10 Best UPS for PCs in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

UPS are known to be the devices or appliances that are responsible for the conversion of DC to AC. Hence, whenever there are power cuts, this device helps like a battery so that you can have power at your home for essential appliances. A UPS can be used for the functioning of many appliances like fans, lights, fridge, sockets, etc. when there is no electricity. However, today we are going to discuss UPS that is meant to be used by computers as a power source when there is a sudden electricity cut. We know it is difficult to get these devices in the Indian market, but that does not mean you should simply ignore the need for a UPS.

It is known way too well that a UPS can typically offer you an extra-power time of at least 10 minutes. At this time, you can save whatever you haven’t saved while you were working on your computer. Whether it is an urgent mail you want to send or a PowerPoint presentation about to be finished, a UPS can help tremendously. We have all suffered enough from unsaved work on your computer before the occurrence of a power cut. And honestly, no one likes that. Many of us also had to start our work again because of this, and that is utterly unproductive. In such dire situations, a UPS lets you finish off that little work. You can also shut your PC down safely with the use of the small power time.

Best UPS For PCs Online In India

Now, let us discuss 10 of the best UPS devices in India that you can purchase in 2024. We have mentioned the tiniest details of these UPS to make your choice simple and straight –

1: V Guard SESTO 600VA UPS for PC

Best UPS for PCs in India

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On the first spot, we shall discuss the highly effective UPS by V Guard. It has a capacity of 600VA, which is quite sufficient for the monitor and CPU of computers. Other than being highly functional, this UPS is also known to be extremely cost-effective. Maybe this is the reason why it has many buyers throughout India. It will allow you to have extra power so that you can play and work for an extra amount of time on your PC. Furthermore, it gives a backup time of 15 minutes. During this period, one can safely shut his/her computer down.

The power supply of the product is rated at 300 Watts. This wattage is termed ideal for PCs. Some buyers were also able to use their printers with this power supply. Once you buy it, you can enjoy a warranty period of 24 months. Hence, no matter what your problem is, the company will solve it in just a few days. However, you must also know that you cannot operate laser printers with the use of this UPS. It has two cells for battery, which is sufficient for an amazing and non-stop power supply while you are busy on the computer and are faced with a power cut off.

What we liked

  • The UPS has a battery made from two cells of the lithium-ion type.
  • It can be used to easily supply power to a monitor, a CPU, and a printer.
  • The capacity of the device is rated at 600 VA, and its wattage is 300 Watts.

What we didn’t like

  • You cannot use this UPS for laser printer operation.

2. APC BX600C 600VA UPS for PC

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Next, up here, we have a reliable device from APC!  It is specially designed for personal computers. How many UPS that you come across in the market promise you this? We guess very few of them. If you are searching for a trusted brand and an excellent device, it is the one! Before moving forward to its features, let us brief you about its exterior look. It has an amazing black matte finish build that looks very classy. Not only this, but it also has colored press buttons in the front that makes it easy to identify. It has an audible-alarming system that updates you about any fault in the device.  

It lets you know when the main source of power changes by alarm and blink. It runs efficiently on 600VA – 360V and also provides three battery power sockets. Not only this, but it can also run a single PC for 21 minutes. Isn’t the run time amazing? Not only this, but it also has an automatic battery charger indicator; this will let you know about the battery status. This device is entirely safe as it has received certification from the bureau of safety according to latest ups standards. Also, it works efficiently on voltage variations because of its wide input voltage window. To conclude, it is one of the best UPS available in the market.

What we liked

  • Power capacity is amazing that is incomparable to any other device.
  • It has an amazing battery backup.

What we didn’t like

  • The price is slightly on the higher side.

3. Zebronics U725 600VA UPS for PC:

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Zebronics UPS is one of the commonest UPS used in our country. Whenever you set to buy a UPS in your nearby store, you will always come across various models of this UPS. Out of all, the Zebronic UPS U-725 is most trending these days. This is one of the most cost-effective and dynamic UPS available in the market. For people who are low in the budget can positively opt for this one. Talking about the features, it has a capacity of 600VA that is enough for personal computers and home setups.  

It saves your connected device from bearing damage by its overload protection feature. Not only this, but it also comes with an exclusive innovation of sleep mode charging & alarms you if something goes wrong. The LED lights positioned in front of this system make you visually aware of the fault. The peculiarity of this UPS is that it has an automatic voltage regulation that keeps the input and outputs current in control. Therefore, if you wish to buy a UPS in a considerable budget, nothing could be more genuine than this.

What we liked

  • It’s a microcontroller-based device, thus operates in very little time. 
  • The device comes with a warranty period. 
  • It has a very affordable price. 
  • Recharging time is very considerable.

What we didn’t like

  • It gets very hot while operating and charging.
  • Back up, time is not as promised.

4. iBall Nirantar UPS for PC

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We now have iBall Nirantar UPS on our list. Though the exterior look might be simpler from other devices, when we talk of features, none of them can stand in front of it. Not only this device helps you with power backup, but it also keeps a check on data loss. Your information will be kept safe as ever! Where other devices can manage to run up to 30 minutes, this UPS supports a power backup of 40 minutes in a standard computer setting.  

Though there are variations in battery backup due to the configuration of different systems; but, we promise you that you will never regret buying this device. This device is completely versatile as it is not only compatible with laptops and computers, but it can also be connected to CCTV cameras and DVR systems. That’s not all; a wide input range makes it very compatible with the generator. When the AC recovery occurs, the device can undergo auto restart. This is one of the most versatile UPS in the market. Therefore, we highly recommend you to buy this product.

What we liked

  • It gives you an amazing power backup.
  • It is a versatile UPS and can be used with many devices.

What we didn’t like

  • For efficient functioning, you need to replace the battery every 3-5 months.
  • The price is quite higher as compared to other products.

5. Luminous 600VA UPS for PC

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Other than coming with a warranty of 2 years, the Luminous UPS also comes with a replacement offer of 10 days. Hence, you can be truly sure about your purchase of this UPS for any of your personal computers. Every time there is a power loss, this appliance will give the extra boost to your PC for a safe shut down. The output power provided by the Luminous UPS is equal to 600VA. It will also ensure that your PC receives that power boost without any unwanted surges that may damage its internal elements.

Generally, heat is generated when an appliance operates, but with the Luminous UPS, this heat will be quickly dissipated. Such dissipation is done with the help of air vents on its side. Hence, the overall performance of the product is never choked or halted. Having a UPS without any heat issues is truly a blessing, and for this reason, this is one of the Best UPS. Since it is compact, you won’t need too much space beside your PC to place it.

What we liked

  • The dimensions of this UPS are – 95 X 146 X 313 mm only.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery with 4-watt hours of energy content.
  • It never causes surges in the PC ever.

What we didn’t like

  • The weight of this UPS is 7 kg, which may feel high to some people.

6. APC BET00Y-IND 700VA Back-UPS for PC

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This sleek UPS device is brought to our readers by APC. Other than PCs, this UPS can also be used with televisions; however, you will have to check the compatibility very carefully. Additionally, the battery life of this appliance is 9Ah; hence, you may quickly get a backup of a maximum of 30 minutes with its help. There are three sockets in this product which are all surge-protected. You can use them all to connect your peripherals and personal computers.

Even when the battery is completely discharged, this UPS will allow you to shut down your PC well and gracefully. Millions of people trust this brand as the UPS by them always helps in protecting the PC. The brand also stands for reliability, which is why the product comes with a 2-year warranty. You can even use it in high voltage situations as it has an in-built AVR. All in all, this UPS is genuinely the best of best. It also comes with a simple-design LED interface.  

What we liked

  • For overload protection, this UPS allows the best security from thermal cutoffs.
  • Surge protections are allowed by all of its sockets.
  • The battery is conserved for safe shut down even in low or high voltage conditions.

What we didn’t like

  • The product dimensions are quite large, as they are equal to 29 X 22 X 13 cm.

7. Intex 725 Protector UPS for PC

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The Intex 725 allows you to have excellent control over the microprocessor in low power or no-power situations. It also helps in bucking and boosting the AVR for proper stabilization of voltage. Typically it needs a charge time of 6 hours. In this period, it will hold a capacity of 90% charge in it. Many people trust this product for a no-load PC shut down. The warranty of 1 year is also a factor for the reliability and trust imparted by its many buyers.

If you have issues related to the technicality of the product, you can also contact Intex. You can also try visiting their stores if there are any near the places you reside in. The lithium-ion battery weighs 430 grams only and offers an energy content of 1 watt-hour. The AC voltage stabilization provided by it is equal to 10% of the overall voltage. This amount is enough for you to operate your PC peacefully. You can truly trust Intex for all their appliances and other products.

What we liked

  • The appliance comes with an easy-to-claim one-year battery.
  • It also features cold-start functions and off-mode charging.
  • In just 6 hours, this UPS will be almost fully charged.
  • It has a very simple red and black design.

What we didn’t like

  • Some buyers did not appreciate the signaling of this product.

8. Microtek Tuff Power UPS Pro+ 650 VA for PC

Best UPS for PCs in India

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When it comes to the brand Microtek, you cannot have enough of their appliances and products. Hence, we were determined to add their Microtek Tuff Power 650VA UPS here for all our readers. Even when it has secured the eighth spot, it is still considered best by many experts, including us. The product’s capacity lies at 650 VA, where it consumes and offers 360 Watts of power supply at the hour of immense needs.  

Other than being a great power source, this UPS also works very well as a voltage stabilizer. An unstable voltage can damage your PC parts in a harmful way. Sometimes these damages require you to pay huge bucks to get everything fixed. Hence, it is a great idea to go with this UPS if you live in an area with fluctuating voltage. The circuit warranty is separate and is offered for two years from the date you buy this Pro+ UPS. You can take the help of a reputed electrical engineer if you cannot understand the installation process.

What we liked

  • The wattage of the product is 360 Watts.
  • It is highly reliable as it has very long battery life.
  • It also offers overcharge and discharge protection.

What we didn’t like

  • Some of its buyers reported rumbling sounds coming out of the UPS during its operation.

9. Foxin FPS-755 350W UPS for PC

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Buying a reliable UPS that allows a power supply of at least 20 minutes after the power cut, is quite difficult. However, with the Foxin FPS-755 UPS, you will never have even single trouble or disappointment. It facilitates three outputs and a capacity of 360 Watts. Other than these features, it also has power alarms for better operation and overall functioning. For battery mode, there is a green flashing of lights, whereas, for AC mode, the UPS flashes with a stable green light.

With the lighting, you can easily read the status of this UPS very easily and quickly. Along with your PC, you can also try plugging your music system. Also, make sure that you know about its warning sounds very well. For such details, try referring to the manual that comes with the UPS. The charging of the product is always high-speed and requires a minimum of four hours only. For maximum charge capacity, you will have to supply power to it for 6 hours, and you will be good to go.

What we liked

  • It reacts very quickly to sudden and anonymous power cuts.
  • It corrects high and low voltage supplies very well and accurately.
  • It is also compatible with generators and music systems.
  • The packaging of the UPS is excellent.

What we didn’t like

  • The cord length of the product must be incremented for better connectivity.

10. Emerson Liebert CX 600VA iTON UPS for PC

Best UPS for PCs in India

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This prestigious UPS by Emerson is one of the most affordable UPS in the country. The functioning and power supply offerings are truly amazing and extraordinary. The wattage of the product is 360 Watts, and its battery content is 12 watt-hours. There is the provision of a single battery cell where the lithium-ion battery of the UPS is placed. It is a UPS that comes with a warranty, but it does not apply to all regions of the country. Hence, as a buyer, make sure to check the aspect.  

It is manufactured in such a way that it can be used at offices as well as homes. The uninterrupted performance of this UPS is truly amazing. Additionally, it can be connected to LCD as well as LED computer monitors. Once you install it, you will be able to enjoy a good back up by its battery. Many people also like using this UPS for their printers; hence you can try that too if you constantly work on your printer.

What we liked

  • It is a sine wave UPS that can be used at different locations.
  • It only requires a recharge time of 6 hours.
  • Its installation is very easy, and the overall appliance has excellent and positive reviews by its consumers.

What we didn’t like

  • The backup time is very less and is rated at only 10 to 15 minutes.

How To Choose The Best UPS for PCs in India

Today, in this buying guide, we are going to explain to you how you can choose the right UPS for your PC. The drill is that many factors must be kept in mind while you pick your favorite UPS from many different options. Hence, it is crucial for us to discuss all these aspects separately so that even the person who does not know too much about UPSs can understand what it takes to make a perfect choice. Below you will find numerous pointers of these factors. Let us get details on them –

1: The UPS’s capacity: Generally, the capacity of a UPS is described in terms of VA. The full form of VA is Volt Ampere, which generally lies in the range for 550-750 for computer UPS. For running peak load at higher efficacy, you must go with the higher VA value in UPS. All you are required to do is head to the description. These days VA is also mentioned in the product’s name along with its model number so that you do not have to waste time looking for it. A higher UPS capacity will allow you to run your PC for more than 15 minutes of the power cut.

2: Power Requirement: Other than the capacity of the UPS, one must also think of putting the power requirements to consider. Different appliances need different powers. Also, people use UPS for other appliances that are near to their PCs when they buy one. These appliances and electronics may include printers and music systems. In such cases, it is better to know about the power requirements of your monitor, CPU, music system, and printers. For computers, the range is close to 300-350 Watts. Power is always mentioned in the description; hence never forget to go through that.

3: Type of UPS: We have seen two types of UPS which include –square wave and pure sine wave UPS. The square wave UPS is a type of UPS that offers electricity when power is absent. Such UPS is not suitable for UPS. Hence, do not go with them. On the other hand, pure-sine-waves-UPS are sensitive to computers and offer grid-like power. Make sure that the UPS you wish to have for your PC is the pure sine wave type. Otherwise, you will have to use it for other appliances at your home and not for what you need it for.

4: Battery: The overall performance of the UPS depends on its battery. This is because the battery is responsible for storing energy. This energy is the same energy that is offered to your PC when there are sudden power cuts. It is generally mentioned as Ampere-hours. For UPS for PC, a single slot of this battery is enough. For more information, you can try looking at the time the battery needs to get charged to its full capacity. Generally, this time is at a maximum of 6 hours. However, check it to be sure about your UPS.

5: Brand and Cost: Many reputed brands in our country offer the best UPS. Most of them have thousands of buyers from all parts of India. But that does not mean that all the UPS brands are trustworthy. In fact, some of these brands offer UPS that only last a few months. Hence, always try going with a reputed brand or simply try choosing a UPS from our list as we have only mentioned the best ones. One can also try looking at the UPS cost as not every UPS will be affordable for you. However, do not go with cheaper options as they are usually low-quality and ineffective.

That was all we wanted to discuss in our buying guide. We hope that you read and consider everything. Try testing the UPS of your choice for each factor, and you will end up with the right product.

UPS for PCs Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A UPS could destroy a computer?

No, a UPS is designed to protect a computer from any issue caused due to sudden power loss. In simple words, a UPS would allow smooth functioning of PC even if there is a power failure at your office/home. Generally, this is the main function of a UPS, however, if you consider a UPS as an alternative to stabilizers and lightning arresters, then you are wrong unless the specific model is designed to serve this purpose. If you neglect stabilizers or lightning arresters, then your PC could be damaged.

  1. Plugging a UPS into another UPS could increase the overall backup time?

No, as far as we know, plugging one UPS for PC into another UPS does not increases the backup time. But, it could void the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Yes, it is true, no brand would or expert would recommend plugging in one UPS into another for any reason. In the long run, such a connection commonly referred to as a daisy chain could destroy your UPS battery.

  1. My locality commonly experiences voltage fluctuation and power surge, using a UPS could get rid of these issues?

The majority of UPS are designed to play the role of secondary protection against power surges, this type of protection is good for small power surges. However, if the power surge is beyond this limit, then a UPS won’t be able to protect your PC. Therefore, never consider UPS as an alternative to a surge protection device. On the other hand, a UPS for PC could handle voltage fluctuation to a great extent.

  1. My UPS for PC is getting heated too much, shall I replace it?

Several reasons could lead to sudden heating up of a UPS. However, most commonly, the overheating could be due to a cooling fan malfunction. A UPS produces heat and it is normal, but it is cooled down by a cooling fan. If the fan stops working, the heat could build-up leading to accidents. Apart from this, frequent voltage fluctuation, power surge, and heavy use of UPS could result in UPS heating up. Contact an authorized service center and consider replacing it only if the expense is too much or if it is not repairable.

  1. Is there a difference between inverter and UPS for PCs?

Yes, there is a difference between both the devices. While both of them are designed to offer uninterrupted power backup during a power blackout or load shedding. But, switching from the main supply to battery in both UPS and inverter is different. While UPS the switching is instantaneous and does not interrupt the functioning of a PC, an inverter is slow. It will cause a few second interruptions in power supply, as it takes time to switch from the main supply to battery.

  1. Can I use my UPS for PC for powering any other device?

Yes, you could use your UPS for PC for powering other devices too. However, if you happen to come across some issues while doing such a thing, it will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, our recommendation is not to use a UPS for PC for powering anything else.


Buying a UPS can be a great choice if you have a personal computer. Sudden power surges are known to cause irreversible damage to big and minute computer parts. Even when the PC can be repaired, it will take at least a few days, and when you are someone who works continuously, you may feel unproductive and helpless without your PC. Hence, we brought you this list of several different and enhanced UPS. No matter what you choose, we guarantee you quality and long life in the product. If you are not sure about anything, you can also try reading feedbacks and reviews by many people who are the buyers of all these UPS. Additionally, try picking a UPS that is easy to install. Otherwise, you will have to take professional help, and that can cost you some extra money. Never discard the urge to buy a UPS from your mind as it can prove to be a very important appliance that your PC can depend upon.  

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