Best Wax Heater in India – Price, Review & Buying Guide

If you are a person who is obsessed with removing hair from the body, then you might be knowing the process of waxing. Waxing is one of the methods to remove hair from your body. It is one of the efficient ways to do so. Compared to shaving, waxing is an effective process, and it lasts for a longer time. It keeps your skin smooth. However, it is also the most painful process to get the hair removed. Most of the people, even though they want to remove the hair, they are afraid of the pain it costs. But, this is the best way to remove hair, and if you bear the pain for a few minutes, it is the most likable process for you. 

There are 2 different ways that waxing is done. One of the methods is called cold wax and the other hot wax. Cold wax is nothing but wax is present on the strips, and all you need to do is place it in the direction of hair growth and strip it off the skin. This removes the hair effectively. This method is hassle-free, and it can be an effective option. The hot wax is made of some oils and other substances. The temperature that it needs to be to use on the hair removal process is above 40 degrees. So, to get to this temperature, the wax needs to be melted and used immediately. Once it is applied, hair is removed easily with some strips. Among the two methods, hot wax is the preferable option. It lasts longer and it is especially recommended for people who have stubborn hair. If you are having some time, and have some manual ability, we would recommend hot wax for you.

Best Wax Heater in India

For the purpose of melting the wax to get to the temperature preferred perfectly for the waxing process, wax heaters are used. If the wax warmers or heaters are not selected properly, you might end up with too hot wax, which only gives second-degree burns and is dangerous. So, selecting a proper wax heater is crucial. Be it in your home or if you are a professional, these wax heaters are extremely important for the hot wax process. In this article, we are providing you with the best wax heaters available in the market based on some extensive research that we have done. Additionally, if you are new to these wax heaters, do not worry, we are also providing a buying guide for you at the end of this article to help you to look at factors to decide on selecting a wax heater. So, let us get started.

#1 GiGi Wax Warmer

GiGi Wax Warmer

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The first item from our recommended list is from the popular GiGi brand. Most of the beauty salons prefer to use this wax heater for many years and it has not disappointed. It contains an aluminum container to heat the wax and it works on thermostat-controlled heating. You can see the melting process through the cover that is protective as well. All types of wax formulas can be melted perfectly in this wax heater and it can hold both 8 oz and 14 oz wax cans. The surface is made of stainless steel, which is safe and the wax warms up within 30 minutes. With the steel surface, the cleaning of the container is pretty easy. There are 2 light indicators through which you can know the status. Each wax formula has its own temperature to be set. This GiGi wax warmer has adjustable temperature control which is exactly what is needed by professionals. The lid can be easily removed so that the clean-up process is easy. The clear instructions about how to use the warmer are given in the link provided.


  • It works with a thermostat-controlled heating unit with an aluminum container and stainless steel surface.
  • See-through lid 
  • The heater can hold both 8 oz and 14 oz wax cans
  • Wax warms up under 30 minutes.
  • 2 light indicators and temperature control


  • Expensive wax heater on our list

2. Waxxo Rica Single Jar Wax Heater

Waxxo Rica Single Jar Wax Heater

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One of the premium material wax heaters on the list is from Waxxo. It comes in a stylish black color. One of the important features of a wax heater is the amount of time it takes to melt the wax. With Waxxo wax heater, the jar gets heated up pretty quickly and hence the wax gets melted down really fast. With a temperature knob, you can even adjust the temperatures suitable for the kind of wax you are using. There are different temperatures available on this wax heater. Even wax formulas like Brazilian wax and liposoluble wax works perfectly with this wax heater.


  • Waxxo wax heater heats up the jar quickly, and hence the wax gets melted really fast
  • Adjustable temperatures with a temperature knob
  • It works with different types of waxes, like Brazilian and liposoluble wax.


  • It is slightly expensive

3. Rozia Wax Heater

Rozia Wax HeatervBuy At Amazon 

The next wax heater is from Rozia. It comes with a heating coil, which means a faster wax meltdown with a durable container that guarantees the quality. There is an indicator light that allows you to know when it is getting heated and a temperature knob to control the temperature based on your needs. With the original container, it comes with an extra aluminium container that is easy to remove. This wax heater can be used with strip waxing, paraffin waxing or with hard waxing.


  • The wax heater comes with a heating coil for a faster meltdown of wax
  • Comes with an adjustable temperature knob and indicator light
  • Extra aluminium container for convenience


  • Some people found it difficult to use with Rica wax.

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4. LUMONY® Automatic Wax Heater

LUMONY® Automatic Wax Heater Buy At Amazon

The next wax heater from our list is from LUMONY. This wax heater has a strong body and it is durable and comes for many years. This wax heater can be easily carried from place to place due to its simple size and compact nature. It weighs around 345 grams, which means it can be easily portable. It is also very easy to operate this wax heater. All you need to do is switch on the heater and it does the work for you. One interesting and useful feature of this wax heater is that, when you switch on the heater, it gets heated up to the temperature needed and then automatically turns off, and when it finds the wax is cooled down, it restarts the heating again.



  • Wax heater has a strong unbreakable body 
  • Easy to carry the heater as it is lightweight 
  • Automatically turns on and off based on the wax texture


  • Some customers complained about the auto-off feature

5. EZ Life Pro Wax100 Warmer Hot Wax Heater


EZ Life Pro Wax100 Warmer Hot Wax Heater

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The last wax heater from our list is from Pro-Wax 100. This wax warmer has a heating coil which allows for faster melting of the wax. There is a convenient temperature knob for this wax heater, which can be turned easily to get the required temperature. It ranges between 0 and 55 degrees. There is also an indicator for heating. This wax warmer is perfect for any type of wax including strip waxing, hard waxing or even paraffin waxing. You even get an extra aluminum container and it is easy to remove with the handle. With an easy see-through cover, you will be able to see the consistency of the wax. 


  • The wax warmer comes with a heating coil which helps to melt the wax faster.
  • Convenient temperature knob ranging between 0 and 55 degrees.
  • Comes with an extra aluminum container



  • Some customers complained about the wax not getting melted.

Wax Heater Buying Guide

 When it comes to wax heaters, if you are a person who is new to this device, it is important to know the factors that are important to consider before even deciding to purchase the device. In this section, we are providing the below factors that you might need to consider before purchasing the wax heater.


The first factor to consider is the capacity of the wax cans that the heater can take. Most of the heaters support 14 oz cans of wax. However, if you wish to wax your legs and hands in addition to armpits, eyebrows or bikini lines, these 14 oz wax cans are not sufficient. Instead of heating multiple cans for the purpose of waxing, it is better to look at heaters that can fit larger wax cans of my be 18 ounces. In this way, you get the proper capacity of wax melting in the heater. 

Heating speed

The other thing that you may want to consider is the speed at which these wax heaters get heated up. Most of them typically take between 20 minutes to 30 minutes. However, some appliances can heat the wax in less than 15 minutes, while others might take longer than 45 minutes. Based on your needs, you need to consider the one that best suits you. If you own a beauty salon or work at one, you might be having floating customers, and they just can’t wait until the wax gets heated. So, this might demand a wax heater, which heats up in less time. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Power Supply

Wax heaters can work on two types of power modes – either with alternate current or with batteries. You need to select wisely on which type of power you wish to use. A battery-powered wax heater might suddenly get discharged while you are working on a client or in the middle of the waxing process. The alternate current might work properly if the power does not fail. So, according to your circumstances, you might need to select one that is most suitable for you.


The storage and portability are the next important things that you may wish to consider. If you are at home and do waxing once every 5 or 6 weeks, then you need to find the proper storage place for your wax heater. A compact one fits comfortably anywhere. If you are a person who often moves from place to place and have to wax at the time, carrying a wax heater is essential. Also, if you offer door-to-door beauty services that involve waxing, carrying the wax heater is absolutely essential. You just need to select the one which is easier to carry so that you do not make a mess or break it while carrying.


A wax heater is one of the devices that require careful consideration while buying and also need to look at how well it works and for how many years. This is important because, if you wish to use the wax heater for a long time, it is better to purchase one that is durable and from a known brand. 

Ease of Use

When you have the right kind of wax heater, the waxing process is completely easy and all you need to do is set it for a particular temperature and start waxing. The controls on the wax heater need to be easy to follow and should not complicate the process. The easiest features to use on a heater are temperature knob and on/off button. This is easiest to use. 

Temperature control

One important thing about wax heaters is the temperature. The temperature which is set correctly melts the wax and gets heated enough to be applied on the skin. It should not get overheated. This causes burns on the skin which is least desirable. So, select the wax heater, which has the maximum temperature that is safe to use on skin. 

Final Words:

Well, now you got to know the factors to be considered while selecting a wax heater. Once you read this, you can go to the section where we listed the best wax heaters available online in the Indian market. We are sure that you will find your desired appliance from this list.

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