What are the Features Making Pedestal Fan Best Buy?

Electric fans have come a long way from just table and ceiling fans to pedestal fans with unexceptional features and quality. While most of the other fans offer only limited features, a pedestal fan is entirely different. So, what makes a pedestal fan very different? What makes it the best? 

Pedestal Fan Features

As far as we know, pedestal fans are one of the best types of fans available on the market today. Although they seem normal compared to ceiling fans and table fans, you will really enjoy using these fans. Moreover, they offer high performance and can cool your room in no time, which makes you think deeply before choosing other fans. Today, pedestal fans come with interesting features that will enhance your experience. It is worth every penny you pay, and if you are not convinced, we will list the features that make a pedestal fan the best.

  • Portability –

A pedestal fan, however bulky it is, it is portable. Yes, there are large pedestal fans available on the market, most of them for industrial or commercial purposes. However, the majority of the pedestal fans are comparatively smaller, and they are portable. They could be placed anywhere as the user requires and take less space and provide high airflow. It could be closer to you and your bed or table, or even far away. The user could decide where to place the fan. When compared to a ceiling fan, it is better. If compared to a table fan, it is better. Better than table fan, really, how? The answer is simple a table fan is a burden for people who do not have space to spare on their table. On the other hand, a pedestal fan could be placed anywhere near the table or far away from the table.

  • Energy Saving –

Pedestal fan and energy saving, you must be joking. This is what that would have crossed your mind right now. It is true, today, most of the pedestal fans available on the market consume comparatively less energy. Why you might ask? The technology has advanced, and unlike ceiling fans, pedestal fans could be placed close to the user. Therefore, there is a difference in design and motor ratings. Both of these make it draw comparatively less energy and eventually reduce the electricity bill.

  • Size –

Pedestal fans designed for household use comes designed in such a way that they are smaller in size and comparatively less bulky. This is one of the features that makes it portable. It offers a better experience than table fans. Also, the size makes it convenient to use in any room in your home. 

  • Style –

Pedestal fan is stylish, and for us, it is comparatively more stylish than other types of fans. Whether you compare it with a ceiling fan or with a table fan, a pedestal fan is stylish. In the beginning, pedestal fans looked bulky and have an annoying shape and size. Today, there are pedestal fans available on the market that has different shapes and sizes. Some of the models today have square blade housing and better aesthetics. Although you may not find these fans in a variety of colors, you can find good looking pedestal fans that will suit any room of your home.  

  • Advanced Features –

Remote-controlled ceiling fans are expensive these days, and they are not as good as the manufacturers claim them to be. However, remote-controlled pedestal fans have become common on the market these days. They come with timer, oscillation, and speed control features that make them a better choice than ceiling fans. If you compare the price, there is only a negligible difference. But if we consider the portability and other features of a pedestal fan, we would definitely recommend going for pedestal fans.

  • Swing Head – 

Let it be a ceiling fan or a wall fan, the airflow is limited in one direction only. Which makes them not suitable for some situations. However, when it comes to pedestal fans, the majority of the pedestal fans come with swing heads, which enables the fan to deliver airflow in different directions. This feature makes sure that the airflow is directed towards all sides of a room. This feature could be switched on and switched off as per the user’s requirement.

  • Speed –

Pedestal fans tend to create more airflow than a ceiling fan or table fan. This is not absolutely true. It is just that a pedestal fan on the floor would be closer to the user, so the user feels there is comparatively more airflow. If you compared the RPM, both ceiling fans and pedestal fans might have the same. However, this different feeling of comparatively better airflow itself is one of the factors that drives more customers to purchase a pedestal fan.

  • Easy to Maintain –

Have you ever saw someone do some maintenance work on a ceiling fan, table fan, or wall fan? I haven’t, but I have seen people cleaning pedestal fan. Most of the pedestal fan comes with features that allow the user to clean the fan blades and body with ease. This increases the lifespan of the fan and also keeps the fan presentable. 

  • Variable Speed –  

This feature makes pedestal fans a brilliant choice for every home. It lets the users vary the speed of the fan according to their comfort. The variable speed feature also comes in handy when you want to use the fan in all seasons. These fans let you adjust the speed as per the cooling level you want. 

  •  Adjustable Height – 

If you are using a pedestal fan, then you can move it up or down as per your requirement. This feature makes the table fan more convenient and a better option in the market. Since you can set it to your preferred height, you can get decent airflow all time.  

So, if you are planning to purchase a fan and if you are confused about which type to purchase, the above-listed features might help you get to a decision without regret.

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