10 Best Table Tennis Rackets in India 2022 – Reviews & Guide

A Table Tennis Racket is a sports equipment that acts like a small bat while playing the game of Table Tennis. It has a short handle and can be held using a single hand. When you are playing Table Tennis, you are meant to hit the ping pong balls with such rackets. Over time, when you keep playing the game, you get better and better. You start having reasonable control over the game, and now it’s time to develop some skills that will help you become the best. Such skills can be anything from playing tough shots and spinning the ping pong ball during the game. There are many Table Tennis players in India, and if you want to be good, you will have to play the game regularly.

Developing Professional Table Tennis playing skills may sound easy as the balls are light. But trust us, they are hard to create. Also, for developing them, you will need the right quality Table Tennis Racket. Qualitative Table Tennis Rackets have a high build, and they also allow you to play well compared to other products in the local market.

Therefore, we have made a list of the top ten Table Tennis Rackets that you can find and purchase in India. We have tried to include the products that make the price range of the list wide. Hence, as our reader, you will be able to pick at least one of them as per your budget of the racket. Let us come and discuss these rackets one by one –

1. GKI Table Tennis Racket (Offensive XX)

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On number one of this list of best table tennis rackets, we bring a racket by the brand GKI. This is not the first time that GKI has impressed us with the quality of their rackets. In fact, GKI is a well-known brand in the country, which is why many people trust them for a long time. This racket by them comes with a computerized printed cover, which protects the racket very well. It also helps the racket to look different than the others.  

It offers extensive spin and power while you play table tennis and does not feel heavy on the hands. The overall control that the racket offers is simply amazing. You will love playing with it every time you bring it out of the zippered cover that comes with it. Apart from that, many players have also claimed that the racket helps them in aiming accurate shots. Even when you are going for power shots, the delivery will still feel incredibly smooth.

What we liked

  • The grip of this racket is exceptionally ergonomic.
  • No matter what shots you are going with, you are going to deliver them with extreme accuracy.
  • The material used in making the racket is of very high quality and longevity.

What we didn’t like

  • There is nothing that we found wrong about this product.

2. GKI Table Tennis Racket (Kung Fu)

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Yes, that’s right, we are again going with a GKI racket. This table tennis racket having the kung fu styles is one of the best-sold rackets in the country. The best thing is it comes at an extremely affordable rate. Hence, buyers who do not have a huge budget can also go with it easily. It is also ideal for advanced table tennis players as it is for beginners. As much as we like its accuracy, we also appreciate the design of this racket. It fits very well in hand and does not cause any strain to the arm.

The handle is well attached to the blade and won’t come off, no matter how harshly you take a shot with this racket. If you want to spin the ping pong balls, that can be achieved with this product. The entire product meets the ITTF standards, so you can always count on it with both of your eyes closed. We are focused on always bringing the best Table Tennis Rackets for you, so we thought of shedding some light on this fantastic racket by GKI.

What we liked

  • Intermediate and advanced Table Tennis players can also go with this racket.
  • Its blade is extraordinarily sturdy and has a well-attached handle.
  • The surface of the racket is smooth and won’t hurt your ping pong balls.
  • The life of this racket is quite high as compared to the local rackets in the market.

What we didn’t like

  • Again, we haven’t found a flaw in this GKI Table Tennis Racket.

3. STAG Table Tennis Racket (Ninja Power)

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Other than GKI, the other brand of Table Tennis Rackets that we are a massive fan of has to be STAG. The design, the portability, and the durability of their Table Tennis Rackets are genuinely marvelous. One can never find a single flaw in the design of their products. These are a few of the many reasons we are bringing the Ninja Power Table Tennis Racket by STAG. It weighs 180 grams and is a racket that is ideal for advanced Table Tennis players. We don’t think you are going to go with anything else after you choose STAG rackets.

The pouch that comes with the racket has smooth chains for closure. It has a rectangular shape and has enough space to protect the racket from all sides when you are not using it. The primary material that is used in creating this racket is known as Balsa Carbon Ply. We cannot even fathom many of the exceptional qualities of this ply. But it is highly reliable and durable as well. It has a carbon layer on it to harness the full potential of the racket in every shot you take.

What we liked

  • STAG always comes up with the most surprising sports equipment, and this racket is one of them.
  • The Balsa ply used in making the racket is genuinely durable.
  • The product also has a combination of tec rubber and gen II rubber, which will prove extremely advantageous for players.

What we didn’t like

  • The price of this Table Tennis Racket is quite high.

4. Palio Table Tennis Racket

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Next up, let us discuss the Palio Master 2.0 Racket for Table Tennis. This ITTF approved racket has a very functional design. Its hitting body is colored with red color and looks extremely rich. You are also going to love the Palio case that comes with it. Most Table Tennis Racket cases are rectangular; however, this cover is shaped almost like Table Tennis, which is why the racket always remains in place. The cover’s quality and stitching are also durable and will last as long as you use the racket.

If you are willing to take your Table Tennis game to the next level, this racket will help you do that in immense ways. It will help you sharpen your skills so that you feel more comfortable while you are facing your opponent. The feeling of holding this racket is just amazing. You will be capable of making all shots with it with only a little force. The spin and overall control of the racket is also evident. Many experts rank this racket amongst the best of best in the country. You can also balance the speed of the ping pong balls easily with this product.

What we liked

  • The rubbers of the product remain unchanged even after many years of usage.
  • Many buyers also love the lightweight nature of this racket very much.
  • It is the right Table Tennis Racket for beginners and players who are at the intermediate level.

What we didn’t like

  • If you are an advanced Table Tennis player, you must find some other racket.

5. GKI Table Tennis Racket (Euro Star)

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Generally, GKI Table Tennis Rackets are priced at an economical and affordable rate. However, the Euro Star version is priced a little high. This is because it is a professional quality racket and has the finest material used for its furnishing. Like many other Table Tennis Rackets, this racket also comes with a pouch/cover to carry and protect its overall structure and frame. What we like the most about this racket is its handle. It feels very delicate on plans and still allows you to make the most potent shots very quickly.

You can maneuver it quickly to make steady shots. Its ITTF approved design is simply perfect. Additionally, the manufacturers have used rubber on both sides of the racket’s blade. Due to this reason, when the ping pong balls hit the surface, it feels as if you can move and spin it any way you want. It will surely prove to be a significant aid in taking your Table Tennis game farther. You can also read many of its positive reviews by buyers who tested it for years. It has always impressed them.

What we liked

  • The tapping of this Table Tennis Racket is superb.
  • You are going to love its easy to hold the handle as much as many experts do.
  • The ITTF approves its design.
  • There is the provision of rubber on both sides of the racket’s blade.

What we didn’t like

  • This Table Tennis Racket is not suitable for beginners as they won’t be able to control it.

6. Konex Table Tennis Racket

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When you are new to table tennis, you might look for the most affordable yet fantastic Table Tennis Rackets. Your search is going to end on the Konex Table Tennis Racket. Along with a pair of rackets, the buyer will also get ping pong balls in the set. Hence, the set can be used by a pair of people to play and practice Table Tennis all day long. And don’t just go by the price and think that these rackets are not going to last long. In fact, it is just the opposite. They are going to be your stepping stones towards becoming a great TT player.

However, one thing to think about before going to buy it is that you won’t be able to learn how to spin the balls with the rackets in the set. Apart from this, we cannot point at any flaw in the set. And did you know? Even after having such a low rate, these rackets still come with a protective cover. In this cover, you can keep both the rackets and the balls that come in the set. Don’t wait too long to buy this set of fantastic Table Tennis Rackets. If you have a TT table, just go with this set and start playing the game as much as you want.

What we liked

  • The head of the rackets is oval shaped for better control over the ball.
  • In the set, you will get a pair of rackets and some ping pong balls.
  • The price is so low that it simply blows everyone’s mind.

What we didn’t like

  • This set is only suitable for beginners as it does not allow you to hone your ball spinning skills on the TT table.

7. STAG Table Tennis Racket (2 Star)

Best Table Tennis Rackets in India

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This 2 Star Racket by STAG is now at the number seven of our enhanced list of Table Tennis Rackets available in India. It only weighs 148 grams. Can you believe that? We obviously cannot. STAG is such a reputed brand in India that we cannot even mention all their amazing qualities. If we do, we would surely fill this entire article. Hence, let us come to just the features and specifications of this fantastic Table Tennis Racket by them.

First off, it is priced very low. STAG comes up with high end as well as the low end of the price of Table Tennis Racket and yet maintain the quality of the sports equipment. On one side of this racket, you will find a red color while on the other, you can spot the black color. The sponge used in the product is only 2 – 4 mm thick. Such a small thickness helps in maintaining the low weight of the product. However, the rubber used in the product is hard. This is provided so that the overall structure of the racket remains maintained all the time.

What we liked

  • The handle of this racket gives you the most amazing grip.
  • The price of this qualitative racket is low when compared to the rackets from other well-known brands.
  • You can spin the ball in amazing ways using this Table Tennis Racket.

What we didn’t like

  • The rubber quality of the racket can still be a little improved.

8. Donic Table Tennis Racket

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On number eight, we could not stop having a discussion of the Table Tennis Racket by Donic. This is a Sensation Line Table Tennis Racket that comes in an overall black design. It is an all-rounder product that can be used by beginners as well as advanced Table Tennis players. When it comes to Table Tennis Rackets, you won’t find many black products. However, if you want to have a unique racket, you must go with this amazingly designed and lightweight Table Tennis Racket.

If you are an aggressive player then also you can go with this racket. And don’t worry about the cover of the product as it is included and comes in the racket’s package. The sponge used in making the product is only 1.8 mm thick, and the overall weight of the racket is 86 grams only. It is not going to cause any kind of strain in your wrist or arms. Even when you play TT for hours, you will still be able to comfortably grip this racket in your palms. This is because the handle has a concave structure. The racket is also useful in reducing all types of unwanted vibrations during the game.

What we liked

  • You will get the cover of the product along with the Table Tennis Racket.
  • Its head is oval-shaped while its handle is concave for a better grip.
  • The thickness of the sponge is truly perfect.
  • The performance rating of this racket is quite high.

What we didn’t like

  • If you do not want a black racket, you will have to find something else.

9. Tibhar Table Tennis Racket

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We have to agree to the fact that this is the sleekest Table Tennis Racket that we have witnessed till now. And we are not just saying it. You can observe it too, only by looking at the pictures of the racket. That is how obvious it is. The blade of this racket is skinny and smoothly designed. And even after that, it is extreme and will last a very long time with you no matter how hard you hit the ping pong balls with it. But for such amazing qualities, you will have to pay a high price as the product’s rate is quite high.

But if you have such budgets, you must go with this Table Tennis Racket without looking for anything else. The approximate weight of the product is 85 grams, and its head has almost five layers. All the materials used in creating the racket are of very high-grade quality. You can truly trust this Table Tennis Racket by Tibhar without overthinking. It is suitable for offensive as well as defensive games. Once you start playing with it, you will realize that you can do so many things and play so many strokes than you already are.

What we liked

  • The design of the head of this Table Tennis Racket is very sleek.
  • The flexibility of the blade of the racket is simply unlimited and is terrific for the looping technique.
  • With this table tennis racket, you will be able to make massive progress in your game.

What we didn’t like

  • The price of this Table Tennis Racket is such that it won’t be affordable for many.

10. STAG Table Tennis Racket (Super TT)

Best Table Tennis Rackets in India

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We wanted to finish this list with an amazing brand of Table Tennis Rackets. Hence, we brought STAG again. This Super TT Table Tennis Racket by STAG is truly every player’s dream to take his/her table tennis game to another level. It is neither priced low nor high, and from that, you can imagine that it will prove to be the most suitable for intermediate players of the game. The sticking of the cover that comes with the racket is very strong, and it will not come off anytime.

Since the racket is lightweight, you can use it to spin the balls as well. However, for that, you will have to have a deal of practice with the ping pong balls. However, the quality of the rubber in the racket is not up to the mark. Many users have also reported that the rubber in the product also stinks so much that it cannot be avoided. Hence, if you do not care about such stuff, then only you should purchase this Table Tennis Racket. For better gripping of the racket, you can also use a handle grip for the handle.

What we liked

  • The head of the racket is very sturdy, which is why it is suitable for intermediate players.
  • The handle provides a good grip, and you will never complain about it at all.
  • All the materials that are incorporated in making the racket are qualitative.

What we didn’t like

  • The rubber used in the racket may feel a little stinky sometimes.

How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Racket in India

Picking and selecting the right Table Tennis Racket can be tough for some people. And when you are buying such rackets for the first time, it is even tougher. Therefore, we would advise you to go through the below mentioned descriptive pointers before you buy a Table Tennis Racket –

1. Sponge: For reasonable control over the game, one must go with a Table Tennis Racket with a thin sponge. Such rackets are easy to move with the help of functional wrist movements. However, with thicker sponges in the Table Tennis Racket, you will be able to move the ball with high speed and play aggressive shots very quickly. To choose what kind of sponge thickness you want, you must be aware of the skill you lack. If you aren’t able to control the ball, go with thin sponges; otherwise, for quick shots, choose the one with a thick sponge in its design.  

2. Rubber Sheets: Almost all Table Tennis Rackets have rubber sheets in them. Experts often prefer the sheets that are inverted as well as sticky. Both sides of the head of the racket have different types of rubbers. They are as such because such distinct varieties allow players to play different kinds of shots as per the situation in the game. The color coding is generally red and black. However, this can differ from brand to brand. The black side allows better spin to the ball while the red side helps in playing faster shots. Hence, always choose the Table Tennis Racket that has good quality rubber sheets.

3. Size of the head: Professionals can play with any size of the head honestly. But when you are beginner going with the Table Tennis Racket that has a slightly bigger head will help you perform better. After you see the improvement, you can go with the standard size of the racket. When you go with brands, you will generally find the rackets having the same universal dimensions. However, if you look well, you will see that the Table Tennis Rackets that are supposed to be used by beginners have a slightly bigger head.

4. Weight: A Table Tennis Racket with a comparatively higher weight allows you to be an aggressive player and play speedy and hard shots. But for beginners, this can cause a strain in the wrist and arms. Hence, when you are someone who is just beginning to play Table Tennis, you will have to go with something that does not make your hands and palm pain afterward. In such situations, you must look for lightweight Table Tennis Rackets. Their weights can be easily seen in the description, and you can simply decide what will suit your level of playing the game.

5. Handle: A better grip of the Table Tennis Racket throughout the game is very important. If you do not hold the racket correctly, you might end up losing a lot of points. However, the racket’s grip also depends on the type of handle and not just your palm. Experts often mention that Table Tennis Rackets that have a concave handle always offer an extra grip to the player. They never fall or slip through hands even when your palms are sweating.

Table Tennis Racket Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to know which racket is best for me?

You do not need to be picky about the table tennis rackets if you are a beginner. Initially, you can practice with the pre-assembled rackets. We recommend you to go for pre-assembled to save money and time. Once you ace the game, you can switch to the customized or pro-line ones.

  1. Do I have to consider the blade types too?

You will start to recognize the significance of blade type once you start regular practice. However, just for the sake of information, OFF, OFF+, OFF-, ALL, ALL+, ALL-, and DEF are the different blade types. To know more about the blade types, you need to determine your play style.

  1. What is the significance of different handle styles?

Handle is one of the most essential parts of the table tennis racket. Not picking an ideal handle can inversely affect your game. Therefore, make sure that whichever handle you choose, it should be comfortable enough to enhance your gameplay. Some of the handle types are Chinese, Japanese, anatomic, flared, and straight.

  1. Are their variations in rubber too? If yes, how should I pick an ideal one?

Yes, table tennis rackets have variations in rubbers too. The kind of rubber determines the speed and spin of your play. You can get different kinds of rubbers like inverted, long pips, short pips, anti-spin, and no sponge.

  1. Does sponge thickness matter?

Remember, the thicker the sponge, the more is the speed and spin and vice versa. The table tennis racket sponge is present between the wood and the top layer. If your bat makes noise while hitting the ball, it probably has a thinner sponge.

  1. What are the different layers of the racket?

There is variation in table tennis racket according to the number of layers. It contains the top layer, rubber, sponge, and the wood. However, the wooden layer can be several. It ranges from three to seven. You can choose according to your gameplay and budget.

  1. What is the significance of these layers?

Again, the layers present in the table tennis racket determine the velocity of the ball after hitting the bat. Also, these layers help in fixing the spin of the ball. Be extremely careful while picking the table tennis bat for tournaments.

  1. How does a racket control speed, spin, and control?

The speed, spin, and control of the ball is not only dependent on the racket layers. The handle, design, and built also matters the most. One thing that you can never ignore is your game play. If you are a pro player, all these features will be much better in your game.

  1. How can I clean my table tennis racket?

Wipe the table tennis racket with the help of a soft cloth and clean water. If you practice frequently, clean it every day or alternate days. If you play once in a while, monthly cleaning would be sufficient.

  1. What are some good table tennis racket brands?
  • GKI
  • STAG
  • Konex
  • Palio
  • Donic


We have tried to mention the best of the best Table Tennis Rackets in our list. We wish that you have gone through each racket before picking anything. Lastly, we would also mention and remind you to go through our buying guide as it is very easy to understand and is only supposed to help you have a better purchase. A good Table Tennis Racket is important when you want to play the game of table tennis better. Hence, be conscious and choose something that will suit your present situation and still help you to improve yourself.

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