of functionality, but the range is pretty wide here due to the large fan blade size and a powerful motor. The oscillation and rotation speed of the blade is too high, which makes it impressive for factories, gyms, events, and such other places. The most common place to find a commercial fan is in Indian wedding halls.

The effective ventilation and impressive power supply are the key points that can attract you toward this type of fan. You can use it in the patio area for long-range. Factories have hard to breathe areas due to poor ventilation, but commercial fans deal with such problems in an effective manner. Even these fans are effective in reducing moisture and creating a powerful flow. The only problem is pretty high-power consumption.

Wall Mount Fans vs. Ceiling Fans – Which one is better?

Wall mount fans are quite popular these days, and there are three main reasons which can help you understand why to prefer them.

Ease of Use

Wall mount fans with remote control are quite cheap, which makes them easy to prefer options. You can choose between three different speed settings and consider oscillation for a wide range. Getting proper air in a pretty wide direction is possible by this method. That’s why you can consider it as a great solution.

Less Power Consumption

Wall mount fans are going to consume less power as compared to the ceiling fan. You get in a particular direction as per the need, and then it will be less wastage of money. You can look for higher power options and get a better-quality use.

Easier Installation

Installing a wall mount fan is easy and enhances the overall usability. If you compare the other options, you can find that it takes less time, and changing its position is also easy. You have to install a mount, and then placing the fan seems like an easier option. On the other hand, it comes in handy while cleaning and maintaining the fan.

Advantages of wall Mounted Fans

Wall-mounted fans are very beneficial to us. The benefits range from economical to high performance. We here will look into the advantages of wall-mounted fans in brief down below. Read along.

  • These fans tend to be easy to clean and also consume pretty less power.
  • These fans come with varying RPM (Round per minute) so that you can select the one according to your needs.
  • These fans also have a remote control so you don’t need to use the cords every time.
  • Wall-mounted fans can be fitted into small areas even in the corners of room and kitchen.
  • These fans have the capacity to supply sufficient ventilation across the room or cabin.
  • They have elegant designs and contemporary looks that add the coolness to the room and more.
  • These fans have efficient blades to helps supply air at the required speed allowing increased cooling and ventilation effect.

Buying guide for the best wall mounted fan in India

As soon as the summer heat hikes up, wall mounted fans become a good ally. They help circulate the air and help produce a refreshing outlet. There are various factors that come into play while buying a wall-mounted fan. Having a proper parameter and idea about this will help you out in getting the best one for you. We here will look into some of those factors in form of buying guide which helps you to get a good wall mounted fan for yourself.

  • Size of the fan

First things first, you have to look at the size of the wall-mounted fan while making considerations for buying one of them. You should first see where you need to fit the fan and consider the space of the room so that decent airflow can be maintained. Don’t compromise on the size factor as that will impact the airflow inside the room. Go for a bigger sized fan always rather than the small size as even a bigger size fan operating at a low speed will give more airflow than the small fan operating at the top speed.

  • Build quality

Build quality of the fans matter quite a lot for wall mounted fans. If you want a fan for your home or office, then a lightweight piece would suit the best. But these will not work in the industrial setup where large power is required for. For industry-based usage, go for industry type wall mounted fans which are heavy duty.

  • Mounting type

The way the fan is going to be installed plays a major role in the buying of a wall-mounted fan. The way the fan is installed will allow the airflow of it. And there also needs to be an ample consideration before mounting the heavy-duty wall fans as if they are installed on a light one then the walls may get damaged or more. So always look for the proper mounting type so as to have the proper installation of wall-mounted fans.

  • Airflow

Airflow is based on the size, power and mounting type but there are also a few factors that come into play with this. The major factors affecting the airflow is number of blades, quality of the product. Look for something which has the airflow as desired for you. That way airflow factors can be taken care of and proper airflow can be maintained around in the room.

  • Oscillation

Oscillation feature is a very useful feature for wall mounted fans. Oscillation is a decent feature and helps around in spreading the air aptly inside the bigger area. This functionality is embedded with most of the wall-mounted fans. But you also need to find out whether you can turn it off or not. Having that option will allow you to turn off the oscillation and get the air flowing in the desired direction as required.

  • Angle of the fan

This factor looks into the way the wall-mounted fan’s head makes the angle with the wall. Normally the wall-mounted fans are mounted over the height of the head of the person so that there’s so knocking over on it and also hitting of the head. Also you can change the direction of the fan by adjusting the head of the fan to the desired angle so that you can get proper airflow of it.

  • Speed

Controlling the speed is a must as you won’t always want to run the fan at the top of the speed. Sometime when you’re going for the full speed of the fan then you may end up tossing around the papers and more. So having an option for controlling the speed is a must. We advise you to go for a fan that is capable of performing at low, medium and high speed. That way you will have the option for a good wall mounted fan with desirable speed settings.

  • Silent feature

One of the most valued features among the customers is the silent functioning of it. Most of these wall-mounted fans need to perform for over hours and hours. If more noise is generated then it will create a disturbance to the user rather than facilitating them. So having the feature of silent performance can provide benefit to the user who is using it.

  • Timer

The timer feature is mainly presented in the wall-mounted fans that are targeted for home or office use. This feature was developed as it helps to move the air around in the bedroom or office and shut off after a while itself. Always go for a wall-mounted fan that has timer with it. This is perfect option for bedrooms as timer can be used for auto shut-off while you drift to sleep slowly.

  • Remote Control

With the advancement in technology, the fans are getting upgraded with options and new updates. Previously they were only controlled by the switch and the buttons but these days remote control has become the trend. Remote control allows for controlling of the device even if you’re lying on your couch or your bed. Always go for a wall-mounted fan that has remote control option.

  • Brand Name

Al things aside, brand is also a thing that is quite important to look for. A well-renowned brand even if they tend to put up a few bucks over the normal ones have better quality products with them. They also tend to provide excellent customer service and have top-notch spare parts also. Don’t go for a cheaper price compromising on the brand.

  • Guarantee

A guarantee or warranty is something that is offered by the manufacturer for their product. This marks the sign of the quality of the device from the manufacturer. If there are only a few months of warranty on the fan then it would be wise to stay away from it. always look for the guarantee factor for the fan.


  • What are the advantages of buying a wall-mounted fan over a ceiling fan?

A wall-mounted fan is more likely to provide focused air circulation and helps to keep the airflow at the optimum. Add the features like remote control and oscillation option, wall mounted fans certainly provide more benefits than the ceiling fan.

  • Is it advisable to have a wall mount fan in the kitchen with a gas stove?

Yes, you can have the wall mount fan in the kitchen with the gas stove provided you mount it somewhere where you can control the airflow of the fan. Wall-mounted table fans can help keep the temperature of the kitchen at optimum level.

  • Do wall mount fans make noise?

Wall mount fans are very much silent as these days companies are equipping the fan with silent modes. However, during vibration, some wall mount fans may create a bit of noise.

  • Can you change the position of the fan?

Wall-mounted fans come with oscillation feature which allows you to change the rotation of the fan from one direction to another. However for fans that do not have the oscillation feature, you have to manually change the position of the fan.

  • How powerful does the fan need to be?

You can decide on the power of the fan based on the levels of room size and more. If you want to spread the air to a large area then you have to go for the powerful fan otherwise normal fans can do the job.

  • How many blades are best for wall mounted fan?

Aerodynamically three blades are the best for the wall-mounted fans. The three blades option allows for balance of airflow and maintains proper airflow.

  • How low can a wall-mounted fan be mounted?

A wall mounting fan can be mounted up to the height of the person as you don’t want your head to get stuck on the fan.

  • Where Can I Use a Wall Mounted Fan?

You can install the wall mounted fan almost anywhere. It is designed especially for the places where the ceiling height is low. Apart from this, you can use the wall mounted fan at places like health clubs, stores, shops, entertainment hubs, houses, factories, warehouses, gyms, and anywhere else you can imagine. If there is a place in the property where you need extreme air circulation then the wall mounted fans are going to prove better than the ceiling fans.

  • What are the Popular Brands for Wall Mounted Fan in India?

There are many brands available for the wall mounted fans but you must opt for the reliable ones only. As per our experts, the list of good brands have been shared below –

  • Havells
  • Bajaj
  • Usha
  • Orbit
  • Orient
  • Crompton

How to Install a Wall Mounted Fan?

Installing the wall mounted fan is very easy. You just need to ensure that you install the bracket included with the fan. Once you do that, the wall mounted fan can be hooked into the bracket. Connect the power supply and your fan is ready to use. If you have a drill at your home then you would not need professional help to install the fan.

Final Verdict:

Wall mounting fans are one of the best ways to cool down the room and maintain the airflow in the room. These wall mounting fans allow for a perfect getaway against the scorching summer heat. These fans are also equipped with options like remote control, speed control system, oscillation and more which makes it a good investment to make for. It’s a reason why these fans are much loved for room and cabin at either home or office usage. There is also industry-based heavy duty wall mounted fans but that’s not something we are looking in this segment. The market has plenty of wall mounting fans to select from and sometimes it may get confusing to find the piece. We here have checked upon the choices available in the market and have put them to test accordingly to our buying guide parameters. We hope you can find the one based on your needs via our reviews and guides and the list of top ten best wall mounting fans in India.

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