Best Pressure Cooker in India 2021 – Pressure Cooker with Induction Base

#1 Pigeon #2 Prestige #3 Hawkins
Pigon Pressure Cooker Prestige Pressure Cooker Hawkins Pressure Cooker
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A pressure cooker is such an item that must be present in every kitchen. During the early days, people used heavy and hard pressure cookers, but over time, there have been changes in the design and look of the device. Now one can get stylish and sleek look pressure cookers that are convenient in all aspects. They are also efficient and provides good service to the users than the earlier ones. 

Perhaps we all know that a pressure cooker is such a device or a tool that helps in an advanced mode of cooking by consuming less time and energy. It also consumes less water that simply indicates that it helps in restoring the vitamins and nutrients of the food. The modern-day pressure cookers are very handy, and they can be easily moved from one place to another. As the foods are cooked in a closed and sealed environment so there is no such loss of flavour and moisture in the food. Almost a maximum number of people prefer to cook their daily food on pressure cookers. If you want to prepare foods in a hassle-free manner, you should always go with a good-quality pressure cooker.

Top 5 Best pressure cooker in India

Now we will try to explore some of the best pressure cookers that are mainly used and availed by the people in India. It is expected that with this piece of the discussion, the problem of choosing the right cooker will be solved to some extent.

#1 Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker 

Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker 

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With a capacity of 3 litres, Pigeon has introduced a wonderful pressure cooker that comes with smart features. This cooker is ideal for small and medium numbers of family members. It will help the user to cook their favourite item within a short time and that too without losing the taste. As it is made of high-quality aluminium it can give the best service and that too for a long time. It can be effectively used for cooking lip-smacking dal, chicken, mutton, and other types of items. Another important thing about this product is that it fits very easily on induction tops. In short- they are induction friendly items. It can also help to save gas to a good extent.


  • The pressure cooker is made of high-quality aluminium. 
  • It is an induction-friendly device.
  • It helps in easily cooking lip-smacking dishes. 
  • It comes with a good capacity for cooking food items.


  • The design of the device should have been made much better and stylish for the convenience of the users or the buyers.

#2 Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

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Prestige is said to be one of the most famous brands of India that is engaged in producing various types of cookware items. Similarly, the pressure cooker that is manufactured by this company is of superior type and it comes with a wide variety of features. It comes with a beautiful finish so that it can help in enhancing the beauty of the kitchen to a great extent. The whole base of the product is of aluminium metal that is thick and machine-based. With the involvement of the precision weight valve, the safety of the pressure cooker is largely maintained. Another great safety system that is attached along with this device is the Gasket Release System. In case of any blockage on the vent tube, the gasket will bulge, and steam will be eliminated through the slot. 


  • Manufactured with high-quality virgin aluminium.
  • The whole product comes with a splendid finish.
  • The precision weight valve is mainly used for safety purposes.
  • Involvement of gasket release system is quite unique.


  • It would have been better if the handle of the pressure cooker was made much durable and sturdy.

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#3 Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker

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Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker is available along with a capacity of 3 litres. It is also considered to be among the best, hard, and anodized pressure cookers of India. It is ideal for first-time cookers who does not anything about cooking. The cooker comes with a unique body and rounded sides so that the stirring can be made in a better way. The pressure cooker also provides easy visibility of food. This cooker can also be utilized for tough items. 

This device is perfect for preparing food for two to three members. If you have a small family, it can be the best companion in your kitchen.


  • Very stylish and efficient at the same time.
  • The body of the cooker is hard, anodized, and durable.
  • Ideal for cooking tough recipes.
  • It helps in easy visibility of food.


  • The handle of the pressure cooker should have been made a little better and strong.

#4 Familia FAL-23 Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker 

Familia FAL-23 Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker 

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Cooking becomes a beautiful experience if you use the products of Familia FAL-23 induction based pressure cooker. This is an amazing kitchen cookware, which is preferred by a maximum number of people. It is available in various quantities, and the user can choose the one that is required for their family. With the presence of the anti-bulging base, the flatness can be largely preserved without even bulging the uneven concave surface. This is a great thing about this device. If you start using this device you will get habituated with it. This cooker is also equipped with a heat-proof handle so that the user might not get any heat at the time of cooking or holding the handle. 

At the same time, the handle provides a firm grip to the users. With the presence of Food Grade Gasket, the food does not get contaminated and remains fresh for a long time.   It also helps in retaining the flavour of the food without harming it in any way. The whole product is available in a package of three pressure cookers.


  • Cooking can be a wonderful moment with this pressure cooker.
  • The presence of anti-bulging base is quite efficient for the users.
  • Available along with heat-proof handles.
  • The handle provides firmness and proper gripping to the users. 


  • It would have been better if the product had a good warranty period.

#5 Prestige Special Promotion Pack 

Prestige Special Promotion Pack 

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This product from the house of Prestige is just innovative and best in all aspects. The sturdy handles of the cooker allow the user to hold it firmly even in high-temperature. The more you will use this device, the more you will fall in love with it. The whole product comes in a combo of 2litre and 3 litres respectively. Now it is quite easy to boil rice, dal, and other food items very easily with this product. The smart design of the device has also made it a popular item before the modern man. Due to the promotion pack, it is loved by a lot of people. 


  • Available along with Gasket Release System.
  • It comes in the form of a combo pack.
  • Quite convenient for boiling rice, dal, and various other types of food items.
  • The handle provides a firm grip and does not get easily heated. 


  • It will have been much better if there has been some reduction in the price of the item.

Buying guide of pressure cookers

Now let us try to find out some of the important features that are related and should be followed just at the time of buying a pressure cooker. A small discussion on this topic will help people to choose the best item from the big list. Now without wasting any more time, let us proceed into the main point of discussion.

Size of Pressure Cooker

The most important thing that needs to be considered just at the time of buying a pressure cooker is the size of the product. If you have large family members, always look for the big ones but if you have a small number of members, it is always reliable and best to go with the medium ones. That will help you to handle and conveniently cook the food. Just calculate the number of family members and then decide to buy the right one. Take for example, 1.5 litre is ideal for 2-3 members while 7litre is ideal for 15 members of the family.


It is the handle that plays a key role in this case. To be very specific the handle of the pressure cooker must be strong enough for the users to hold. At the same time, it should possess the ability to not getting heated frequently. It is always fine to check the quality of the handle and then buy the right one for your kitchen. It should always be durable, strong and of high-quality.

Safety features

At the same time, the users should also check the safety features of the pressure cookers. There are thousands of cases in which people had to lose their lives due to pressure cookers. The weight lid should be checked. Above all, the pressure cooker should carry an ISI mark. Without this mark, it is better to avoid such cookers. It is always better to check the safety measures and then proceed to buy the same. If possible, inquire about the safety features as much as possible. That will be much better in this case. 

Induction base / Induction Friendly Cooker 

Modern-day people always look for pressure cookers that should be compatible with the induction stoves. So, you should also check it because it will save time and energy to a good extent. On the other side, induction stoves also consume less electricity so it is also a cost-effective one from that aspect. One should always avoid buying non-stick pressure cookers as they might not last for a long time. The non-stick surface may wear and tear within a short time. 

Warranty and reviews

The most important thing, above all is to check the warranty period of the product. A pressure cooker is such an item that should mandatorily have a warranty period. If there is no such mention of any specific warranty period, it is better to avoid those products. Apart from all this, the user should also check the reviews and feedback of the pressure cookers that they have selected for their kitchen. In order to carry out this work, they should visit numerous sites that are engaged with this work. It will be reliable if they collect information from a reliable site and not from the fake ones. A good review, along with a nice rating, always matters a lot. It can also be a good guide for a better purchase. Thus both the warranty period and the reviews play a pivotal role at the time of buying a pressure cooker. 

Bottom Line

Now it can be easily assumed from the whole discussion that pressure cookers are essential cookware for every kitchen. Its presence was also found during the early days. But with the interference of modern technology and science, there have been various modifications in the design and features of the cookers. However, the modern-day cookers are much advanced and durable from all angles. They are very easy to be operated by a single-handed person. Even the designs of the cookers are so nice that they are easily attracted to the modern and stylish people.

If you have no knowledge about cooking, it is the right time to go and buy a good-quality pressure cooker for your kitchen. Most of the cookers are also available along with manuals and they can guide the users greatly. The advanced tools and small devices that are present inside the cookers had made it innovative to a great extent. It has turned out to be a favourite cookware among the present-day people. All the safety features are very nice, and they are updated with the modern lifestyle. 

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