6 Benefits of Having Tower Fan in Home & Office

Many Indian cities have extreme weather. The winters are harsh, and the summers can be ruthless too. In such a case, a lot of households struggle to keep their temperature bearable. Running the heating systems or the air conditioners are both expensive, and they can shoot up your power bills exponentially. Many people resort to alternative cooling solutions like using an air cooler. These days, the tower fans have also gained a lot of popularity. These tower fans not only save space for you, but they are also very stylish. The efficiency of the tower fans in unmatchable. We can assure you of the performance of the tower fans and to clarify it further; we have listed the benefits of the towers fans for you. In the section below, you can go through the various benefits that you can derive by using the tower fans.

6 Benefits of Having Tower Fan

Benefits of Having Tower Fan

#1 Space-Constraints – If you live in a small apartment or if you have a home office, then you will undoubtedly come across space constraints. It is difficult to adjust the table fans due to space constraints, and the coolers can prove to be very bulky. In such a case, the tower fans have a particular advantage of being slim and compact. They can be placed easily in the home or office without restricting the space for moving around. The tower fans do not need any extra space to operate, and they can easily be placed between the couch as well. If required, you can set the tower fan near your desk while you are working.

#2 Efficient – If you are choosing an energy rated tower fan, then you will be happy to know that it will also save your energy bills. The tower fans usually consume less electricity. In addition to this, tower fans can have up to 8 different speed settings. Your regular ceiling fans may have only 4 to 5 speed settings, and the speed could be restricted. Another advantage of the tower fan is that it can oscillate on its base and hence the air circulation is maintained easily. The comfort levels are improved drastically. For better accessibility, some of the brands even offer a remote control so that you do not have to get up and change the speed settings. The energy consumptions, the tower fans consume 60% less energy when compared ceiling fans.

#3 Style & Look – We are sure that you are already aware of this benefit of the tower fan. Yes, the tower fans are very stylish. They are available in different finishes, and they look pretty modern. The air of the tower fan can reach the far corners of the room, and they are also going to be very silent. So, without disturbing you, the tower fans will keep the temperature of the room to the appropriate levels.  These fans are designed to blend into the interiors of the house, and hence you get what you need.

#4 Integrated Air Filter Option – If you live in a city where the air pollution levels are high, then you can even check out some of the tower fans that comes with integrated air filters. These fans can purify and clean the air for your loved ones and hence keeping them healthy. These tower fans with air filters are very efficient, and some of the brands like Dyson have functions to display the levels of pollutants in the room. You can go ahead and purchase the tower fans with the air filters and get the most of your purchase. 

#5 Integrated Heater – If you live in a city that often has harsh winters, then you can also explore the tower fans that comes with an integrated heater. The heating element in the tower fan will help you by throwing hot air. This will keep the room warm, and since the tower fans are power efficient, the energy consumption bills would also be low. You can go ahead and buy the tower fan that comes with the heater, and it will undoubtedly be a better choice than using the regular heater.

#6 Works in Humid Conditions – The problem with the humid climate is that the air coolers do not work in that case. For many families, the air conditioners are out of the budget. The air conditioners are also expensive to run. In such a case, you can go ahead and buy a tower fan. The tower fan works well even in the humid conditions, and hence they prove to be better when you are trying to keep the room cold in humid conditions. In addition to this, the tower fan will also help you by keeping the budget in check. The basic concept here is that the tower fans will improve the air circulations and hence they will keep you cool when you are sweating.

#6 Safe & Durable – Another benefit of the tower fans is that they are safe. Some of the fans with the blades prove to be a high risk for the children. You never know when the child puts his hand inside the fan assembly and end up with an injury. In such a case, you need to ensure that your purchases are child-proof. The tower fan would prove to be a safe option as they do not have exposed blades. You will also find many bladeless tower fans in the market which can keep your children safe from the injury.  Lastly, tower fans are very durable. They do not have any such point of failure, and hence they last very long. Most of the brands even offer an excellent warranty policy along with the tower fans so that you can get complete peace of mind.

With so many benefits, tower fans indeed score over air coolers and tower fans. The tower fans are easy to maintain, and they are even easier to use. If you are already impressed by the benefits offered by the tower fans, you can go ahead and check out the best brands selling Tower Fans in India and purchase one for your office or home.

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