10 Best Extension Board with USB Port in India 2022 – Reviews, Guide & Tips

If you are looking for solutions to connect all devices using a single power source, then the Best Extension Board with USB Port in India is the right choice. 

Also, this article lists some of the Best Extension Board with USB Port in India along with the complete review. So make sure to check this. 

Best Extension Board With USB Port In India 2022

1. Honeywell 4 Out Extension Board With USB Port

Honeywell Master switch is so far the best Extension Board with USB Port in India. It was owing to the four outlet Surge protection with 2 USB Honeywell extension boards designed in a more innovative way to provide valuable features to the user. Being the best, the extension board helps connect the multiple devices in the same socket added to the USB port features. The presence of a surge protector in the Honeywell extension board helps in preventing the cause of damage to the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations.

Applicable to connect all the electronic gadgets like TV, Laptop, mobile phones, etc., with two pins or three-pin universal plugs. The 2-meter power cord finds a lengthy way to connect all your equipment best suitable for home and office use. The insulation is very well designed for efficient usage, and the Honeywell extension board consists of automatic overload protection with a reset switch facility.

The presence of an LED indicator for protection helps to know using the indication whether the socket is properly grounded or not. You can place the extension board on the desktop or mount it on the wall for better convenience. The item is just about 510g which is handy for the easy transportation feature.

2. Live Tech PS06 Extension Board With USB Port

Live Tech PS06 is the most popular Extension Board with USB Port one can buy in India 2022. CE and ROHS certified Live Tech PS06 extension board designed with three sockets features and the 6 USB ports is helpful for the joint family who wants to charge their phone simultaneously. The ideal extension board comes with the fire protection feature having a PC material shell that helps prevent the equipment from damage.

Live Tech PS06 extension board consists of 100 percent copper wire found during high voltage, short-circuiting, and other protection. The surge protection feature is equipped to safeguard your devices during voltage fluctuations. You will experience a fantastic go all in one socket feature as the extension board has a satisfying number of ports for the user’s benefit.

The compact size in the model fulfills the need to carry it anywhere you like, which does not need larger space to pack it in your back bag. You will find the push power button to stop or start the power from the extension board, which is comfortable during your office work. Live Tech is packed with durable items as many high-quality products are used to build it, like fire-resistant features and the presence of high-quality copper wire to stand against extreme power.

3. Portronics Power BUN Extension Board With USB Port

Portronics Power BUN is a budget-friendly Extension Board with USB Port available in India. It is powered by high efficient usage, equipped with 3 USB ports having a generous 5V supply for charging facility, and two 220V AC-powered devices like laptops simultaneously. The board helps be highly compatible to charge your electronic gadgets like phone, mp3 player, power bank, etc., which is easy to carry anywhere you like. The ideal extension board is designed with a 1.5m long cord which weighs just 350g, feasible for easy transportation.

The stylish white color and rounded shape board are very beautiful and nature feasible for both in-home and office purposes. The shape is round and compact, needs only less space in the desk to place for comfortable usage. The Portronics extension board uses high-quality material to build the product, such as using strong ABS plastic that is shock resistant and BIS certified graded body material.

Portronics extension board has a completely safer operation like protection from output & input over-voltage, short circuit, overheating, output over current and incorrect insertion. The presence of an easy push-button feature helps you quickly stop the power flow to your devices where you can control it just in the same position.

4. Zebronics Zeb- TS3320USB Extension Board With USB Port

Zebronics Zeb- TS3320USB is the perfect Extension Board with USB Port for everyone’s needs. It is configured with seven universal sockets, and 2 USB ports feature enveloped it. The extension board can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on the table anywhere you like. The presence of a lengthy cord of about 2.8 m allows you to place the extension board a little longer from the socket point compared to the other boards.

Zebronics extension board designed with the handle structure, which is effective for an easy movable feature within the spotted area. The thermal circuit breaker is present in the board for the complete protection action that protects your electronic devices from damage during voltage fluctuations—being suitable to every Indian household, especially to a large number of members in a family.

Zebronics extension socket comes with 2500 Watts which is the maximum load capacity, and the flame retardant sockets give the pleasure of caring for the user. The gray and white color of the board is stylish and is considered one of the décors of useful products to be placed in your home or office. If you want more sockets with fewer USB ports, the best choice will be Zebronics which is also packed with all essential features.

5. Havells Royalstar XB104 Extension Board With USB Port

Havells Royalstar is a fantastic Extension Board with USB Port in India 2022 with high-quality material. The four plus four surges and spike guard come along with the USB port enough to use in your home, especially to beat the current situation and be helpful to the people who do work from home.

Havells Royalstar extension board designed with sturdy and solid devices efficiently connects multiple devices and provides various features simultaneously. The four universal sockets suit all different types of plugs used throughout.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from any hazard as the Havells Royalstar extension board is crafted with a resettable thermal relay protected during overload action. The compact design has four sockets that seek better comfortability to connect with the primary source power easily using a master switch. The extraordinary features pave amazing works providing the perfect solution to your problems having both the USB port and socket feature in a single connection facility.

Being lightweight in the Havells model is handy to take it anywhere you like. The Havells Royalstar extension board is about 300g. The 2m cord present in the extension board is helpful to place its distance from the socket point. The presence of LED light in the board helps to know whether it is switched on/ off during connection.

6. EMBOX Tower Extension Board With USB Port

EMBOX Tower Extension Board with USB Port are efficient multiple socket points packed to protect the electrical devices from voltage spikes. Having configured with eight outlets and 3 USB port facilities is helpful in every home in India. Making a perfect choice, EMBOX Tower extension board stands as the best option for you to serve the best with increased convenience.

The 2m cord length in the extension board provides comfortable placement even a little far from the primary source of PowerPoint. Due to the eight-socket facility in the panel, EMBOX Tower extension consists of a surge protector that can afford up to 1250W in the socket point. The shell in the extension board is made up of fireproof material that tends to protect the highest fire resistance level.

The lightweight unit comes with a white look that brings the luxurious style to your desk when the extension board is placed in it despite wires looking untidy. The easy handle provided in the EMBOX Tower extension board leads to easy handling work with a lot of convenient action.

EMBOX reduces the hassle of collapsing wires with its neat design, followed by where the socket points are at the top, followed by 3 USB ports placed at the bottom base.

7. Portronics Power Plate Extension Board With USB Port

Portronics Power plate is a high-performance Extension Board with USB Port in India 2022. It is equipped with 3 USB Charging slots and 3 Power Sockets. This total of 3 sockets and three ports allows the user to charge multiple devices at a single go. Experience a hassle-free compatibility connection when you use the ideal extension board.

Enjoy the quicker charging option with the Portronics Power plate as the fast charging feature is involved in the extension board. Making the right choice of the best board, you will experience a quick and most efficient charge capability as there is no need to wait longer in the charging action of any gadgets.

The particular smart chip built-in feature ensures the finer action when you charge the different voltage devices simultaneously. The intelligent chip protects the devices from sudden short circuits or overheating issues by maintaining load up to 1500W maximum capacity. The round and black color of the Portronics power plate extension board not only looks stylish and compact but also provides the perfect performance suitable for both home and office needs.

8. Honeywell Travel Surge Extension Board With USB Port

Honeywell Travel is another excellent Extension Board with USB Port in India that everyone should consider! The elegant and compact design of the Honeywell Travel Surge provided a single socket, and the 2 USB ports serve perfectly to use for the work from home setup. If you want to use the laptop along with the charging equipment in a single go, then the Honeywell Travel single socket will be the right choice to buy.

The product is built with maximum safety and reliability. The body of the socket board comes with the direct holder type as it can be placed throughout for instant usage purposes. The absence of wire makes you feel relaxed from walking near the socket and finds it helpful without disturbance from many wires. Honeywell is valued for longer life.

The ideal single socket is greatly helpful mainly for travel purposes, being the ultimate travel companion for a power charging facility. It is perfect for most electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, etc.

9. Zebronics ZEB-PS2120 Extension Board With USB Port

The beautifully designed Zebronics ZEB-PS2120 Extension Board with USB Port is configured with two socket features and 2 USB ports. The two universal sockets are helpful in easy connection work of 2 points at the same time along with the 2 USB ports too. The material built using ABS plastic provides strong and sturdy characteristic properties. The unique aspects of the extension board come with a high durability nature that helps sustain longer life.

The presence of a 2.8 Ft cord in the Zebronics extension board allows you to place the panel on the desk for a convenient work option. The power indicator in the board helps easily identify the power supply whether the main source power is in switch on/ off mode. Experience a better comfortability even during the carry facility on the travel time as the product’s weight is just 250g.

As the weight is 250g of the Zebronics, it is easy to carry anywhere within your room from one socket point to the other.

10. Wipro Multiplug Extension Board With USB Port

Wipro Multiplug is the latest addition to our best Extension Board with USB Port in India 2022 list. Provided with a Universal socket and two USB ports, Wipro multiplug is a multiple extension board to be present in your place for convenience purposes. As the socket comes with the Universal socket model, you need not worry whether your socket is fitted to the available socket point.

You keep working with the hassle-free wiring work as the Wipro Multiplug model comes with the direct holder without having a wire. The ergonomic design of the holder supports the saving space; the compact size feature is helpful during the travel time, fulfilling your essential purposes.

There is adequate space between the socket point and the USB port that is helpful to connect and use the socket and ports simultaneously. The presence of an LED indicator in the Wipro Multiplug results in an easy indication of the status of the power supply, whether it is in off/on mode.

The surge protection built in the body of the Wipro Multiplug leads to the security of your devices from any effects on the varying supply of power.

Best Extension Board With USB Port

Buyer’s Guide

Extension boards are essential devices needed in today’s life to help make our work easier. If you have one extension board in your place, it is mainly helpful to reduce the distance from the main electric outlet where the cord bridges the distance. 

However, choosing the best extension board is one of the main tasks, and if you fail to do so, it may damage your electrical gadgets connected to it. To find the best extension board, the following points you have to come across with the proper checking will pick a better one.

  1. Length of the cord: Prior to the buying action of the extension cord, it is essential to check if the cord length comes to be suitable for your place. The length of the cord seeks better comfortability to hold many electrical devices connected with the main electrical PowerPoint. Also, check the thickness of the wire as the thickness determines the effective transmission of the power from the main point to the extension board safely.
  2. The number of sockets & ports: The extension board should support your use of several electrical gadgets based on the need. So think of it: what number of sockets and ports will help you to serve your satisfaction to buy the best extension board. Making the perception, it is essential to choose the right design with the efficient space between each point. You have to check for the Universal socket option for better insertion in the pinpoint.
  3. Amperage rating: The flow of electrical current through the wire is amperage rating. It is essential to check for the cable capacity that can hold the amount of current that your equipment can intake without straining. The extension cord should correspond to holding the amps value and the voltage and wattage.  
  4. Type of Plug: Check for the kind of plug; it is feasible to act accordingly for the draw of power by your electronic devices. You have to strongly decide that a two-prong or three-prong plug will give you satisfied use to serve your necessity. If you want the three-prong plug type, it plays a vital role in checking that it has a ground wire, making it safe for all users. Generally, heavy-duty devices are designed of three-prong plug type where it is impossible to use it in the two-prong plug type.
  5. Material type: You would have noticed that in most of the list in the above part of the article, the extension board is made using strong and sturdy material. Most brands use ABS plastic material to support longer life without damaging your electrical gadgets connected to the board when in use. This point tends to avoid harm caused to you and your loved ones in accidental shock.
  6. Surge protection: Check that the extension board is present with the surge protection as it protects your electrical device from damage. The accidental varying power supply and the range of voltage may cause damage to the electrical devices. But in case your extension board is equipped with surge protection, it restricts the voltage supply to an appliance.
  7. Price: If you do not care about the price, you can go with the branded extension board as the board will be loaded with essential features and the safety concern facility enabled to it. However, you can also go for the lesser-price product after ensuring all the above checks are perfect.
  8. Warranty: You have to check with the warranty applicable details after conforming to the brand to buy. This will help you to claim the damaged product.

Final Say

We have listed some of the best extension boards in the above article after the detailed review and analysis part. The top 10 best extension boards with USB ports make the user the most convenient way, which is essential in India paying fantastic more connection of sockets at a single go. 

After reading the list of brands on the extension boards, the top pick for you from my side is the Honeywell Master Switch that comes with the 4 Universal sockets and 2 USB ports feature.

Being the best with the loaded features, paying attractive usage with more convenience like 2m cord, fire-resistant material, LED indicator for protection, automatic overload protection with reset switch facility makes the user feel fully satisfied. Moreover, it is also the best product in value for money.

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