Difference Between Tower Fan vs Table Fan?

Many people are often confused between the tower fan and the table fan. Structurally, they have a somewhat similar design. The table fan is also placed vertically, and the tower fan is also placed vertically. None of them is attached to the wall, and they both are portable. So, what exactly makes the tower fan different from the table fan? Well, we have clarified all the differences for you so that you can choose between a table fan and a tower fan. Check them out below.

  • Power and Air Flow – First thing that we would like to talk about the power and the airflow. The table fans would have limited capacity, and that also restricts the airflow. On the other hand, the tower fans have a higher power, and hence the airflow is even better. The tower fans can easily cover up the whole room whereas the table fans can only cover a small area. Because of the higher airflow, the table fans can be used to complement the air conditioner. If you are looking for something that can benefit all the people in the room, then the tower fan will be the right choice for you. Check out detailed benefits of tower fan here
  • Size – The next difference we would like to talk about is the size of the fan. There is a vast difference in the size of these fans as well. The table fan is usually small in height, but it has a higher cross-section. On the other hand, the tower fan has a lower cross-section, but it has a tall height. If you have limited space on your table, then we would not recommend purchasing a table fan. In that case, we will recommend buying a tower fan as you will need less space, and it turns out to be more efficient as well.
  • Surface – The next point is the support surface. As the name suggests, the table fan needs to be mounted on the table or a small stool. The advantage offered by the tower fan is that they can be mounted directly on the floor. In such a case, you do not need to reserve the space on your table for the fan. So, here, the point goes to the tower fan as they are sleek, easy to use, and they can be mounted on the floor. Portability is very high in case of both of these fans.
  • Bladeless Assembly – If you have small kids at home, then you always have a risk that the kids will try and slide the finger in the fan assembly. It can even sever their finger because the children have delicate fingers and the table fans rotate at a very high speed. Now, the tower fans have an added advantage over here. The tower fans usually have a bladeless assembly, and hence there is no risk of the child getting injured. Moreover, the casing of the tower fan doesn’t have enough space for the child to enable him to slide his finger in. This feature naturally makes tower fan a safer option.
  • Oscillations – The next point that we would like to talk about is the oscillation. Table fans are more like a personal fan, and they have restrictions with their movement. The advantage offered by the tower fan is in the form of the oscillation mechanism. Some of the tower fans have an oscillation mechanism that can make them rotate up to 350-degree. That certainly works as an advantage as everyone as the tower fans would offer higher air circulation. Some of the tower fans come with an air swing, and that is also a fantastic feature to have. 
  • Control – If you are looking for a fan that offers a higher degree of control to you, then you must go ahead and buy a tower fan. The table fans usually do not allow you any kind of control except for the speed control. Some of the table fans might not even have speed control. In such a case, the tower fans would offer you with a higher degree of control. You will be able to control the speed, direction and a lot of other things. Many tower fans come with remote control as well. Apart from this, the tower fan may also come with a sleep timer.
  • Use in Kitchen – If you plan to use the fan in the kitchen, then the table fan will not serve the purpose. The table fan would also not be an appropriate one for the use in the kitchen. In such a case, you can only buy a tower fan. You will be able to use the tower fan in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom. Apart from this, the tower fan is also very silent. The tower fan scores a point over the table fan, and we will again be in favour of opting for the tower fan.
  • Filtration & Heating – If you are looking for a fan that can not only filter the air but also work as a heater, then you need to buy a tower fan. The table fan would not filter the air, and it doesn’t have a heating element as well. So, from that perspective, the tower fan proves to be better than the table fan. The table fan doesn’t have any of these providers. Some of the tower fans also come with the humidifiers.
  • Pricing – If you are concerned about the pricing of the fan, then the table fan will undoubtedly be a cheaper option. They are a lot less expensive than the tower fans, but these table fans certainly offer a lower utility factor. So, you need to make a decision here and choose between the price and the features that you are getting.

All these differences create a distinct classification between the tower fan and table fan. With the help of the differences, you can now understand your needs, and you can choose between the table fan and the tower fan depending on your usage. If you have any other question, you can reach out to use in the comment section, and we will surely get back to you at the earliest.

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