10 Best Note Counting Machine In India 2022 [Cash Counting Machine]

A note counting machine helps in counting money and stacks of notes. Its components can be either electronic or mechanic. You can count the notes altogether or in batches, in this machine. These machines were earlier only used in Indian banks as well as in big stores. However, these days Indian people have started using it in hotels and retail shops as well. Small business owners in India have begun purchasing these machines as they make the job of counting money very easy and burden-free.

Some people have inhibitory thoughts that come to them before they invest in a note counting machine. They think that such machines are challenging to operate and come at a very high cost. However, we ensure that there is no such thing as that. Reasons like these compelled us to prepare a list of our top ten picks of note counting machines available in India. We assure you that investing in this machine will prove to be very beneficial for your day-to-day business transactions.

Best Note counting Machine In India

These machines provide high precision and accuracy. Hence, you can trust the counting of notes from machines more than manual counting. Manual counting leads to errors and can often make you deal with loss. We do understand that finding the counting machine that suits your budget and has all the requirements you need is a challenging quest. Due to this reason, our list will prove to be extremely beneficial in your search. Let us now discuss our top ten note counting machines in detail –

For new users, we have made a buying guide that consists of all the essential factors that should be known before buying an efficient currency counting machine. We hope this article helps you select the best one for you.

The currency counters are mostly used in vending machines that determine the amount of money deposited by the customers. Nowadays, the currency counters are used in automated teller machines that allow the deposits of cash without envelopes.

1. OOZE Note Counting Machines

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This note counting machine can count Indian notes of any denomination. It has various sensors that help in magnetic as well as ultra-violet detection of fake notes. The display type of this machine is –LCD. Additionally, this also has a watermark sensor in it. This note counting machine is unique, advanced, and can count up to 1000 notes per minute.

Ooze currency counting machine is an ideal device with top-notch features. The functionality of this currency machine is appreciative. It has an aesthetic design that makes the machine a best-seller product in major stores. The setup of this currency machine is identical to most of the top-notch machines. The hopper has a sleek design and has been colored with white and grey colors. A set of control buttons (inbuilt) are placed adjacent to the screen of the currency machine.

The hopper has a capacity of 15mm. The currency counting machine can count up to 1000 notes per minute. It is an automated machine that has special ultraviolent and magnetic detection sensors. The UV and magnetic technology are used by the device to detect defective notes and counterfeits. The machine gets automatically stopped. It can also reset itself automatically. 

The currency machine has an LED display (8-8 segment) and a separate extension display. This makes the display convenient for its users. Switches in the control panel are micro-touch. The power consumed by the machine is 60Watts, which is admirable. This machine can even detect fake currencies. This automatic machine can also detect broken and narrow notes. The currency machine has an automatic self-check mechanism.

There is a separate extension display on this product. You can pre-set batches of notes between 1 to 999 notes. The switches in the control panel are micro touch. The holder capacity of this product is 15 mm, whereas; the stacker capacity is 30 mm. It can run in an AC Voltage supply of 220 Volts. This note counting machine consumes 60 Watts of power.

The outer material of the product is made from plastic (in China). Buyers are also provided with a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase. You are advised to follow the manual instructions very carefully. The product comes only in white colour. If the friction in the machine is too strong, you can turn the back screw in the anticlockwise direction. You can also watch instructional videos of the counter’s operation for tutorials on its working.

What we liked

  • The sensors of the product always provide accurate results.
  • The material of the product has excellent strength.
  • The machine is easy to use and operate.
  • This machine works at a reasonable speed. It is highly efficient.
  • The counterfeit detection system is pretty appreciative. It combines magnetic and UV detection technology.
  • The machine is user-friendly.

What we didn’t like

  • If you do not arrange the notes correctly in the stacker, the notes can get jammed in the machine.
  • This product is available in one colour only.
  • The machine lacks an extra display.
  • The user manual is not provided to some customers.

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2. SToK ST-MC01 Note Counting Machine

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Unlike the previous note counting machine, this machine is available in two colours. These colours are – silver and white. Buyers also a gift with this product that is worth INR 199. This machine can count any denomination of INR notes. The rubber wheels of the machine are of very high quality. These wheels ensure the stability and accuracy of the product.

This note counting machine has various sensors such as – IR, DD, MG, and UV. These sensors help in the detection of counterfeit notes. There are manual as well as auto counting modes available in this machine. Additionally, this machine can count up to 1000 notes per minute. It accurately detects half notes, fake notes as well as double notes.

It also has an automatic start, clearing, and stop feature. Even though the price of the device is less, the durability is quite commendable. The structure of the machine is such that is makes it easy to maintain and clean. While shipping, it is made sure that the product is protected by foam to prevent damage. The additional items that you will get with the machine include – a cleaning brush, a plug power cord, an extra silicon rubber, and an operation manual.

This currency counting machine is an efficient machine that comes with a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. This machine is able to count all of the new and old denominations of INR i.e., Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2000. It also detects fake/ counterfeit notes. The machine can also be used for Euro, USD, and INR.

This machine has an automatic feature of starting, stopping and clearing but its own. There is an adding, batching, and self-examination function, which makes this product reliable. Automatic detection of double, half or fake notes can be done. Its hopper capacity is 300 pieces, while stacker capacity is 200 pieces.

This currency counting machine comes with a manual book. The manual book provides instructions that you need to operate the machine. Additionally, a video is also given to make the best use of the device. It is not a value counting machine. It does not display the value of the notes. This machine has an efficient MG/UV/DD/IR counterfeit detection technology. It is an automatic currency counter. It also has a manual mode for optional purposes.

The quality of this currency counter is appreciative. It is a durable product that is cost-effective at the same time. The inner structure of the machine is perfect. It can be cleaned easily. All the sensors of the device are covered with a film to prolong the life of this machine.

The stacker has a capacity of 200 notes whereas; the hopper of the machine has a capacity of 300 notes. Apart from this, we advise you to be aware of duplicate brands of the same name. Only choose the products that have claimed to be and have written ‘Sold by STok International’ on them.

What we liked

  • Even if any note gets accidentally stuck in the machine, there are instructions in the manual that will help you to retrieve it.
  • This product comes with a warranty period of one year for any manufacturing defects.
  • The machine is efficient in detecting all the fake notes.
  • It counts the notes accurately.

What we didn’t like

  • This machine only displays the number of notes on display.
  • There are many duplicate brands of the same name on the e-commercial sites.
  • It can damage the currency as it is too fast.
  • The body of the machine is quite heavy.

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3. BME Elite Note Counting Machine

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This machine has IR, MG as well as UV sensors to detect fake notes. It can count up to 1000 notes per minute. Additionally, this machine also has a batch and add function. This note counting machine is also very useful in the detection of half and double notes. It has a wide LCD screen that makes the reading very clear at any angle.

This machine is also straightforward to clean and port. The dimensions of the product are – 29 X 25.5 X 16.5 cm. It consumes 80 Watts of power and weighs 5.8 kg. You will get an extra display and cleaning accessories with this product. The manufacturers also provide their buyers with a warranty of one year for any defects in manufacturing. However, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not issues of note jams.

If you are facing any difficulties in feeding notes, jamming of notes, etc. you can contact the manufacturers, and they will help you out. You can set this machine in auto as well as manual modes for note feeding. The number pad on the machine makes it easy for batch functioning. The sensitivity setting of the machine is also elementary to understand and enable. Also, the buttons on the device are easy to read and sensitive to touch.

What we liked

  • The buttons are easily readable and understandable.
  • The machine is here to provide you with great portability.

What we didn’t like

  • If you are using this machine for the first time, you might find it very speedy.
  • In the first batch of notes, you are required to put a small bunch and then continue with larger quantities.

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4. GOBBLER 8888-E Mix Cash Counting Machine


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This affordable note counting machine is available in white colour. It can count all denominations od notes. It has a huge LCD screen that helps you to read the values easily. Like other machines on this list, this note counting machine also has IR, UV, and MT sensors; that allows you to detect fake notes conveniently. The LCD screen of the machine also has a colour-changing feature.

Additionally, the machine also has manual and auto function keys, which is solely dedicated to that purpose. You will get a warranty of one year from the date of manufacture for any off-site manufacturing defects. However, you can claim this only if you have brought the product of the original brand.

Counting large quantities of bills is made quick and easy with the Gobbler 8888-E mix note value counting machine. This machine lets you count the number of notes of each denomination. The total number of notes can be counted easily using this currency counter.

The software of this machine gets updated with new currencies, and this makes it easier for you to count the notes of different countries efficiently. The machine combines a top range of speed and capacity to provide excellent performance in the market of today’s era.

The counting machine also has an advance counterfeit system for the detection of both fake and damaged notes. This machine is user-friendly and can be operated by almost everyone. The display system is made convenient for its users. Controls are clear and straightforward enough that’s keeps the users focused on the calculations.

The design of this machine is compact and can be carried everywhere. The high-quality material allows the machine to withstand all the physical stresses. The machine comes with a user manual to help you operate the machine easily.

You are advised to use the manual for instructions. Additionally, the machine consumes 80 Watts of power. It can count up to 900 notes per minute. This product is highly rated and reviewed by many customers. There Rubber wheels in the note counter are of very high quality to enhance the stability and accuracy of the machine.

What we liked

  • This note counting machine comes at a very affordable price.
  • The LCD screen of the device can change colours.
  • The machine has a color-changing display.
  • One year warranty is provided against manufacturing defects.
  • The display tells the total number of mixed notes present.
  • The display also tells the total sum of mixed notes present.
  • The machine has a reasonable price.
  • The machine displays each type of note individually.

What we didn’t like

  • If the notes are not properly arranged, they can get jammed.
  • The machine does not provide you great portability.
  • Accuracy of the counter is doubtful.
  • Counting speed is too high and can damage the notes.
  • Notes can get stuck in the machine.

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5. Godrej Crusader Lite CashNote Counting Machine

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Godrej Crusader Lite note counting machine comes with the exclusive auto-clearing function. It has two colours in its design. These colours are – navy and grey. The cover of the machine is made from plastic, which makes it easy to port and carry. This medium-sized note counting machine has UV, MG, and IR sensors that are highly accurate in detecting counterfeit notes.

The Godrej crusader lite currency counting machine is one of the top products. This machine has a fantastic set of features. The design of this currency counting device is compact and reliable. It has a basic setup. The hopper is present at the top surface. All the control buttons are also present at the top. The machine has a TFT display that can be adjusted quickly. There is a cash dispenser that is located in the front for the convenience of its users at the time of retrieval. 

The weight of this currency machine is 6 kilograms, and the machine size measures 292×240×178mm. The device can work with notes of 90mm×190mm and 50mm×100mm sizes, respectively. The hopper can accommodate around 300 notes, while the stacker can adjust 200 notes.

The machine can count at the rate of 1000 notes/minute. Infrared, magnetic, and ultraviolent sensors are provided in combination, which helps in the detection of half and torn notes. Counterfeit detection can quickly be done using these sensors.

The counting system incorporates both batches and adds functionality. The machine has an automatic self-check feature that is triggered by turning on the currency counter machine. The display is adjustable (TFT display). It is placed on the top for viewing conveniently.

The machine has an upgradeable software that can be adapted easily for changing the trends of the currency. One year warranty is being provided for quality and material defects.

The TFT Screen display is huge and allows easy reading. The machine also has an automatic start and stop feature. Additionally, you can use this machine to detect half notes, broken notes as well as chain notes. Godrej is a very famous brand and has been in the market for a very long time. The brand is known all across the country to make quality products, which have a very long lifespan.

This product has exceeded those expectations. It has excellent durability and is here to last for a very long time. The manufacturers provide you with a warranty of one year on sensors, motherboard as well as motor. However, the plastic frame of the machine and other plastic parts are not covered under this warranty. Before buying this note counting machine, you should know that it only displays the number of notes (not the value).

You can count US Dollars in this machine. However, you will not be able to detect whether the notes are fake or genuine.

What we liked

  • The design of this machine is stunning.
  • You get a warranty on parts like motherboard and motor. This is not something that all manufacturers provide.
  • The durability of the product has to be appreciated.
  • The speed of the machine is sufficient.
  • The metallic design makes it a reliable and durable product.

What we didn’t like

  • In comparison to other note counting machines on this list, the price of this machine lies at a very high-end.
  • If the notes are not placed well, the counting of the notes won’t start.
  • The machine is quite expensive.
  • Functionality is condemnable.

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6. Office Bird Note Counting Machine

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This note counting machine comes with a warranty of one year. If you buy this machine, you can count the Indian currency of any denomination. This machine is priced at a very affordable rate and has UV and MG sensors for detecting fake notes. The auto-scan technology of the machine is so accurate that it is effortless to identify frauds through it.

Additionally, the machine has an add-function that helps you to keep adding the notes you have with you. Notes are counted in various batches in the machine. One batch can have any number of notes lying between 1 and 999. This machine is considered to be ideal for making bundles of loose money. It also has a certificate of registration.

Additionally, you get a protective cover of Office Bird when you buy this note counting machine. You also get a bag in which you can fit the machine correctly and carry it conveniently. The machine is easy to use and highly resourceful. Also, it is available in various colours such as – black, white, and silver.

What we liked

  • You can choose the machine from different available colours.
  • This machine is very useful in making bundles of loose money.
  • It is very fast and easy to use.

What we didn’t like

  • Even though it is priced at a very affordable rate, it does not have a high rating and reviews from its buyers.
  • The quality of the outer shell of the machine needs some improvement.

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7. OOZE JN1682 Note Counting Machine

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Next, we have the note counting machine by OOZE that runs in 75 Watts of power. This machine can count up to a thousand pieces of notes in a minute. It is also compatible with new notes in India. Additionally, the quality and durability of the machine are also very high. Like other products on this list, this machine also has UV as well as MG sensors for the detection of fake currency.

It has an LCD screen made by keeping in mind the newest technology. When this machine encounters fake notes, the display of the machine turns red. The machine is also straightforward to use and will save you a lot of labor and time. The hopper of this counter can easily be adjusted by twisting the back screw clockwise or anticlockwise. This note counting machine can also detect half notes. It also has an Infrared rays sensor that helps in identifying double notes.

This high-quality machine by OOZE also supports batching. It also has a self-examination function. There are the start and stop features available in the machine as well. The material of the outer shell is made from plastic. If you are going to buy this product, we advise you to follow the instructions in the manual very carefully before you start using it. Product warranty will only be provided to those customers who have bought the product of the original brand. This note counting machine will impress you.

What we liked

  • It is suitable for most currencies in the world.
  • OOZE is known to be high quality and leading brand in the counter-world.

What we didn’t like

  • The plastic used to make the machine is of very light quality.
  • There is a possibility of notes getting stuck in the machine.

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8. Kores Note Counting Machine

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This machine can count up to 900 notes per minute. You can continuously count notes in this machine for almost two hours. Moreover, this machine can count and detect US Dollars as well as Euros. It has MG, UV, and IR sensors for the detection of counterfeit notes. It has a very effective display that changes colour when you have not fed the notes correctly in the machine.

This machine also has an automatic self-checking feature. You can also detect half notes as well as double notes through this machine. It has an alarm that beeps when there are fake notes in the stacker. Buyers are provided with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. The dimensions of this machine are – 30 X 25.5 X 20.2 cm. its compact size makes it easier to move and port.

The weight of the product is 5.8 kg. The machine also has a batch function that enables you to count even a massive amount of notes. You can count notes of any denomination on it. There are also many service centers all across India to help you.

What we liked

  • The size of the device is compact.
  • Its speed and functionality are commendable.

What we didn’t like

  • This machine is available in only one colour that is – grey.
  • The product starts getting slower after a couple of years of usage.

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9. SkyFlag Note Counting Machine

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This machine has the sleekest design from all the machines that we listed here. It can count any notes of the Indian currency. It has UV and MG sensors that help eliminate the counterfeit notes. Additionally, it also has a stop, start, and clearance features. It is also suitable for other currencies of the world like – US Dollars and Euros.

The machine can takes notes in batches and also has a self-examination function. It also has a semi-value calculating feature. The software can be easily updated, and its holder can hold up to 200 notes. The counting speed of this device is 1000 per minute, and its dimensions are – 28 X 22.5 X 19 cm.

What we liked

  • The weight of the product is only 4.8 kg.
  • This product comes with a warranty of one year.

What we didn’t like

  • The power consumption can sometimes be more than 80 Watts.
  • It does not display the mix value of notes.

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10. Dinshi Money Note Counting Machine


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Dinshi money value counting machine is a high-speed counting machine that can serve your purpose of counting the notes with high accuracy. It can count 1000 notes in a single minute.  The hopper has a capacity of 100 notes, while the stacker has a capacity of 150 notes at once, which can save a lot of your time and energy. The machine provides you a better and faster counting as compared to most of the other counters available in the market. If you are willing to improve the productivity of any business, this machine is best for you.

A business owner can easily protect the cash from counterfeits. The machine automatically detects the fake money using magnetic, ultraviolet, or infrared sensors. The counter machine ensures the authenticity of your cash. There is a portable handle designed with the device. This handle lets you carry the counting machine wherever you want, including offices, banks, shops, etc.

The counting has been comfortable with an average count of 1,000 notes per minute. There is a unique hopper adjustment screw present at the back of the counter. It lets you reduce the friction that is present between the hopper and your cash. The screw rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The control panel has been made easy for you to operate. The machine also has a large LED display screen. The large display lets you track the counts of your cash. The control panel allows you to change the modes of operation.

This machine can manually count notes. It can count Indian, American as well as European currency. It has UV and MG sensors for fraud detection. The control panel of the machine is easy to understand. Moreover, this machine has a handle that makes it easy to carry. It has IR sensors and DD detection sensors as well.

You can detect half notes, chain notes, and double notes through this machine. It comes with add and batch functions. The LCD of the machine turns red when there is a detection of fake notes. Ports can easily update the software of this machine. The holder of the machine has a capacity of 300 notes whereas; the stacker has a capacity of 200 notes.

What we liked

  • The display can show the number of notes up to four digits.
  • This machine consumes 80 Watts of power.
  • A list of error codes and their solution is provided with the machine.
  • The accuracy of the machine is excellent.

What we didn’t like

  • Sometimes the machine shows counterfeit warning even for real notes.
  • Some users have reported that this machine is not user-friendly.
  • Some customers have complained about a defective display.
  • Warranty is not provided.

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Currency Counting Machine Buying Guide

We have made a buying guide for those who are looking for an accurate currency counting machine. There are several important factors that you should be aware of while purchasing the counter machine. If you are unaware of these factors, you may end up investing your money in a poor quality currency counter.

Types of Note Counting Machine

Currency counting machines are classified into electric machines and portable machines. The classification is done on the basis of its functionality and size.

Portable counting machines are small in size and can be carried anywhere. Internal power sources can be used in portable counting machines, which makes the counting machine rechargeable. The batteries are easy to replace. Portable counting machines are designed for people who are looking for a counting machine that can fit into a mobile lifestyle. People who live in a highly dynamic business environment can also use this machine.

Electric counting machines are totally opposite to the portable ones. It is designed for static workstations where the movement is minimal. This type of currency counting machines are bulky and cannot be easily carried around. If you are looking to do some high-volume work in a stationary environment, then the electric counting machines are perfect for you.

Note Counting Machine Capacity

In the case of currency counting machines, the term capacity means the number of bills that the machine can handle in a single cycle. This parameter depends upon the size of the hopper. A hopper is portable; the cash is placed in the hopper before it is taken inside the machine. The bigger the size of the hopper, the greater will be the capacity and greater will be the amount of cash that can be handled in a given time.

Currencies supported

Different types of currency counting machines work with different types of currencies. Some machines can handle one specific currency, while others can handle multiple currencies. If you have to deal with a single currency, then a one-currency machine made for you. A multi-currency machine can be used for handling multiple currencies.

Note Counting Machine Power consumption 

Power consumption is important if you use the machine on a constant basis. Checking the power consumption parameter ensures that you do not get a device that consumes a lot of electric currents. An efficient currency counting machine should have low energy consumption while providing good performance at the same time.


It is very important to look at the material that is used to make the currency counting machine. This factor is also responsible for the overall quality of the machine. The material used to make the individual parts of the machine should be durable.

Final words: Purchasing electronic gadgets can be a challenging task. A solid understanding of the gadgets is required to select the most efficient gadget for yourself. We have made a list of some of the best currency counting machines along with some pros and cons for each one of them. You can check the list, read the details, and select the currency counting machine that is preferred by you.

Some important factors should be kept in mind while purchasing an efficient currency counting machine. We have listed those factors in the buying guide in order to ease your trouble. You are suggested to go through each one of them carefully. We have explored how the type, capacity, power consumption, and durability can be crucial to your decision. Have the best of luck as you set to discover the best currency counting machine for your business needs.

How To Choose The Best Note Counting Machine In India

Consider the cost: Cost of the note counting machine is an essential aspect that you should consider before making a purchase. Some of the products on our list are expensive than the others. If the cost does not fit your budget, we advise you to discard that product from your wishlist. However, this does not mean that you should compromise with the lifespan of the machine. Such machines are considered beneficial only if they last a long time. Choose the product wisely, keeping in mind its price.

Consider if it has sensors: In-built sensors in note counting machines help you detect fake notes from the real notes. These sensors are an essential feature of a note counting machine. These are generally of two types – UV sensors and MG sensors. These sensors are there in the machine to protect you from facing frauds as well as loss in your business. If the machine that you are buying has these sensors, then you should know that you have made the right choice.

Consider the functionality: A good note counting machine is the one that provides proper and smooth functioning even when there are a lot of notes that need to be counted. Different note counting machines have different and extra features that distinguish them from each other. Read the product description carefully to understand the features of the machine. After that, you can choose your note counting machine that has all the features that you loved or were looking for.

Consider the capacity: Different note counting machines can count a different number of notes at one go. Simpler note counting machines can count 500 notes at once. Moreover, advanced note counting machines can count up to 1000 and more notes at a single go. This aspect should be considered by relating to where the machine is required. If the machine is needed at a place where large transactions happen, the machine with higher capacity will prove to be beneficial. On the other hand, if the transactions are not very large, the machine with a small and reasonable capacity will work fine.

Consider the currency that the machine can count: Before making a purchase, you should know the currency that the machine can count. In India, you can easily find note counting machines that count the Indian National Rupee. However, if the currency of the notes you are expecting to count is different, then these counters that count the INR won’t work for you. However, we need to mention that the price of the note counting machines that count multiple currencies lies on the high-end.

Read Online Reviews: Reading product reviews on e-commercial sites is a great habit. It will help you to choose the best product based on reviews and ratings of many buyers across the country. Before you decide the note counting machine that you are going to buy, we urge you to read its reviews. This will help you get a better understanding of the product as well as in knowing its functionality and durability.

Note Counting Machine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there software updates for the new currency?

Yes, most manufacturers offer firmware updates whenever there is a new currency bill. When the government passes new currency bills, manufacturers start working on a new update after learning about the safety features of the bill. Once the manufacturer is done testing out all of their products for the new software, you can get the updated firmware. The question is, how can you install it? Well, contacting through customer support numbers of manufacturers will be a better choice to explain the issue and learning about the possible solutions.

How accurate my note counting machine is?

Claiming that all the note counting machines are accurate will be a wrong statement because it depends upon the model, how it works, and types of features. However, the study says that note counting machines have an accuracy rate of 99%. You can test out your note counting machine by counting a stack of notes and then comparing the result in a machine. Old currency notes might get rejected by the machine because they have faded color, and they are hard to pass. Otherwise, accuracy is not a major issue with such products.

Why my note counting machine is showing error after every couple of minutes?

Note counting machines have a lower failure rate, and if you are tackling error sign, then there might be two problems. The first problem is with the currency you are using. There must be currency bills that are slightly folded from the corners, they might be torn, or they might have something written. The second reason is no maintenance of note mounting machines for a long time, which causes issues like jamming while counting. Proper maintenance is important to eradicate this issue. The last reason might be regarding the software, and there are fewer chances for that.

What are the most popular brands for note counting machines in India?

There is a range of brands which provide an effective solution for note counting machine. As if you are looking for reliable brands, then going with Ooze, Godrej, SToK, and few other brands will be a better choice. Always look for the brands which are providing an effective solution with great after-sale services. This method will be a safer option for first-time buyers, and you can avoid most of the problems.

How to Choose the best note counting machines?

While choosing an ideal note counting machine, you should be looking for a reputed brand for a safe start. Going with a reputed brand is easy because you can get great after-sale services, proper customer support in case of having any problem with the functionality and a long term warranty. After choosing the brand, look for mix note counting machines because they are versatile. On the other hand, you have to look for the capacity to understand that which one is reliable to fulfill your need. Once you compare these factors, look for quirky features like small display, tactile buttons, and note arranging mechanism.  

How Do Cash Counting Machines Work?

A cash counting machine as the name itself suggests is a device that is designed to count the cash fed into them. Unlike manual counting, they are comparatively more reliable, fast, and accurate.

All the user has to do is feed the money into the front arm of the counting machine and it begins counting briskly. Unlike manual counting, a counting machine counts money and at the same time detects counterfeit from the bundle easily.

One of the ways of counting the money fed is using a beam of light, the device would have a special beam of light and a microprocessor. The microprocessor counts the number of times the light is interrupted as the money slides through the slot. In general, this is how counting is done, on the other hand, the same counting machine would also have a feature that recognizes the note denomination too. The note recognition is done using a microprocessor; there are several ways to distinguish between different notes. Compare an INR 100 note with an INR 500 or INR 200 note, you will be able to find more than 2 or 3 key differences in just a few minutes, but, cash counters could do it faster than us. The microprocessor could identify a note denomination based on the major differences in a fraction of a second.

Now, apart from counting, note denomination recognition, a counting machine could also detect counterfeit. Detecting counterfeit is not an easy manual task, however, a cash counting machine does it in a fraction of a second, how? Answering this question is not simple, most of the brands do not completely disclose this technique. However, it would be based on the detection of the note features that cannot be replicated. It could be a watermark, dimension of the note, florescent symbol, type of ink used, etc. The detection is done using microprocessors which does this in a fraction of a second.

In simple words, the functions a cash counter does is not limited to just counting, but, counting, note denomination recognition, and counterfeit detection.


Note counting machines are incredibly reliable and resourceful. They save you a lot of time and are very accurate when it comes to note counting. However, in our experience, we have noticed that buyers struggle a lot in choosing a note counting machine that will fit their requirements the best. Hence, we prepared this enhanced list of various note counting machines that are available in India.

This list includes our top ten picks that we picked after extended hours of research and experience. Here, we have discussed each note counting machine individually and in great detail. We have also discussed the distinctive features of these machines. For each product, we have mentioned the things we liked and didn’t like as well. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you in choosing your cash counting machine.

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