10 Best Appam Maker in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Searching for the best appam maker in India for your home? 

Here is the best appam maker in India list with all the features explained to ease your buying process. 

Best Appam Maker In India 2022

1. Hawkins Nonstick With Glass Lid Appam Maker 

In our view, the Hawkins Appam Pan is the best appam maker in India 2022. Hawkins being the pressure cooker market in India, brings the Nonstick Apple pan with a glass lid to prepare the healthy snack purposely. Die-cast technology is used in the pan for the metal thickness so that the pan is strong enough to bear the heat to the food without spoiling. Hawkins Nonstick Apple pan is light in weight and is easy to handle after cooking in its clean washing facility.

The best appam maker also comes with the toughened heat-proof glass lid that allows your delicious food in a quick cooking process. This glass lid helps see whether the food is cooked to serve. You can make different tasty snacks from sweet to spicy types depending on the user’s mood.

Hawkins Apple pan designed with a well-balanced handle to comfortable hold during cooking and cleaning. The bracket cum flame guard handle helps you hold during the flame as it does not bring heat to your hand. The 12 cups, with each having a volume of about 25ml, are enough for the single person to take their dish.

German ceramic coating present in the Hawkins pan provides longer life, and the bright red color looks to be your Kitchen’s perfect choice in cooking. The aluminum material is used in the Apple pan as it gets heat during the cooking process quicker comparatively.

2. The Indus Valley Pre Seasoned Appam Maker

Indus Valley Pre-seasoned Super smooth is a premium appam maker you can buy in India. The Indian Kadai, one of the ancient models of the Indus Valley paniyaram pan, brings a similar design to benefit the people in their comfortability in cooking. The cast iron Paniyaram pan was designed with the Kadai-like structure with two sides handle feature to enable it.

As the material iron is used to make the pan, it helps enrich the food produced with iron content which is good for your health. Your delicious food is loaded with health, but it also helps give the traditional flavor to most Indian dishes. As the Indus Valley pan is used, cast iron shows enhanced and smooth cooking after every use.

The natural cookware is designed with the seven pit model where you can have the seven numbers snacks at each time. You have to go with cleaning the pan after use, dry it, and store it for better results for the next time. Want to go with a healthy kitchen product? Then the Indus valley is the perfect choice that brings the cast iron material to your Kitchen without any chemical present in the unique cookware.

The Indus valley paniyaram pan is about 2.7Kg and accepts easy handling during your cooking process. Being a traditional cookware item, you can prepare many traditional dishes with the same old taste.

3. Prestige Omega Select Plus Appam Maker

Prestige Omega Select is an affordable appam maker available in India 2022. The Plus Non-stick Paniyarakkal is one of the best pans that support and is designed for long life and durability. Experience better taste with the high-performance pan that brings healthy food to your meal. The quality of the non-stick pan is made up of aluminum material, which can cook the food a little quicker comparatively.

Prestige Omega pan, the modern cookware that comes with seven pits, leads to the intelligent cooking feature that makes your Kitchen precious. The improved coating feature of the Paniyarakkal ensures no harm to food prepared by you.

You can go with the Indian tasty food using the pan cookware, and the usage allows frequent purpose as the cookware possess scratch and abrasion-resistant technology. The Prestige Omega consists of 3 layers of Teflon non-stick residue-free coating that comes with the easy removal of paniyaram after being cooked using less oil. You can also pick the paniyaram using a metal spoon that does not bring the scratch to your pan.

Prestige Omega Paniyaram pan designed with a two-side handle that seeks better handling purpose during cooking. The stable handling present in the pan also leads to the easy washing and cleaning feature.

4. Cello Non-Stick 12 Cavity Appam Maker 

Cello Non-stick appam maker in India is one of the standard brands that provide a highly efficient pan, popular in India. The unique non-stick item is fond of its high performance and leaves a fantastic taste to your food without changing its nature. Experience a hassle-free work of cooking that leads to the non-sticky nature of the food during cooking due to the non-stick coating present in the pan.

Having 12 cavity appam, Patra pursues the handle at both sides, allowing you to go with the perfect cooking with total concentration. The presence of a riveted handle makes you feel better in the cooking process and the cleaning process. Cello Pan is compatible with the gas stove only as it has the convenient sitting position to sit sturdily in the gas stove.

The pan’s weight is just 1.37Kg and is easy to handle, and the product comes with a stainless steel lid that ensures your food cooks faster. The grey color appam pan adds a beautiful part to your Kitchen consisting of a 1-year warranty on the product.

5. Sjeware 12 Cavity Aluminum Appam Maker 

Sjeware appam maker in India is designed with an aluminum coating with 21cm side handling and a firm grip for smooth cooking purposes. Appam is one of the efficient food items added to snacks and breakfast in India; everyone loves it. The elegant, sleek model of the appam patra comes with a shiny look, and the premium pink or red color makes your kitchen superior.

If you want to live a healthy life by eating healthy food, then Sjeware non-stick pan provides particular goodness in proving it. You will seek the wonderful experience of cooking with the comfortable appam patra as it comes with the stainless steel handle and rubber on the top for the grip feature.

Sjeware’s non-stick appam pan is safe to use in both gas stoves and induction. The presence of a stainless steel lid and the pan ensures the fast cooking part in covering the delicious food while cooking. The 12 cavity feature of the pan is more than enough for the single person to take their snack satisfyingly at a single stretch.

6. BMS 12 Cavity Appam Maker

BMS 12 cavity is an attractive Appam maker in India 2022. It is equipped with aluminum material, and its lightweight model allows the user to go with the easy handling feature. Being environmentally friendly, the non-stick cookware reduces the work by easy hassle-free turning of the appam during cooking on another side. The elegant design has the perfect round shape as you will enjoy the shameful appam on your plate.

As BMS appam patra comes with aluminum material gives three benefits: lightweight, heat conductor, and odorless. An ergonomic handle helps you hold during the cooking that tends to bring the exact shape of the appam without breaking the item. Cleaning is the considerable work everyone dislikes after cooking, but BMS appam patra needs only less maintenance for cleaning work. All you have to do is wash the pan with lukewarm water and mild detergent after use for longer life.

The 12 cavity appam with silicone handle covers one year warranty. As the silicone handle is kept to withstand high heat resistance, that helps to move the pan quickly. BMS also provides a wooden spatula for friendly support to avoid scratches and damages due to the metal usage spoon.

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo 12 Cavity Appam Maker 

Amazon Brand – Solimo Non-stick is the special appam maker in India which treats to make delicious appams effortlessly. The usage of the high-quality aluminum material enhances the sturdiness and durability of the pan that works on the longer life probably. Also, the presence of non-stick coating in the Solimo brand requires less oil for its practical cooking, where you can enjoy tasty and healthy food on the go.

Appam maker is one of the essential pans that paves the best usage in every Indian cooking to make a special dish. The provision of the stainless steel lid along with the pan helps to close the food while cooking promotes faster cooking. The possibility of getting the 12 apps simultaneously as the Amazon brand-designed 12 cavity appam provides pleasure enjoying the perfect numbers for a single person.

Solimo Non-stick appam Patra leaves you in the easy, hassle-free cleaning process as the food doesn’t stick during cooking, and thus, less maintenance is required for its superior handling. The body of the appam maker is added to the sturdy handle that results in a more accessible handling purpose. Also, the scratch-resistant material provides longer life to stay in the Kitchen throughout.

8. Ivbox Eco-series 12 Cavity Appam Maker 

Ivbox Eco series is a famous appam maker available in India. Beautifully designed paniyarakkal serves every Indian Kitchen to prepare the fantastic dish, i.e., appam with sweet and spicy taste. Ivbox Eco-series provided with 12 cavities leads to the multiple appams simultaneously cooking effectively. As the appam, Patra is coated with non-stick material and needs only less oil during cooking resulting in healthy food for your meals.

Ivbox Non- stick coating material helps you scoop the food material quickly after cooking as the surface proves to be non-sticky type, resulting in the perfect shape of the appam. The specific 12 cavity appam maker comes along with the steel lid, wooden pencil spatula, nylon non-stick rubber to enjoy a better performance during cooking and cleaning.

The pan is made of steel material that conducts heat at a faster rate as well as the lightweight option allows you to handle it at ease. The hammertone coating to the outer body of the pan keeps your vessel scratch-free and tamper-proof that helps it stay longer in your Kitchen. The ivbox Eco-series brand suggests not to use steel scrubbers for cleaning and is also advised not to use metal spatulas, forks, and other metal spoons.

9. Divyam Aluminum 12 Cavities Appam Maker

Divyam Aluminium 12 cavities is a high-performance appam maker in India, providing complete protection on the body’s build. Protection with a triple coating layer with heavy-gauge aluminum material is also found helpful in conducting heat and relatively enhances the cooking process quicker.

The usage of the aluminum body is lighter in weight on the handling task that makes the pan odorless for the fantastic delicious food for each time. The Divyam Enterprise is of non-stick type; it requires less oil content to make the tasty food healthy to be best for everyone. If you are a health-conscious person, you can go for the product that gives you enough satisfaction in preparing healthy food.

An ergonomic handle present in the Divyam Enterprise paniyarakkal gives a better grip and easy hold despite the hot pan while cooking. It also excellently seeks the efficient handle to bring out the good shape to serve the best. The red color pan adds a stylish look to your Kitchen, seeking a great manner.

10. Anjali – DAL12 Diamond Series Appam Maker 

Anjali DAL12 is the latest addition to our best appam maker in India 2022 list. Anjali proudly presents two different pans to prepare other highly suitable dishes to support every Indian cuisine. Not only for the traditional preparation of appam, but you can also very well use it for innovative dishes like chocolate cake and pancake. The 12 cavity pan is essential to make appam whose numbers are enough to serve a single person at a one stretch cooking.

The non-stick material used by Anjali- DAL pan brings an effortless cooking style as there is no special effort needed to scoop the food once it is half-sided cooked. The easy cook option is supported by the reinforced two-coat technology method. The dishwasher-safe appam maker comes with a stainless steel lid wooden and plastic picker for high performance during cooking.

The second product is the Anjali Mini Uttapam tawa as it helps prepare small size dosa or uttapam where children are fond of its size and helpful to empty their lunch box. You will get the small size uttapam of about seven numbers at each time, finish off the cooking a little earlier for everyone in the family.

The single handle is helpful to hold in one hand during the pour of flour using other hands and ultimately serves better comfortability with its efficient design. Anjali Mini Uttapam tawa comes with a PTFE coating that helps bring out the right-shaped food without any damage.

Best Appam Maker In India

Buyer’s Guide

Bringing to your notice the numerous brands applicable in the market, it is essential to look for the important aspects or features of the best app maker before buying the product. The following points are helpful in owing to the right choice of best appam maker in India from the wide diversity of appam pans applicable in today’s online shop.

Type of material: The different types of material are used in each brand of the appam maker, and checking the material becomes the prior point before buying the appam maker. You may find out that most of the products in the above list are made of aluminum material with a coating structure. Aluminum material significantly provides a lightweight design to the appam maker that is helpful in easy handling both in the cooking and cleaning process.

Also, the metal being a good conductor of heat reduces the cooking timing, and the consumption of LPG gas, in turn, leads to saving your money. You can go for the aluminum material pan for better performance in cooking aspects.

Non-stick Coating: The next important point you have to go through before buying the best appam maker is the non-stick coating. You would have noted that most of the list of appam pan we have discussed consists of the non-stick coating. It is essential to check that the coating should seek high quality with food-grade certification for the healthy intake. You will get healthy food when you opt for the non-stick coating as it needs less oil to prepare any food made with it.

A non-stick coating pan involves hassle-free cleaning work as there will not be any food particles left after the cooking process resulting in an easy and quick wash.

Number of Cavities: Based on the number of members in your family, you can go with the number of cavities present in the pan. If you need the quick finish of your cooking process, you can go with the larger no of the cavity. And if you want mainly to prepare for the children, the better option is to go with the least numbers.

Design: You have to check for a better design with easy handle works. Find your choice, which will give you easy work with more comfortability where the double side handles or single long handle. You can prefer your suitable handle as per your choice based on your comfortability.

Brand: Last but not least, the brand is one of the superior points you have to come across for all the products. If you are not concerned about the price, the branded product will be wiser. Many branded products like Hawkins, Prestige, and more serve a longer life with a good impression created among huge consumers. You keep trust mainly due to the longevity in the market that comes with the extraordinary product quality.

Final Words

After the detailed study on the above brand on appam maker in this article, now you would have got enough knowledge to choose the best appam maker for your Kitchen. My suggestion for you is to go with the Hawkins Non-stick Appam pan as it comes with the glass lid type promotes fast cooking with its easy identification. However, it is one of the important vessels (like Kitchen Chopping Cutting Boards) to be present in the Indian Kitchen to prepare the traditional dish.

The product is the best value for money, having all its pleasing qualities and the stylish redwork and 12 cavities for the quick numbers that ensure it finishes the cooking part quicker.

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