Types of Lint Removers

Lint removers are available in the market in a wide range of types and categories. And as a buyer, it is extremely important that you buy the best lint remover for yourself. Depending on the usage and price, they can be broadly classified into two major categories that are further classified into more detailed types. 

IN all, if you are looking to buy a reliable lint remover for yourself, then we will suggest you to go with the right type of lint remover according to your needs. And in case you are not aware of the types of lint removers and their categories, then this article is going to be a worthy read for you. 

Here, we are going to talk about the different types of lint removers available in the market, and the reasons why you should opt for them. So, stay with us until the end of the article to know more about the most effective and easy way to way to get rid of the lint from your clothing,

Types of Lint Remover

The first categorization of the lint removers is based on their usability. In this category, the lint removers can be divided into manual lint removers and the electric lint removers. 

#1 Manual lint rollers

The manual lint removers are often termed as the lint rollers where the roller has an adhesive side that can be used to remove the lint from the clothes. The lint rollers are often reusable, and you can easily wash and clean them to make them ready for the next round. Also, the lint rollers are relatively more affordable than the electrical lint removers. 

The only drawback about the manual lint removers is they are slow and are not too effective on larger and stubborn lint. So, if you are looking for a more professional and easier way to remove the lint, you should opt for the electric lint removers. 

#2 Electric lint removers

The electric lint removers are considered as a more reliable and faster way to get rid of the lint from the clothes and other surfaces. The electric lint removers are usually equipped with the blades that help the users to remove the tough lint with ease. The mesh on the head of the electric lint removers ensures that the clothes are safe while working. 

The electric lint removers can further be divided into corded and cordless lint removers. And you can easily choose one of them according to your needs and budget. 

#3 Corded Lint removers

Corded lint removers are the best choice for the buyers who are looking to have a compact and easier to use lit removers for them. Corded lint removers are more powerful than the cordless ones and offer better build in most cases. So, if you are looking for a perfect lint remover for your home, then there won’t be a better option than the corded lint removers. 

#4 Cordless lint removers

If you are looking for better mobility and usability, the cordless lint removers can be a better buy for you. Like the manual lint removers, they don’t need the power to remove the lint. However, as they run on battery, you will need a socket to charge them up. The cordless lint removers are a powerful and easier option to go with. 

Along with having perfect usability and performance, the cordless lint removers are great for the avid travelers who are looking to buy a lint remover that they can use on the go without searching for the compatible socket. 

So, if you were looking for a perfect lint remover that can be used whenever and wherever needed without compromising with the performance and usability, the cordless lint removers will be a better choice for you to go with. 

Unlike the manual lint removers, the electric (both corded and cordless) lint removers offer better handling and results. So, if you are after performance and value, then instead of going with the manual lint removers, we will suggest you to try hands on the electrical lint removers.


So, this was a brief description of different types of lint removers available in the market. IF you were looking to buy a perfect lint remover for yourself and are confused that which one of them is going to be a perfect buy for you, we will suggest you to understand your needs and fix your budget. Believe us guys, these two things can help you a lot in choosing the right lint remover for yourself. 

Numerous products in market fall into these categories and according to your brand preferences and budget, you can find a perfect gadget to get rid of the stubborn, ugly-looking lint from your clothes. Try your hands on the above-listed types of lint removers and you can easily find a perfect one for yourself. 

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