Best Brands of Torch Lights in India

Torch lights are versatile gear that everybody needs for different purposes. So, if you have the best torch light, then you can easily perform your tasks. The torchlight that you are going to buy should be of high quality and offer excellent value. Also, it should have a high build quality to improve your experience. That’s where it becomes important to consider the brand of the torchlight while buying. 

Torch Light Brands in India

Torch Light Brands in India

This article lists the best brands of torchlight in India. If you are looking to buy a new torchlight, then you can consider these brands. 

#1 Havells Torch Lights

When it comes to purchasing electrical gadgets in India, the Havells brand is always on the top. It offers a range of products for different purposes. The torch lights of the Havells brand are great for use in different applications like camping, fishing, trekking, etc. Havells torch lights come with built-in rechargeable batteries and a charging plug for ease of use. Further, these lights come with bright LEDs that can offer enough light to allow you to see clearly, even in the darkest areas. 

Apart from that, the Havells torch lights are also portable and easy to carry. They feature a two-stage lighting system that allows you to adjust the light as per your needs. Havells usually produces torch lights in three wattage options, and those are 0.5W, 3W, and 5W. Therefore, you can choose your preferred torch light with ease. 

#2 Eveready Torch Light 

Eveready is another leading brand in producing top quality torch lights in India. It mainly aims to improve the lifestyle of people by producing high-quality lighting systems. Therefore, the torch lights of the Eveready brand are superior in quality and are an excellent choice for any application. This brand has a wide range of rechargeable torch lights that can allow you to pick the right product for you with ease. These torch lights offer high value for money, so people can confidently opt for its products and use them for a long time. 

Another unique thing about Eveready torch lights is that they come with bright white LED bulbs that can enhance the user experience. They also have an inbuilt charging port and come with a charging plug to let you charge them with ease. Eveready torch lights come with power on-off LED indicators so that anyone can monitor them while charging. 

#3 Ibell Torch Light 

Ibell is a prominent brand in India for its incredible electronic and electrical goods. The brand is well known in the market for its convenient, durable, and cost-effective products. The torch lights of the Ibell brand are highly preferred because of their heavy-duty construction and superior design. It produces high-quality rechargeable torch lights that can be used for multiple purposes. With bright LEDs, these torch lights are capable of providing superior light to improve your visibility. 

Because they are made of durable aluminum material and come with a strong cover lens, these torch lights are durable and long-lasting. By producing quality torch lights, the Ibell brand ensures customer satisfaction. Further, the brand offers torch lights at affordable prices and excellent after-sale support and service.  

#4 Syska Torch Light

The Syska brand is a famous name in the Indian market for home appliances, lighting systems, electronic accessories, and many other products. People love to use the products of this brand because its products offer quality and value. Apart from that, the after-sale service of this brand is top-notch. It has a range of torch lights with advanced features that can be used for various applications. 

syska torch lights are usually made of sturdy plastic materials that offer maximum durability. Further, these torch lights are easy to use because of their superior design and construction. Apart from that, these torch lights include powerful LEDs that can offer brighter light to improve your experience. With low power consumption, the Syska LED lights are ideal for use in different applications.      

#5 Wipro Torch Light

Wipro is the next brand on this list for purchasing high-quality torch lights. It produces a range of torch lights with brighter lights that can be used for multiple applications. Some models also come with a sidelight, which can be used as a work light, emergency lamp, or camping lantern. With an ergonomic design, the torch lights of the Wipro brand are excellent for any person. The rechargeable torch lights of this brand come with a built-in plug so that users can charge these torch lights easily with a 2-pin or 3-pin socket.

Further, these torch lights come with lithium-ion batteries to last for a long time. Also, these torch lights feature sturdy construction, so they are ideal for use in harsh situations. Apart from that, the Wipro torch lights come with safety features like overcharge protection for a better user experience. Therefore, those who need a unique style torchlight for their use can opt for the products of this brand. 

#6 Care 4 Torch Light

Care 4 is another electronics products brand in the Indian market. It produces products in several categories, such as home and kitchen appliances, toys, electronic goods, etc. The best thing about the Care 4 brand is that it doesn’t compromise with the quality of the product. Therefore, users can get high value from the Care 4 torch lights and use them in multiple applications. Also, it provides friendly customer service to make sure that the users are happy with their products. 

The torch lights of the Care 4 brand come with rechargeable batteries that can enable users to use these devices efficiently for a long time. Because it uses LED bulbs, the torch lights provide bright light to improve the user experience. Also, some models of this brand are waterproof and shockproof, so you can use them for outdoor and adventurous activities. With durable aluminum alloy construction, the Care 4 torch lights offer high performance.


The brand value of the torch lights plays an important role in improving the experience of the users. Usually, the top brands produce high-quality products that can offer excellent performance. So, you can consider the above brands when choosing the right torchlight for you.            

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