Best Insect Killer Machine In India 2022 – Price & Review

#1 Hygiene #2 Amitasha #3 Hygiene Jumbo
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The world has become unsafe due to the unexpected diseases that are getting instigated due to various insects and spread like epidemics.  For some of the diseases, there is no immediate and effective cure, and precaution is considered as the best cure. To take precautions, one has to make use of the best insect killers in India.  The mosquito-borne diseases are more common and highly life-threatening if care is not taken on time. There are a number of ways that can protect you from mosquitoes such as using mosquito-nets during the night, using anti-mosquitoes-repellents, coils, sprays, creams, and oils. But the most effective way to reduce the menace of mosquitoes is to make use of electronic mosquito killer machine.  The insect killer machine is easy to handle and can be easily placed either indoors or outdoors to get rid of blood-sucking insects. It helps in keeping the atmosphere safe, secured, and completely protected from mosquitoes.

Top 5 Insects Killer Machine – Best Selling

The electrical insect killer machine works efficiently against mosquitoes. It attracts mosquitoes and other insects using light and electrocutes it immediately. You will find the instant insect killers more effective in keeping the atmosphere free of diseases. Given below are the 5 best insect killer machines that are popular in India. The features and functionality of every insect killer machine are discussed below. The easy to handle insect killer machines are handy and compact in size. The use of an ultraviolet light source effectively works against mosquitoes and insects. Lets us hope you will find the below-given information interesting and useful.

#1. Hygiene™ Insect Killer Machine

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Hygiene insect killer machine is very special because it has made in India tag. The machine is of high quality and is supported with a one year warranty. The compact-sized insect killer machine is one of the most useful machines offering effective results when used at home or office either in the indoor area or in the outdoor area. The machine is handy and can be easily placed near doors or windows. 

The useful machine is used for longe hours to keep the home free of mosquitoes and insects. The machine with better functionality runs on the low power supply and offers an almost negligible electricity bill. The machine is radiation-free and pollution-free and can be useful when used in the big or small-sized room. The well-fitted UV tubes keep the atmosphere hygienic for long hours. The tubes are of 10 W and can be used for more than 10,000 hours. The moment an insect enters into the machine gets killed and terminated completely.  One should keep the children and pets away from the insect killer machine. The insect killer machine highly preferred at home and can be placed in the gardens while having outdoor parties.


  • The compact-sized machine is easy to carry and place around the house.
  • It uses limited electricity and a low power supply.
  • Made in India tag makes you feel proud of the product.


  • It should be placed away from children and pets.

#2. Amitasha Insect Killer Machine

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The insect killer machine made in India makes you feel proud of its higher ratings among the consumers. It is made up of hard plastic material that sturdy and can remain long durable. Internally the machine is made of stainless steel. The machine is highly capable of attracting insects such as mosquito, fly, moth, and many other insects and killing it immediately. The dead insects are collected in the tray under the machine and needs to be cleaned.

The insect killer machine is practically effective when placed inside the bedroom or kitchen or outside in the porch or garden. It keeps the atmosphere free of flying creatures. It makes the place safe and secure for everyone at home. The machine is wired with 24-watt power and works on electricity efficiently. The effectiveness of the machine mainly depends on the area & location. If the area of the room is small, the machine has a limited effect on the surroundings, but if the area is large, then the impact of the insect-killing machine is more when it uses the entire area around it.  The machine is an ideal trap for the insects, but it should be placed out of reach of kids and the pet animals at home.


  • The machine offers a better impact on the area if it is bigger and wider.
  • It is easy to carry and easy to maintain. 


  • Dead insects fell below the instead of the tray placed.

#3.  Winotek Zigma Insect Fly and Bug Killer Device

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Insect, fly and bug killer device of Winotek Zigma is of superior technology and highly effective in keeping the surrounding insect-free and healthy. The hygiene flying 20W insect killer offers high performance and requires tension-free maintenance. It is used at home, offices or at hotels which is noise-less and pollution-free.  The Winoteck insect machine made in India needs to handle carefully with lots of care and precautions. It is required to keep it away from children at home. The entire working of the device is based on 20 W power supply unit with a set of two ultra-violate bulbs.

The bulbs attract the flying insects towards it, and the compact internal electrical grid catches the insects and kills it. The dead insects are placed in the tray placed under the machine.  In order to get rid of mosquitoes, people make use of anti-mosquito creams, coils, repellents and sprays. Sometimes it has side-effects on the people using it and could be harmful. But the insect, fly, and bug killer device offers the best results at home. The machine can be placed at home near windows and doors for effective results. The economic machine is highly preferred, which keeps the surroundings free of insects and makes the atmosphere happy and healthy at home.


  • Sleek and compact design offers the best results.
  • Remains free of noise and free of pollution and radiation.


  • Very good product but no warranty is offered.

#4. Wantrn Electric Insect Killer 4 Side Model

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Wantrn electric insect works amazingly and controls the atmosphere by attracting the insects around. The ultraviolet bulbs attract flying insects and make the surroundings clean and healthy. The intensity of bulbs is 18 watt and is fixed inside the compact machine with a powerful high voltage metal grid, which is electrically charged. The insect machine with made in India tag is either mounted on the wall or it can be placed freely on the floor. The free-standing machines need to place out of reach of children and pet animals in the house. The company offers a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase and allows replacement of the device in case of any manufacturing defect.

The machine is ideal for homes, offices, cafes and even clinics.  The insect killer machine is easy to maintain, and it needs to be cleaned by clearing the tray, which stores the dead insects.  The machine works efficiently and controls the threat mosquitoes and flies which are otherwise dangerous and can transmit diseases. The mosquito killer machine is better than using the anti-mosquito repellents, creams, coils, and sprays, which have side effects when used at home. Bring the machine today and start living a healthy and happy life with family.


  • An unlimited number of insects can be killed in a short period of time.
  • UV bulbs are efficient and keep the electric bill.


  • The product is not available on time.

#5. iBELL Insect Killer for Home, Restaurants, Hotels & Offices

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iBELL insect killer which is most suitable for home, restaurant, hotel and offices. The insect killer machines offer amazing results with no smell, no poison, no fumes and no mess. It clears the air by killing all the flying insects without any side effects or bad reactions. The machine is highly powerful with high-quality ultra-violate bulbs that attract the mosquitoes, flies moths, and other flying insects. The attracted insects get eliminated at once when coming in contact with the electrified grid and the dead insects fall into the tray placed below. The entire circuitry is designed in such a way that it utilizes low energy with greater efficiency.

The functionality of the machine is high, but the design remains delicate and it needs careful handling. The best location for the machine is to place it near windows or close to the doors.   The warranty of 6 months is offered by the company and one year warranty can be given on free registration.  The insect killer works smartly at home or at the office. It can be placed in the outdoors in the open gardens or in an open area during celebrations. The machine should be placed away from kids and pet animals at home.


  • The effective machine with no smell, no poison, no fumes and no mess.
  • It gives a powerful performance with low maintenance costs.


  • The warranty should be given of minimum one year instead of 6 months.

Buying Guide For Best Insects Killer Machine

To make a choice of right quality insect killer machine, you have to know a few points regarding the insect killer machines, which have become popular in the market in India for their look, design, and usefulness.  You have to find the best product for yourself or to give it as a gift to dear ones.

Noise-less: Insect killer machine should remain noise-less while in use. It is necessary for you to choose a machine which either makes no noise while functioning or makes less noise. It helps to have a sound sleep during the night. The machines making a lot of noise are irritating and can cause loss of sleep, which leads to health issues.

Low power consumption: The machines are used to kill the flying insects, and it should be used for longer hours due to the danger of mosquitoes. But the machine should keep control over the use of power-supply and keep the electricity bill under control.

Powerful airflow: the mosquito killer machines need to have a power supply of air from the in-built fan. The whirlpool helps in killing the flying insects once trapped inside the machine. The airflow helps in drying the dead remnants of the insect and dehydrates it. It makes the surroundings clean and hygienic.  The airflow also helps in keeping the closed atmosphere airy and fresh while using the machine.

The light should spread in all directions: The insect killer machines are compact in size with a nicely designed pair of light bulbs inside it. The ultra-violet bulbs spread light in all directions help in attracting the insects. The lights help in trapping the insects from all sides, which keeps the atmosphere clean, healthy and insect-free.

The warranty offered: Most of the branded mosquito killer machines are available in the market with special offers, discounts and a warranty. The warranty offered by the company is highly useful for manufacturing defects. The warranty offered by companies can be of one year or more, which is an advantage. The period of warranty starts from the date of purchase. 

Go After Reviews: The detail information of mosquito killer machines is available on the websites and the portals of the branded companies. Also, you can read the reviews given by the consumers who are using the products and describe their views about the products along with many advantages and disadvantages. It certainly helps in understanding a product well before buying it. Reviews help you to know the usefulness and the functionality of the product along with its availability and actual price.


The insect killer machine is an essential product for you and your family. It helps in keeping the surrounding of your home clean, healthy and happy. Varieties of insect killer devices are available in the Indian market. Some of the products are branded, highly capable and long durable. In the list above, the best of branded insect killer machines are described along with its features and functionalities. Study the given products well, and you will definitely find the most suitable and highly useful Indian product that can offer you the best solutions at affordable prices.

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