11 Best Plastic Chairs in India 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Having the best plastic chairs in India is an essential piece of furniture in every home. And here is the list of best plastic chairs in India with all the features explained. 

Best Plastic Chairs in India 2022

1. AVRO Furniture 2581 Modern Plastic Chair 

In our personal view, the AVRO 2581 is so far the best plastic chair in India 2022. It grandly provides the best plastic chairs of 2 pieces set that suits every Indian house, satisfied with the multipurpose facility. The ergonomic chair comes with the modern style of beige color, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor utilities. The physical backrest seat in the plastic chair allows you to feel comfortable to relax after your working hours peacefully.

AVRO is equipped with heavy-duty in nature yet comes with a lightweight structure helpful to carry it anywhere you like in your home. As the weight of the plastic chair is about 3.6Kg delivers a fine portable action by anybody in your family from children level to old people. The unique chair is available in two different colors, beige and orange, where you can choose based on the suitable infrastructure to provide an extra pulse to your home.

The plastic chair having the hole-type model in the backrest allows the airflow to feel comfortable even during the extended time resting in the AVRO furniture. The best plastic material is used to make the chairs, along with the glossy finish, workable to withstand the harsh weather conditions suitable for the Indian climate.

The AVRO molded plastic chairs are helpful to place them anywhere you like: living room, garden, dining, bedroom gives complete mobility too for all your leisure time. The one-year warranty product is delivered with the pre-assembled state that requires easy instant use after delivery.

2. Nilkamal Rosa Plastic Chair

Want to bring the right suitable set of plastic chairs in India to your home?

Then the Nilkamal Plastic chair set of 2 will be the right choice making you enjoy the comfortable sitting to take rest. The product’s dimensions consist of 57cm length, width 60.7cm, and height 90cm is suitable for all the people’s size to feel comfortable sitting. The rust-brown season color with its contemporary style gives the added stylish look to your beautiful house.

Being the best plastic chairs in India, everyone loves to go for the product as it comes with the leading brand with a perfect warranty presentation. You can use it both indoor and outdoor as the strong, sturdy legs of the Nilkamal plastic chairs provide adjustable action in all those cases. The arm pattern with a smooth texture and cane weaving pattern work in the backrest gives you the complete attraction to your place.

The lightweight plastic chair is easy to move around any place in your home that comes with the feasible movement action without any hassle. Unbreakable plastic chairs are the best option to go with the multipurpose work as it is loved by most people in India able to handle more pressure probably.

3. Bharat Sales Modern Plastic Chair

Bharat Sales Modern is an affordable plastic chair in India 2022. Being notified with high value in India, Bharat sales proudly provides the modern plastic chair to comfort people sitting. These plastic chairs with no arms engaged in using it for easy purposes are preferred in parties, the family gets together, or any function. For conducting any event Bharat sales, the modern plastic chair will be helpful to attract every person who gathers for the occasion.

The model with no arms allows you to decorate the chair with little strain, probably with less time comparatively. The Bharat Sales Modern plastic chair can hold a capacity of up to 200Kg that comes with a high durability standard. The powerfully equipped structure of the plastic chair allows it to be solid in its activity even during long sitting positions.

The multipurpose usage chair allows you to sit in any position you like, even with the sideway option to suit your convenience. It’s a single-piece chair that you can order for the quantity you want it to use. The design is best preferable for stackable chairs after storage purposes. The lightweight chair requires less maintenance with a dustproof feature where you can use a spray of soap mixture that helps remove dirt easily.

4. Cello Comfort Relaxing Plastic Chair

Cello comfort relaxing plastic chairs in India are built with solid and durable features that are affordable to stay perfect for long-time usage. The best plastic chair paves the vast place in the seater area along with the complete convenience in the backrest position. Cello Comfort Relaxing plastic chairs set of 1 comes with the lightweight model that leads to an easy arrangement and the movement action in and around your home.

The ideal plastic chair is 100% virgin grade plastic that can hold more pressure than conventional chairs. Having the unbreakable property Cello chairs designed with curved seat edge, large backrest, and seat panels allow the seaters to enjoy the most comfortability during the seating position.

The stackable facility makes you enjoy the spacious home when the furniture is not used. The multivariate color feature of the Cello Comfort plastic chairs furnishes the stylish effect leading to the elegant look to use it even in the outdoor circumstances paying full comfortability.

5. Supreme Cambridge Plastic Chair

Supreme Cambridge is a stylish plastic chair one can get in India. Bringing the sturdy and more muscular modern plastic chair to your use, the Supreme Cambridge brand proudly introduces the plastic chair suitable for Indian life. Being the pack of the one you can order on based on the needed quantity for serving your purpose. As the differentiated color of the plastic chair, the Mehandi green color attracts your place with its extraordinarily stylish work.

The modern Supreme Cambridge plastic chair comes with dimensions of 56cm, width 56cm, and height 81.5cm, providing comfortability while sitting on it. The weight of the item being just 2 Kg allows everyone to carry it to any place they like for its usage as the chair is suitable in indoor and outdoor spaces.

The pre-assembled stat allows the user to instantly use once delivered, experiencing a rich convenience with the backrest feature. Providing the excellence in withstanding any weather conditions stands erect with its quality and strong material used inbuilt of the Supreme Cambridge plastic chair.

6. Anmol Moulded Fortuner Plastic Chair

Anmol Moulded Fortuner high back plastic chair in India 2022 designed with modern, elegant, and classy look serves the stylish of every home as one of the home décor units. The exact height of the Anmol plastic chair comes with the correct dimensions that meet the extreme comfortability. The perfect choice to enjoy the convenient and straightforward rest position, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

After the delivery, the ready-to-use plastic chair does not need any separate assembling or installation process. The versatile feature of the chair supports up to 200Kg weight where the structure accepts the scientific principle in holding various things without any hassle. Thus the Anmol Moulded Fortuner plastic chair proves to be highly durable with solid and sturdy features.

Anmol plastic chair designed with the bright brown color with a wide seat with armrest speaks to the comfortability of the sitting experience. Also, the distinct design for the backrest set allows you to enjoy the most convenient position when you are seated in a specific chair.

7. Nilkamal EeezyGo Plastic Chair 

Nilkamal EeezyGo is one of the popular plastic chairs in India to place in everyone’s family in India. It has the capacity to go on with the purpose of the multi-use serving feature. The premium mid-back comes with the bucket model in matte finish work that adds the pleasing look holding the center of attraction in your home for seating position.

The durable feature of the long-lasting comfortable sitting Nilkamal EeezyGo chair allows you to rest peacefully. You can also very well use the chair to train the baby in a sitting position as the chair model is well suitable for the choice due to no opening design near the arms place.

Being the best product Nilkamal EeezyGo chair uses the best quality plastic that ensures holding the capacity of about 120Kg. The ideal plastic chair has about 57depth, 60 widths, and 74 heights, proving to be the perfect comfortability. The lightweight chair weighs just 1.7Kg, able to be used in both indoor and outdoor utilities.

8. Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair

The Supreme Web designer plastic chair in India is the perfect choice for both office and home needs that ensure to serve the best with its valuable quality. The versatile plastic chair designed with no armrest model suits you to sit in different positions as you like. The blue chair adds the most specific attraction to your place, which is also treated as one of the home décor units.

The web model of the Supreme Web designer plastic chair arranged with the airflow feature allows better comfortability even during a long time sitting in the chair. The design supports that you can add comfortability similar to the sofa if you would like to add a cushion. The usage of the premium quality of the plastic by the Supreme Web designer supports the high durability part to withstand any weather conditions.

Suitable to place anywhere indoor or outdoor, the special heavy-duty plastic chair stands for its specifications in its feature. There is only less maintenance for its cleaning work which keeps the chair in a new look.

9. Oak Nest Kent Modern Plastic Chair 

Oaknest Kent is a supreme plastic chair in India with an effective design that satisfies most people’s needs in India. The efficient plastic chair is made of using the purest form of plastic from the house of supreme industries making the right choice for your home. The Oak Nest furniture comes with pre-assembled work; there is no need to spend time in the assembly work, and you can use it instantly after the delivery.

Providing the complete beauty of the chair, which is due to the matte finish work enveloped on the layer of the specific chair. The Polypropylene primary material used in the furniture leads to high durability that extends the chair’s life. The strong legs present in the chair can load up to 200Kg efficiently. The chair is dustproof oriented and enables you to do the easy cleaning work by using some soap mixture to spray it.

Oaknest Supreme Kent Plastic chair is equipped with chemical and corrosion-resistant plastic material that can withstand the waterproof nature for a long seeking the better life span of the chair. The fantastic choice stands for its sturdy, comfortable seating valid with arms providing great relaxation when you sit on it. The multivariate color choice feeds you the best satisfaction level depending on occasions and other functions.

10. Maharaja Delta Plastic Chair

The Maharaja Delta plastic chair in India 2022 consists of the product’s sturdy, modern and stylish feature and is a delicate product to fit in an Indian household. Being the best in home décor part, the ideal plastic chair comes with an elegant and classy look meeting the high comfortability feature. Wherever you place the specific chair, it engages in providing the complete suitable action right from the balcony, living space, or bedroom.

Experience easy settings during occasions or family gatherings where the Maharaja Delta plastic chair is tolerable in indoor and outdoor situations. Following the scientific principles on having the solid feature ensures the durable property on its longer usage. There is no need to worry about the assembly or installation process as the Maharaja plastic chair comes with a pre-assembled state.

The aesthetic work on the Maharaja Delta Plastic chair earns the recognized name of being the most stylish modern design that comes with an affordable pricing range. The plastic chair seeks the convenient shifting action as the chair of a lightweight model can support 200Kg, which is strong enough to hold various things.

11. Supreme Ornate Plastic Chair

Supreme Ornate is the recent addition to our best plastic chairs in India 2022 list. Plastic cushion chairs are among the best chairs to be used as an alternative to your sofa. The ergonomic design of the cushioned plastic chair is made up of high-grade 100 percent virgin polymers that lead to an increased life span. Experience the best conversation with your friends sitting in the Supreme Ornate plastic chairs, either indoor or outdoor, you like.

The contemporary style work of the chair is well suited for all the Indian households to serve various uses other than sitting. The heavy-duty armrest, along with the cushion work in both back and seat place, allows you to go with extreme comfortability when you are seated in the Supreme Ornate plastic chairs.

The perfect dimensions of the Supreme Ornate plastic chairs with strong legs allow the different heights of people to take a comfortable position during seating. Also, the presence of Velvet upholstery and PU material adds the maximum comfort feature to you. The Black and red color seeks the better attraction to your place where the possibility to go with the easy movable option allows the user to place it wherever they like.

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Final Words

Being Indians, everyone seeks the best Plastic chairs in their home apart from owning a sofa. The plastic chair is used for the comfortable sitting facility and helps hold various things and other multipurpose use. So want to go with the right choice to buy the best plastic chairs in India?

The better option is to go with the AVRO furniture set of 2 pieces. The plastic chair loaded with many helpful features proves the best product overall. It also provides a great modern style that comes with two different colors where the user can go with their choice of selection.

Buyer’s Guide

Plastic Chairs are monoblock chairs that are injection molded from thermoplastics. These chairs are made using different types of plastic material, and you can choose to depend upon the usage with its quality. Plastic chairs pay little relief to you as they incur less from your pocket. The following points are helpful to you before buying the best plastic chair for your needs.

  1. Low cost: Plastic chairs are available at an effective low cost to serve your high contribution needs. These cheaper chairs help you in multipurpose benefit compared to the other solid chairs made from wood and metal. This low-cost budget helps you arrange the chairs for any occasion that tends to work on its decoration. The essential part is to check on its price before buying that the product is worth its price.
  2. Durability: The best plastic chairs are known for their durability as they help in their longer life when you maintain them well. The durability feature of every plastic chair is due to the material used in its manufacture when the usage of thermoplastic Polypropylene in the production of plastic chairs finely ensures its durability. 
  3. Design: Plastic chairs come with a different section of ultimate designs where the user can choose the one depending on its comfortable model. Based on the style of your home, you can also go for the suitable design comforting your place as the plastic chairs consist of several designs in each brand to prove the stylish look to your area.
  4. Color: Compared to the other materials like wood or metal chairs, these plastic chairs come with different color benefits to satisfy the customer’s idea. Along with the comfortable sitting, everyone loves to go with the royal look in a style that should attract everybody to sit on it.
  5. Types of Plastic: Before buying the best plastic chair, one should find the kind of plastic in which the chair is made up. There are many thermoplastics available in the market, such as Acrylic, PVC, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polythene, etc. These types help to realize the standard of plastic chairs before owning them.
  6. Multipurpose benefit: Not only for comfortable sitting, but the property to hold various things also becomes one of the fine usages of plastic chairs. So it is to check before buying whether the plastic chair you choose to buy will fulfill your needs in that activity.
  7. Comfortability: The functionality and aesthetic design of the plastic chairs should help to feel high comfortability. Despite being stylish, the best plastic chair should conveniently propose the right-back posture with comfortable seating.
  8. Lightweight and Portable: Plastic chairs satisfy the lightweight model that seeks a better option for portable action in and around your home. As the weight of the metal chairs or wood chairs provided a heavyweight. Needs to check for the chair’s weight before buying for easy transportation.
  9. Easy storage: As the plastic chairs allow you to go with the stackable storage, you do not need much space in your home for storing a large number of plastic chairs.
  10. Weather-resistant: Being the effective unreacted material does not engage in corrosion of the product unless contact with any strong acid. There will not be any effect on the plastic chairs that allow spoiling due to the exposure to rain, moisture, sun, or other external cause.
  11. Less Maintenance: If you want to organize any occasion in a simple manner, then the specifications of the plastic chair come out with the better choice in doing so. You can arrange it and clean it in very little time without much effort on the maintenance part. The feasibility of cleaning the chairs does not become a hassle for you as it, after all, needs less detergent powder to go with the cleaning work.

Seeing all these necessary points, we have created the list of the best plastic chairs in India that helps you go with the right product to satisfy all your needs.

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