4 Diffrent Types of Torch Light in India

In general, we use many types of electrical gadgets in our daily life for a better living. Mostly, people love to use portable gadgets because of their convenience. When talking about portable electrical gadgets, torch lights are a common thing to have. Usually, torch lights are used for a variety of purposes like trekking, fishing, searching for some items at home in dark areas, etc. Therefore, many people in India prefer using torch lights for their work. 

Types of Torch Lights

Types of Torch Lights

However, before purchasing a torchlight for your use, you should know its types. Generally, you can find many types of torchlights in India, and the following are the common types that you can choose from. 

Type #1 Rechargeable Torch Lights

Rechargeable torch lights are mostly used in homes when there is no power. Because of their portability, they can also be carried to different locations with you. These types of torch lights generally come with a built-in rechargeable battery and a charging cord. They also include bright LED bulbs that will provide proper visibility even in the darkest areas. Some models also include a chip on board sidelight for the convenience of users. Therefore, those who need a bright LED light for their uses can opt for rechargeable torch lights for better results.

Some rechargeable torch lights support USB charging that enables users to charge them with ease. Further, they have a two-step lighting feature to let you adjust the lighting as per your needs. Apart from that, they also come with different lighting modes so that you can select the appropriate mode depending on your needs. Because of the rechargeable battery, you no need to replace the battery frequently. You can simply charge the torchlight for the required time and use it. Multiple Torch brands in India produce rechargeable torch lights for different purposes, so you can easily find the right one for you. These types of torch lights usually consume 0.5 to 5 watts. 

Type #2 : Flashlight 

Flashlights are another type of torchlight available in the market. These types of torch lights are usually portable and mostly used for daily use. These lights are available in small, medium, and large sizes so that you can choose your preferred one easily. A typical flashlight includes a battery, a switch, an LED bulb, and a reflector. These components are assembled in a durable protective case. These lights generally have a non-slip body to offer a high grip. Because of their lightweight design, these torch lights are ideal for multiple purposes. Nowadays, flashlights are also used for some special purposes instead of just using them for general purposes. 

Flashlights can be operated using both rechargeable and disposable batteries. This allows you to use your preferred battery to operate the torchlight. Some flashlights are also water-resistant that allow users to use them for various adventurous activities. Apart from that, advanced flashlights also come with a zoom function that allows you to vary the size of the beam as per your needs. They include several lighting modes that allow the users to switch from one mode to another as per their requirements. Some models also come with an adjustable length feature for ease of use. 

Type #3 High Beam Torch Light

When it comes to getting better visibility in a dark area, high beam torch lights come in handy. They are very powerful and useful for focusing on a long-range. Further, they feature durable construction and can be used for a long time efficiently. An example of a high bean light is the headlights of your vehicle. The high beam mode of the headlights come in handy when driving on empty roads to get better visibility. The traditional torch lights usually come with different bulbs for high beam and low beam. But advanced torch lights have one bulb with two filaments for both high and low beam functions. 

These types of torch lights are usually made of high quality and sturdy materials for high strength and long-lasting performance. Also, they come with high lumen bulbs for better performance. Apart from that, they also come with energy-efficient bulbs to let you use the torchlight for a long time effectively. They come with powerful batteries for high performance. Moreover, they allow the users to adjust the brightness of the light with ease. If you are looking for a powerful and bright light to purchase, then you can opt for a high beam torchlight. 

#Type 4 Waterproof Torch Light

Waterproof torchlights are excellent for those who need a torchlight for outdoor use. These torch lights usually come with an IPX rating that indicates the level of protection that the product has against water, dust, weather, etc. If the IPX rating of the torchlight is low, then it can withstand only minor water splashes. But if the IPX rating of the torchlight is higher, then it can offer complete protection against water. Since these types of torch lights are ideal for adventurous activities, they feature sturdy construction to withstand accidental drops. Further, they come with a scratch-resistant body to prevent them from scratches. 

Waterproof torch lights can be operated using rechargeable batteries as well as disposable batteries without any issues. Apart from that, they also have several features like zoom function, brightness adjustment, length adjustment, etc. Because of their superior design and durable construction, these lights can be used for daily use efficiently. Also, they use high lumen LED bulbs to offer a better experience. Some models also come with a sidelight that can be used as a reading light or camping light. 


Now, you know about different types of torch lights available in India. Each type of torchlight has its unique features and perform in their own way. Rechargeable torch lights use rechargeable batteries to operate and are ideal for use for longer periods. Flashlights are excellent for daily use because of their portability and unique design. Waterproof torchlights are ideal for use in bad weather conditions, and high beam torchlights are suitable for use in the darkest areas. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right torch light considering your purpose of use.           

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