Best Water Dispenser in India 2022 – Hot & Cold Dispenser with Fridge

#1 Blue Star #2 Voltas #3 USHA
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How simple do you think a water dispenser is? Well, it all depends on where do you use it and what is the purpose of the use. In simple terms, the best water dispenser is a machine that takes the water from the source and serves the person who requires it through a tap. What happens between the source and the tap is all the mystery we will talk about now. That mystery is now history. There are many possibilities between those things and this article revolves around the same possibilities. 

Water dispensers are commonly used nowadays. You visit a mall and you are thirsty, there is a water dispenser somewhere nearby to quench your thirst. Malls usually have bigger water purifiers, which serve as a source to the dispensers. Then there are the smaller ones, which are used in small shops, small offices and also nowadays at home. The source of water for them is usually the large bottled water, which goes on top of the dispenser. The dispenser has a tap that is used to serve the water. Anyone can get thirsty anytime, and hence the water dispenser works the best to quench the thirst.  Not just malls, as mentioned earlier, small shops, eateries, and many other commercial places are installed with the water dispenser. And did I forget to mention the household! 

Top 10 Best Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 

Creativity is the way to innovation. And that creativity in this reference was the introduction of a fridge into the water dispenser. It makes perfect sense to combine a fridge and a water dispenser as it’s the luxurious form of it. Many benefits have been seen in this case. Small office space, a small luxurious room, hotels, commercial places and in many more places, the water dispenser has been beneficial. Sometimes it was just a luxury machine and sometimes it is a necessity. We will, in this article, talk more about these products and see how helpful they are and which one of them is the best to be purchased. In the current section, we will be discussing the features of the 5 selected water dispensers with a fridge in it. Just the sound of it, itself is cool. Owning one is cooler. Let’s not waste a lot of time and see which one is for you.

#1. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA – Water Dispenser

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Blue Star is the company that specializes in designing and production of air-conditioners and refrigerators. The product we are talking about now is from the same company and is worth owning one. The model of the product is BWD3FMRGA and is designed to dispense hot, cold and normal water through the taps provided. The design is simple yet it is an elegant one with a completely white colour and a pinch of blue colour at some places. 

On top of the dispenser goes the big bottled water bottle. The inlet also has a water bottle piercer, which is made for heavy-duty. As we come below, there are three buttons for different temperatures of water. From the left-hand side, the first one is the tap for the hot water. Then comes to the normal water and the last one is the cold water button. Just below these taps, there is a space to accommodate the placing of the cups while you collect the water. Sometimes the taps drip water or even while filling up the water you might spill some, and for such cases, there is a water collector placed. Once this collector has water filled up, you can use that water to water the plants. It is one of the ways you can recycle waste. 

Then comes the fridge which is of 14 litres of capacity. Not too big, but convenient enough to store beverages, milk, and many other food items. On the sides of the body, some handles make it convenient for the dispenser to move around. The body of the product is made of ABS plastic and the insides are made of food-grade plastic. The product comes with a one year warranty.


  • 3 temperature water taps
  • Body made of ABS plastic and the tank inside is made of stainless steel
  • 1-year warranty for the product by the company


  • Faulty products were delivered
  • Poor quality as mentioned

#2. Voltas Plastic Pearl – Water dispenser

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Voltas is the well-known brand of India for decades. It has created a very good impression among the users and hence easy to sell their products and marketing becomes easier. It is a black dispenser that adds to the elegance of the dispenser. On top of the dispenser is the inlet where you can the invert the bottled water, which in turn lets the water into the inner tank. 

Just below the inlet, on the front side, there is a space where there are 3 buttons and taps from which the water is let out. The first button from the left side is the button for hot water. The water is boiling hot and can be warmed down with the addition of normal water whose tap and the button are just beside the hot one. The last one is the cold water button which, when pressed, gives freezing water to drink. Just below the taps are the stands or the water collector, which collects any water that spills or drips from the taps.

Then is the most important part of the product is the fridge, which is of the standard size. You can store beverages and other food items here, making it a convenient option to store food. The Coldwater storage is about 3.2 litre and the hot water storage is lesser, which is 1 litre in capacity.


  • Black and elegant looking style
  • Cooling cabinet at the bottom which works as a fridge
  • Serves as a good option to place in the office space


  • Some users found leakage in the lower compartment
  • Customers have received damaged products

#3. Voltas Mini Magic – Water Dispenser

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Another one from Voltas is slightly smaller when compared to the previous one. As mentioned, Voltas is a well-known and reliable brand in India. The model is named mini-magic as it is smaller in size. But the size does not make it any less advantageous. The dispenser is white in colour with shades of blue here and there. The inlet on top of the dispenser is blue in colour and is installed with a heavy-duty piercer. It easily pierces into the cap of the bottled water bottle. 

Just below like any other dispenser’s design, there are 3 buttons that open the taps for various temperature water. The first one from the left is for hot water. It gives out boiling hot water, hence suggested to be careful when drinking the water. Then the next button is for normal water. It just gives out the water that is there in the large bottle. Then the cold water tap gives out the cold water. It is pretty cold hence can be used to make juices. 

There is the blue colour water collector that stores the spilt and dripped water from the tap. It is easily removable and you can throw away or that water can also be used to water the plants. 

Just below this part is the fridge section. It is 20 litres capacity and can be very convenient. You can store all types of food items and can be helpful for bachelors who stay together. You can store beverages in it. There are LED displays on top that indicate the power and the usage of the heater and cooler of the water.


  • Hot, cold, and normal water access is available through the taps
  • 20-litre capacity is bigger in its segment
  • 1-year warranty for the product
  • Slightly curved shape in the front gives it a slightly unique look


  • Heating and cooling issues have been raised by the customers

#4. Blue Star – Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

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Blue Star has a variety of product types and the water dispenser we are talking now is another one of them. It looks similar to the one we discussed earlier. However, the current one is claimed to be of a premium make. It is categorized as the standing type of premium made product. There are small differences that make it premium to the previous one. One of them is the sturdy push taps. Taps usually get spoilt soon and hence the need to have a sturdy one. 

The top of the dispenser has the inlet for the bottled water. It also has the piercer which is used to pierce into the bottle so that the water flows into the tank. The 3 sturdy pushbuttons are designed to fit on to the body of the dispenser without protruding. The sequence remains the same as the other dispensers. From the left, the first button is for the hot water, then the normal water and the last comes the cold water. The hot water is as hot as boiling water; hence it needs to be cautious while drinking it. It is very useful to prepare tea and need not wait for the water to boil separately.

Another reason for being a premium product is, that the body of the dispenser is made of ABS plastic making it sturdy and also light in weight, which enables moving it around easily. For the same purpose, there is a handle provided on both sides of the dispenser. 

Lastly, at the bottom comes the refrigerator which is 20 litres capacity. You can store beverages and other food items for usage when required. The product comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Premium refrigerator with 20 litres capacity
  • Pushbutton taps make it easy to use
  • Made of ABS plastic which is sturdy
  • 1-year Manufacturer warranty


  • Cooling is not very effective as per feedback from customers
  • Users have also experienced leakage


#5. Usha InstaFresh – Water Dispenser with cooling cabinet

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Usha is the brand that was founded in the year 1934 and since then it has been making contributions to serve the customers with various home appliances. The water dispenser with the fridge is one of them. The dispenser is designed to be completely white in colour. It is not a purifier but just a water dispenser. The top of the dispenser houses the inlet for the water which is from the bottled water. 

3 buttons are provided just below, which are there to dispense water when required. The left one marked with red colour is the one that dispenses hot water from the hot water compartment. The middle one dispenses the water from the bottle directly. The last one is the cold water dispenser. 

At the bottom of the dispenser is the refrigerator part which is of 20-litre capacity. It is a neatly designed refrigerator and you can store beverages of your choice so that you can serve it to the guests or friends when they visit you. 


  • Easy to use buttons that are labelled to make it easier to understand the temperature of the water
  • 20-litre capacity refrigerator for your convenience
  • Quickly heats or cools the water


  • Expensive after warranty service and repairs
  • Electrical shock experienced

#6  ATLANTIS Table Top Hot and Normal Water Dispenser

ATLANTIS Table Top Hot and Normal Water Dispenser

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Are you looking for the best water dispenser under a low budget with really good specifications? If yes is your answer, then make sure to check out the ATLANTIS Table Top Hot And Normal Water Dispenser. Before anything else, we want to let you know that it’s a typical hot and normal water dispenser, there is no output for cold water. So, if you want a cold water supply as well, it would be better for you to skip this one.

It can heat up to five liters of water per hour in terms of hot water output, which seems an ideal speed for this type of budget-friendly water dispenser. Not only this, but it can easily heat the water with 85 to 90 degrees Celsius of temperature. Another most liked thing about this option is its nice build quality with a compact design. It’s a typical tabletop type of dispenser, which means shifting it to one place to another is going to be super easy for you.


  • As per the manufacturer’s claim, this water dispenser can hold or store around 2 liters of normal and 1 liter of hot water.
  • The highly affordable price point is another significant reason why we added this water dispenser option to our list.


  • None so far

#7 Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T Water Dispenser

 Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser

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The Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T Water Dispenser is a perfect combination of effectiveness, easy-to-use, and impressive looks. And if you want this type of feature or functionalities in your water dispenser, then don’t make the mistake to miss this option. First of all, it is a typical water dispenser with hot, normal, and cold water output, which means you don’t need to compromise in the water output section.

In case we talk about water cooling and heating speeds, the cooling speed is more than 3 liters per hour, and on the other hand, the heating capacity is 5 liters per hour. And if we consider the design, it is pretty compact here, and you can also use it as a tabletop water dispenser.


  • Three LED indicators with the hot water dispenser lock present on the front side, for indication and safety.
  • Manufacturers offer an additional one year of the product warranty on this water dispenser, which is another plus for customers.


  • The price point of this water dispenser might seems on a bit higher side. 

#8 Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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Most water dispensers come with the upper loading functionality, but it’s a bit hassling to deal with loading heavy water tanks. And if you don’t want to do this, then this is the water dispenser model that you need; next, we have listed Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser on our list. It’s a bottom loading water dispenser, which means you don’t need to load water tanks from the upper side; you can simply put it in the bottom section of this dispenser.

You don’t even need to worry about functionality because you are getting the hot, plain, and cold water outputs here. We know the price is a bit on the higher side, but the overall quality you are getting is just awesome.


  • As we mentioned, this dispenser’s prime selling feature or functionality is the bottom loading design, and if you are looking for something like this, then just go with it.
  • Excellent build quality is another prime reason, the body is made up of ABS plastic, and the tank is a food-grade stainless steel built item/section. 


  • None so far

#9 Harman Refrigeration Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Water Dispenser

 Harman Refrigeration Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser

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Not many brands provide a full functionality packed water dispenser with almost all the features at an affordable price point. But if you really want a fully functional water dispenser at an affordable price point, then make sure to give this one a shot. Next, we are here with the Harman Refrigeration Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Water Dispenser. There are three temperature taps present on the front side, which means it supports hot, plain, and cold water output

Talking about cooling down or heating the water temperature can provide 3 liters of cold water every hour and 5 liters of hot water every single hour. However, there are no such minus pointS to talk about this particular option.


  • Other than a water dispenser, it comes with 14 liters of water refrigeration at the bottom side.
  • In terms of build quality, the manufacturers did a great job; there is nothing to complain about this section.


  • None so far

#10 Blue Star Plastic Water Dispenser

 Blue Star Plastic Water Dispenser (White and Blue, standard)

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If you are reading this post from the beginning, then you may know we have already listed a water dispenser from the same brand name called Blue Star. That was a premium segment of a dispenser, but this time, here we are with the Blue Start Plastic Water Dispenser. In short, it is an affordable range of water dispensers with almost all the features that you can expect from a water dispenser. 

However, it offers almost all the functionality, such as hot, plain, and cold water output. Needless to say, it’s a compact designed dispenser, which allows you to shift it from one place to another without having a single issue. In case we talk about the contamination safety, there are all the safe materials present, such as ABS plastic body and Food grade stainless steel tank. These good qualities of materials won’t cause any kind of water contamination so that you can feel free about it.


  • It works on 500 watts, therefore, it ultimately offers a 5 liter per hour hot water supply, and it is pretty ideal for this type of water dispenser. 
  • Hot water dispensing lock is also present on the front side, which is quite useful and important for your safety. 


  • None so far

Buying Guide To Choose Best Water Dispenser With Fridge

This section of the article is an effort to guide the readers, understand the features that are available in the products and see which of them would be best suited for purchasing. The final decision still belongs to the reader. Now let’s talk about the features that you should look into the water dispenser.


The most important part of the dispenser is the tap buttons or the levers (in some brands) that matters a lot. The taps are regularly used as part of this product. If they are of poor or medium durability, then you might end up replacing them frequently. Hence making sure the taps and their buttons are made of sturdy material is very important. Some times if they are of poor quality, easily breaks off and you might end up spilling water everywhere. There might also be drips and leakages seen in the poor quality taps, which are hard to manage. Hence read through the comments and makes sure you are buying the one with best taps installed

Heating and Cooling

The next best thing about these dispensers is the ability to heat and cool the water. At a single instant, you should be able to get hot or cold water as per your requirement. Hence make sure you choose the best one with a high rating on the dispenser. It will ensure the heater and the coolers are good to serve for the purpose. You might also get dispenser without the heater and cooler, hence if you need with them make sure you choose the right one. Read through the description before buying them.

Refrigerator Size

If the size of the refrigerator matters to you, then choose the one with higher capacity. These dispensers are designed with the fridge in it. But also make sure the one you want is of the highest capacity. You should not end up buying the smaller once, and then you repent for not choosing the right one.


The body of the dispenser needs to be sturdy. Hence make sure you choose the dispenser with the ABS plastic. It is lightweight but sturdy plastic which also ensures the body manages the weight of the bottled water and also the various food items in the fridge. Consult before buying if you are looking for this feature.


Brand loyalty is required so that it gives you peace of mind after you buy a product. Go for the product if you are sure they make good quality products. In the list we discussed today, BlueStar is known to be a durable product and also is the Voltas. Make sure you do some additional research on the brand before you buy them. If you ask me, BlueStar is an easy pick from the lot.

Benefits of Water Dispenser With Fridge

Water dispenser, in general, is a very beneficial product. It can be used by anyone and anywhere. Water is consumed by everyone on a regular basis. Hence, the usage of the dispenser is pretty frequent.  Using the water to drink from the dispenser would mean that the water is not exposed to human touch or any contamination. Hence using the dispenser would mean, you have access to clean and hygienic water. 

If you have a filter at home, you need to regularly remove the candles/filters, clean them and put them back. The conventional filters were also smaller in size. The dispenser, on the other hand, is easy to maintain. Just clean it once a week. No candles/filters to clean. They are also easy to use, as water is available with just a press of the button. 

You tend to buy a water bottle to get access to clean water. Instead, having a dispenser and using the big bottled water as a source would reduce costs significantly. There are also table-top dispensers, and they are easy to use. They are portable and can be moved easily. The dispensers also have inbuilt heaters and coolers. Just with a press of the button you get access to either oiling hot water or cold water instantly. A convenient wat to make things easier. 

A fridge within a dispenser is an added advantage. It saves storage space. The dispenser is on top, and the unused body can be converted into a fridge. In cases where this type of dispenser is placed in small offices, you can also store some beverages. You can save a lot of space when compared to having a separate fridge. Not just water, you can also enjoy cold juices or beverages which can be stored in the small fridge. A small fridge in the dispenser also works as a luxury product. It shows how cool you are in front of your friends. A small upgrade can bring a lot of changes to life. 

Bottom Line:

There are plenty of water dispensers available in the market, so this guide was to make sure you choose the right one. We have chosen these 5 products based on its rating and also various features that make them uniques. You can still explore online with multiple products available. However, I believe you will end up with one of these products for sure. Happy Buying!

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