Difference Between Hand Mixer and Stand Mixer

People find themselves confused while choosing the right mixer machine between a hand mixer and a stand mixer. Well, indeed, it’s a confusing decision, but not that hard to come up with. You only need to look at your requirements and try to look for the right option, fulfilling your food item beat, whip, and mixing needs. 

Difference Between Hand Mixer and Stand Mixer

But to help you out in this situation, we have decided to come up with this exciting post, and here we will be only talking about the differences between a hand mixer and a stand mixer. In this way, you’ll easily come to know which one is the right option as per your needs, so make sure to stick with this post till the end. 

Hand Mixer

As the name indicates, you can use hand mixers by holding in your hand, which is the complete opposite of the stand mixers. Possibly hand mixers come with impressive uses because of their design and use type. Therefore, below you’ll find the best section in which you’ll get the most benefits by using a hand mixer in your kitchen over a typical stand mixer. 

Better At:


Portability is the biggest highlight of hand mixers, and it is the main reason people generally buy a hand mixer over a stand mixer. It’s the design of hand mixers that allow and make them highly portable. Undoubtedly, the portable design has its great benefits that you can take, like if you are going out somewhere, you can carry a hand mixer with you for easy whipping, mixing, and beating. 

Not only this but because of the compact and portable design, it would be much easier for you to hold this machine in your hands while preparing dough or to whip cream or anything like that. Along with this, because of the compact design, it would be very convenient for you to store a hand mixer in a very narrow place, unlike stand mixers, which you need to leave or set on the tabletop because of low space issues. 


The affordability of hand mixers is something that we also point out here. There is no doubt that hand mixers are way too affordable than the typical stand mixers. There are mainly two reasons behind the impressive affordability of hand mixers; the first one is that they don’t come with a powerful motor. And because of this, a user can easily buy a hand mixer grinder with a low budget. 

However, stand mixers are expensive because they come with a dedicated frame, powerful motor, and multiple attachments. But there is no such case with a hand mixer; still, a hand mixer can serve better value to you for your kitchen or cooking needs. Talking about how much a hand mixer would cost you generally, so you can easily buy a good mixer grinder under the price point of 30 bucks. 


In terms of versatility, a hand mixer easily beats the stand mixer, and behind the hand mixer’s incredible versatility, there are two significant reasons present. The first one is that it is not attached to any frame or anything like that, which means you can mix, whip, or beat food items in any container you want. On the other hand, you must do it within the attached bowl for mixing, whipping, or beating something with a stand mixer. 

Secondly, the hand mixer grinders come with a variety of attachment or hooks support. So, you can attach different attachments as per your cooking needs; in this way, you always have a choice or option to try different attachments. And this is the primary reason why hand mixers are very useful for almost all the kitchen. 

Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are the right choice for people who require a heavy load machine that can come in handy to mix, whip, or beat a large amount of liquid and food. But keep in mind that stand mixers are the expensive options as compared to the hand mixers. Where you can buy a good stand mixer for below 30 bucks, a typical stand mixer might cost you between 100 to 300 bucks. 

Better At:


No one can’t deny that stand mixers come with higher efficiency than the hand mixers. You can’t mix, whip, or beat a large amount of liquid and food with just a hand mixer; for this, you need something like stand mixers. Indeed the attached bowl of stand mixers lows the overall portability, but it is the main factor that makes the stand mixers very efficient. Not only this, but this bowl usually comes with more than enough capacity so that you won’t get any issue with this section as well. 

No matter whether you are making multiple layered cakes, or multiple eggs of fluffy omelet, if you have a stand mixer in your kitchen, then you can finish the whipping, mixing, or beating tasks within just a few minutes only. Not only this but also while using a hand mixer, you’ll definitely end up making your kitchen or cooking space messy. Where, on the other hand, a basic stand mixer comes with a cover on the top of the bowl, which prevents any kind of spills from keeping your cooking space clean. 

Powerful Option

As we mentioned earlier, hand mixers cost way too less because they don’t have a highly powerful motor inside. It is the section where the stand mixers leave the hand mixers behind. A typical stand mixer comes with a motor of more than 150 to 400 watts. And we also suggest you should pick a stand mixer that must have at least 250 watts of the motor inside. A powerful motor means your chosen stand mixer can handle the heavy load without causing any issue. 

Using a hand mixer, you have to move your hands a bit to put the hook inside the batter and then move it everywhere in the liquid or food item. But there is no such case with the stand mixers; it’ll do everything without requiring any user’s physical effort. 

Which Is The Better One?

Well, indeed, no one can tell you which one you should pick between a hand mixer and a stand mixer. It’s because ultimately, the final buying or selection decision depends upon you and your needs. By looking for someone’s advice, you’ll probably end up making this process more complicated. Therefore, experts, mixer manufacturers, and we suggest that you always first look at your requirements. 

Suppose if you need something under a low budget and with good versatility and portability. Choosing a stand mixer would be a silly mistake for you; instead, you should pick a hand mixer if your needs are like this, as we mentioned earlier. The same case is with the stand mixer buyers; if you need something powerful and efficient for whipping, mixing, or beating a large amount of liquid and food items, then definitely a stand mixer is the appropriate choice for you. 

Final Thoughts

When you don’t know what actually to look for, then the confusions start showing up. That’s why, while choosing any problem between multiple options, you should first take a look at your requirements. And this is the same case while picking or selecting a mixer option between a stand mixer and hand mixer. To help you out in this situation, we have listed all the points and differences between a hand mixer and stand mixers above. 

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