9 Benefits of Having Water Dispenser in Home & Office

Water dispensers are becoming a vital part of every household and offices these days. There are several reasons for such a trend and it cannot be explained in just one or two words. Unlike those times when the water dispensers were first launched, today, water dispensers come incorporated with multiple functionalities making them very popular.

Clean and hygienic water is very important to all people and it is a basic necessity. As most of you know, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is important for the efficient functioning of the human body. Apart from this, there are several benefits of using a water dispenser in the home and office.

Benefits of Having Water Dispenser in Home & Office

#1 Better for health –

Groundwater/tap water/corporation water is commonly known to carry a lot of chlorine, bacteria, and other dangerous contaminants. Consumption of this water could eventually lead to health issues. However, a water dispenser comes designed in such a way that it could provide clean and purified water. While not all the water dispensers offer the same purification process, most of the best water dispensers could offer purified water that is safe for consumption. The inbuilt filtration system is well-known to get rid of most of the dirt, bacteria, and contaminants.

#2 Could offer fresher water –

One of the most common ways of purifying water is to boil it to kill the bacteria and contaminants in it. However, this is not always possible as boiling water consumes time and money. Yes, boiling water on an induction cooktop or gas stove takes time and this gas and energy spend is money. But, when it comes to the water dispenser, the water could be purified, cooled, or heated in comparatively less time and with less expense. While most people boil water and store it for a long time, it would be exposed to more contaminants. Whereas in a water dispenser, the purification and cooling/heating is done only when the user wants the water for consumption. This process, in turn, offers fresher water than boiled water.

#3 Better hydration –

Most people could argue that a water dispenser does not play any role in improving hydration. This is not true, while different people like to consume water at a different temperature, some like it cool, some medium hot, some very hot. Boiling water and cooling it down is not an instant process, however, when it comes to the water dispenser, since there is already a purification process. There is no need to boil the water, the user could simply alter the water temperature and consume it. The availability of water at the required temperature would encourage them to consume more water as they do not have to wait for a long natural process.

#4 Easy to use –

Most of the water dispensers available on the market are designed in such a way that even a small kid or a senior citizen could fill their glasses without any help. All they have to do is turn on the switch or open the tap on the dispenser. This same ease of usage could also increase hydration.

#5 Encourages sugar-free diet –

Today, a large number of employees depend on sugar added drinks to quench their thirst as they find purchasing soft drinks attractive than purchasing a bottle of drinking water. Such a routine could drive up their blood sugar, which, in turn, would make them diabetic. If there is a water dispenser that could deliver cold or hot purified water in the office, the majority of the employees would depend on the dispenser instead of the sugar added cold drinks.

#6 Could help in preparing tea and coffee –

Water dispensers that could deliver hot water could help prepare coffee or tea with ease. Yes, today, instant tea or coffee powders are available that could be used to make tea or coffee using hot water from a water dispenser. Even it is an office or a house, hot water from a water dispenser could help anyone prepare tea or coffee. 

#7 Could serve a large quantity of hot or cold water –

Yes, while traditional boiling or cooling of water could be done only in limited quantity, when it comes to water dispensers, the quantity could be unlimited or comparatively larger. Some water dispensers are connected directly to a water pipeline, while some others have inbuilt storage tanks. However, the quantity of water it could dispense would be comparatively higher.

#8 Eco-friendly –

While burning gas or using plastic water bottles could be a factor increasing global warming. Water dispensers do not have any such diverse effects on the environment. With the introduction and use of water dispensers, one could avoid purchasing water bottles and also excessive use of gas or electricity for boiling water to kill the germs and bacteria. 

#9 Economic benefit –

Most commonly offices spend a large amount of money on bottled water for their employees and guest. However, with a purchase use of water dispenser, this recurring expenditure of bottled water could be avoided.

As you have seen water dispenser displays and offers a lot of health and general benefits. However, this could be enjoyed only if the dispenser is cleaner regularly after use.

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