6 Benefits of Pedestal Fans in India

Pedestal fans have an oscillating head and often come with a stand that supports them. This stand is also detachable, which you can remove when you are not using the fan at your home. With that, the space that you will save while storing the appliance will surely be a lot. Most people have such fans at their home, but there are still some of them who do not know what pedestal fans are. We have tried to describe them as much as we can in this short yet precise article. 

Pedestal fans can also be coupled with ceiling fans. In summers this can help you have the most amazing and relaxing time at your home. Everything becomes comfortable with a pedestal fan at your home. Other than that, if you have space issues, then also you can invest in a pedestal fan. These fans have got a sleek design, and you can keep them in the corner of your room. They can also be a superb substitute for ceiling fans in your home. Many people also use them in the monsoon season in India when the clothes just don’t dry.

Benefits of Pedestal Fans

benefits of Pedestal fan

The air from the pedestal fan will help bring the clothes to get dried very well. However, that is not the one and only benefit that you will get to enjoy from pedestal fans. It turns out that pedestal fans serve better than most of the fans that we get to have at our homes in India. But many people surely do not know about them. For that reason, we have discussed many benefits of these fans. You can read all of the benefits and then choose to have a pedestal fan at your home as well. All the benefits that shined out the most are given below –  

  1. Pedestal Fans are Portable

When you are talking about the ceiling fans, you will find how they only spread the air in a fixed area. Therefore you only get to utilize their ability to cool your body with natural air only in the places that they are fixed at. With that, ceiling fans are entirely unportable. The same thing also goes with air conditioners. However, with pedestal fans, you will see how you can take them to any corner of your house and enjoy the natural lash of air on your body. Whether it is your drawing room or your child’s playroom, you can use the pedestal fan to have a relaxed time anywhere and any time of the day. Most pedestal fans are also lightweight, so you will be able to move them all by yourself and won’t have the need to ask for someone’s help. 

  1. In Wedding Season Pedestal Fans help a lot

India is a country that witnesses weddings and festivals throughout the year. Such occasions are never less than a celebration. Additionally, at significant events of marriage, you will never see people only inviting a few guests. As Indians, we have always believed in going big with everything. However, with so many guests, the place where the celebration is happening may get packed. This will result in everyone feeling suffocated. This is why in many Indian weddings, you will see many pedestal fans being kept at different spots. They help cool the place down and also reduce the need for having air-conditioned halls. Pedestal fans surely save the day when it is a huge Indian festival or an event with many guests as well.

  1. Pedestal Fans Come in Different Designs These Days

Earlier, you won’t have witnessed a lot of design options in pedestal fans. They used to have a basic design, which appeared bland and boring for many people. However, now you will get to see many pedestal fans in amazingly beautiful designs. Most of the manufacturers of these fans have also started creating them following specific design themes. This way, you will quickly get to see the fans that will suit the look of your house in the best ways. Apart from the design, you will also get the chance to choose from a variety of colors so that the pedestal fan never looks odd when you get to have it at your home.

  1. These fans also come with advanced features now

These days you can find ceiling fans that come with a remote. Because of that, you do not have to get up, again and again, to reach their switches in order to control their switch or turn them off/on. Many people have claimed those ceiling fans to be better than the ones that have a manual operation. However, you must think that the remote control is not something that you can get while buying pedestal fans. Well, that is indeed not true at all. With impressive designs and looks, pedestal fans now also come with features such as their operation with remote control. With the remotes, you can control the fan’s speed as well as the rotation of the appliance’s head. It will surely make everything feel highly convenient.  

  1. Most Pedestal Fans have got a head that rotates

Most people think that they can only buy pedestal fans because they are portable. However, one of the best things about pedestal fans is that they have got a head that rotates. With that, the area that the fan is able to cover gets increased. Even if you have kept the fan in a big room, it will still help you cover the entire room with fresh and natural air. When there are many people in the room, each one of them would want to enjoy the air that the pedestal fan is spreading. In such cases, the rotation of the fan’s head is going to help a lot. Even when the fan does not have that kind of head, you can keep it in the corner of the room, and from there, it will help spread air in the entire room efficiently. 

  1. Pedestal fans are economical than air conditioners

In India, many people like having affordable and economical versions of resources. That also goes with appliances. This is why in many middle-class families, you will not see cooling appliances other than ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are also known to be cheaper. Other than that, a pedestal fan is also something that people keep in their homes and turn it on when guests arrive. Pedestal fans help enhance the airflow along with the ceiling fan, and you will never start missing the air conditioner at all. In India, we also see how air conditioners can also be bad for health. Therefore, we find fans such as the ceiling fans and pedestal fans to be much better.

Bottom Line

With time, most of us have tried different and modern designs of ceiling fans. Now when you have come to have a glance at all the benefits of pedestal fans, we would love for you to try having those fans too. Along with a ceiling fan, pedestal fans will help increase the airflow in the room that also in the most natural way. Other than that, as we have a lot of events and celebrations at our home, pedestal fans will help calm and cool your guests when everything feels quite suffocating. Pedestal fans indeed are the real and big deal.

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