10 Best Room Heaters in India – Expert Reviews & Guide

Room heaters are used since time immemorial in India! Honestly, winters in India are tolerable, yet the northern part of our country longs for it the most. Although the temperature is quite more in other parts of India, but the use of room heaters has gained popularity among people. Do you know that the people of Kashmir use ash-filled earthen pot to protect themselves from frost? The use of these natural methods declined with due course of time as it had health hazards like cancer. Winters can also bring you many flu-like diseases associated with freezing temperatures. As people became more aware of themselves, the use of room heaters hiked deliberately.

Room heaters are very cost-effective devices and prove to be good for the long run. Room heaters are used to make room temperature sustainable during winter days. Many a time, woolen clothes are not enough to sustain our winter needs. Isn’t it? An important question that arises in your mind is which one is most suitable for your room? If you have any such queries in your mind then go on reading the article, we will try to clear all your doubts. It is essential to be satisfied with the product that you’ve bought. You can’t keep ranting about it every single day! The most important thing to consider is your room size. Heaters come in many sizes and based on different technology, and it has a lot to do with your room size.

People try to compare room heaters with the central heating system. Room heaters are more manually operable than the latter, therefore, it provides more convenience to users. The power utilization remains the main concern of many people. Many room heaters come with an inbuilt thermostat that keeps your electricity bill moderate and also maintains ideal room temperature. There are many types of room heaters available in the market. Few of them are conduction heaters, convection heaters, radiant heaters, fan heaters, and quartz heater. For a layman, these terms are very confusing, and hence, people find it difficult to reach a single conclusion.

 We are here to help you to invest your money in the best product. To help you to get rid of this confusion, we are listing down the top 10 trending room heaters available in the market-

Best Buy Room Heaters Online in India

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Room Heater

Best Room Heaters in India

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The first room heater in our list is Amazon Solimo Room Heater. Amazon has launched its room heater at a very rationale price. The title of the brand itself makes it trustworthy, and it is included in a world-class heater. It is rust free as the material is entirely made from sturdy plastic. Does the main concern arise if it is strong enough to resist accidents? The plastic material provides strength and rigidity to the room heater. It can be used in either vertical position or horizontal; this makes it fit perfectly in every space. This room heater is suitable for a small to medium-sized room. This is because the motor is made from 2400 RPM copper wires wounded around it. This room heater utilizes a plug of 16A that is ideal for it. Using a plug socket less than 16 A can cause melting or damage to the plug. A burning smell is experienced while using the room heater for the first time. This is natural as the motor varnish is getting heated for the first time. People tend to be more concerned about their room décor nowadays. Keeping that in mind, we bring you two most basic colors in the market- white and beige. These two colors go with every interior decoration. Apart from these points, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

What we liked

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Product can be kept both horizontally and vertically
  • 10 feet air throw range makes it optimal for small to medium room
  • Temperature regulation by cool, warm and hot mode

What we didn’t like

  • The heating element could be better
  • The body is made from plastic material
  • Require 16 A plug socket for proper function

2. Orpat OEH-1260 Fan Heater

Best Room Heaters in India

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Orpat is well known for manufacturing the best quality room heaters. This Orpat room heater is perfect for resisting winters in India. It is suitable for small to medium rooms and can be operated in two heat settings- 1000 and 2000 watts. This is entirely hassle-free and can be operated by the knobs provided on the top surface of the heater. This comes under the category of fan heaters and takes very little time to warm your room. This consumes less electricity and thus directly results in a practical amount of electricity bill. Not all the brands care about how organized your room looks. This heater comes with an amazing cord winding feature that helps to keep the place tidy. It has two color options- grey and apricot and is suitable for a room size of 250 sq feet. This heater can also be used as a table fan by turning off the heater option. Hence, it is a multifunctional and versatile room heater. The heating element is potential and extremely durable. It has various safety features such as overheat protection, touch sensor, auto resolving heater, safety cut off, and thermal cut off.

What we liked

  • Blower technology warms the room swiftly.
  • It comes in an affordable price range.
  • It keeps the room organized with its cord winding feature.

What we didn’t like

  • Customers have complained of the poor quality of the blower.
  • People have also complained of fault in temperature regulation.


3. Usha Quartz Room Heater

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The renowned brand Usha presents you with the top quality room heater. This room heater is exclusively designed for compact areas. It can efficiently heat a room to an area of 120 – 150 sq feet. It is capable of heating any surrounding environmental temperature. It is the best device for spot heating, efficient to bring down frosting temperatures within minutes. It consumes 230 V and comes with a thermostat, which automatically turns off before overheating. The heater can be placed in two ways depending upon your mode of use. It is a quartz heater that makes it warm and back to normal temperature swiftly. If you don’t want to place it on a surface, it can also be hanged with the help of a hanger provided on its back surface.

What we liked

  • Swift heating technology
  • Comes with safety features like overheating protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Powder coating prevents the degradation of the material.

What we didn’t like

  • The absence of blower technology can’t spread heat evenly.
  • Not suitable for moderate and large rooms
  • The functionality of all the rods is questionable.
  • Cleaning is inconvenient


4. V-Guard Electric Quartz Room Heater 

Best Room Heaters in India

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V guard electronic appliances are running from ages in our country. The next room heater in our list is a quartz heater from V guard. We are providing you the model number for ease of search that is RH2QT1000. It has a very compact design that makes it perfect for heating a small room. It consists of two quartz rods in which electrical input is changed to heat. Both the rods consume power of 400 watts each. You can also change the heat setting between 400 to 800 watts. No noise is generated while the heater is on, thus makes the surrounding quiet and peaceful. It also comes with an overheat prevention feature. Customers can buy this product without any hesitation as it comes with a warranty of 1 year.

What we liked

  • The size is small, and the device is lightweight.
  • It saves your electricity bill
  • Permits you to use either of the tubes

What we didn’t like

  • It serves good for extremely high temperature
  • Cant fulfill the requirement of a large area.


5. Maharaja Whiteline Quato Quartz Heater

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With such a moderate price, the Maharaja Whiteline Quato Quartz Heater is one of the best room heaters in the market. This heater also works by quartz technology therefore, it provides instant heating. The elegant design of this room heater complements the vibe of your room. The device is easily operable and also easy to carry. This is the first heater in the list that is ISI marked. This renders the device completely safe for use. It has long-lasting durability and minimal chances of short circuit. This heater contains two quartz tubes inside it that generate heat. It also comes with two heat settings- operable at 400 watts and 800 watts. The heater is brilliantly designed for low power consumption. It also includes a heat converter inside it, which adds to the functionality of the room heater.

What we liked

  • Price is affordable
  • It is a value for money product
  • Comes with an inbuilt converter
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Saves electricity by low power consumption

What we didn’t like

  • Does not contain a blower inside it
  • Not suitable for large spaces

6. Havells Cista Room Heater

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If you are not bound to any budget, you can go for a quite higher price. Yes, we are talking about the Havells Cista Room Heater. This home heater provides interminable warmth to your room. You need to invest Rs.1980 in it, although the price keeps getting fluctuated as there are many offers throughout the year. The unique feature of this heater is its cool touch body, which is provided by non-heat coating. Children often keep experimenting with devices; this will keep their hands from getting burned. The cooling fan provided inside the heater protects the overheating of the device and keeps it cool. Customers do not face the overheating problem; it provides safeguard against the overheating that is less likely to damage the device. Temperature can be adjusted as per your convenience by the thermostat control knob present in it. The device also has an indicator light that prevents you from fumbling into it during night time. This light also indicates that the device is turned on and it’s functioning. The room heater is built, looking at your comfort and safety. Havells room heater comes with a stand on its base that allows you to direct the air in the required direction.  

What we liked

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It runs on two heat settings- 1000 and 2000 Watts.
  • The body of room heater remains cool irrespective of internal temperature.
  • The indicator light brings it into notice from a distance or at night & prevents you from tripping on it.
  • The base stand lets you adjust the heater’s direction.

What we didn’t like

  • This room heater is quite noisy, which could be disturbing.
  • The price is higher as compared to other ones.
  • Electricity consumption can be quite higher, which is directly related to a rise in electricity bills.

7. MAX HOME® Digital Electric Heater

Best Room Heaters in India

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The next product on our list is a handy room heater from Max Home. The small size of this heater allows you to carry it along with you to any room such as a bathroom, office, and bedroom. It is one of the best options for gifting purpose and loved by many people. It is suitable for a small-sized room up to 250 sq feet. It is a smart heating device that has a quiet operation and runs smoothly without any noise. It runs on 400 Watts energy mode, and it does not have any option like dual-mode because of its compact size. This smart heater also has a timer button that can be switched on to run it in a 12-hour programmable mode. This device is also coated with anti heating material that keeps it cool and prevents it from overheating. Can you imagine a small device like this having a thermostat? Yes, we are not kidding! It has a thermostat regulator too, which shuts the device automatically on attaining extreme temperature. It radiates the heat evenly in every direction due to the presence of blower inside it.

What we liked

  • An ideal heater for travelers and office workers
  • It is very cost-effective and comes in Rs. 689 only/-
  • Auto shut off feature is available.
  • Blower prevents uneven distribution of heat.
  • It is an entirely noise-free device.

What we didn’t like

  • A three-pin plug socket required for use
  • Cannot warm a large room


8. BLAPOXE Portable Heater

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Handy heaters are trending nowadays because they provide amenity to the users to carry it anywhere. Next on the list of room heaters is this portable Blapoxe heater. This heater is quite similar to the Max Home heater in dimension and function. It is suitable for people working in a small garage, workshop, or industrial warehouse. This portable heater has a black body build from a sturdy plastic material. It also has a red power switch on the side, which is easily noticeable to customers. The timer is also provided in front, just below the display, which enables you to set it for 12 hours. Not only in workshops and warehouses, but it can also be used at home; right from the living room to kitchen, it can be carried anywhere. All you need is an electrical socket to fit it and turn it on. It has an instant warming action, and the fan’s speed can be adjusted to radiate heat in every direction.

What we liked

  • This heater is small and handy.
  • It offers a wide variety of use in every room.
  • Proper distribution of air from fan fitted inside it
  • Instant heating action of this device is an outstanding feature.
  • Consumes less electricity

What we didn’t like

  • The small size is not capable of heating a bigger room.
  • It cannot heat the entire room.
  • You need to sit near the device to feel the heat.


9. LIBRA Portable Room Heater

Best Room Heaters in India

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Bring the Libra room heaters to your home and get rid of unwanted cold and flu! These heaters are manufactured with a tough plastic body that can resist heat and keep the body cool. The rich design flaunts your interior in every aspect, along with great functionality. These room heaters are so aesthetic that they can be placed in every indoor location. These are perfect for a small cabin or office room as they have the potential to heat a small area. The front grill ensures equal distribution of warm air and fills the room with warmth. It can either run in fan mode, heater mode, or drier mode; this assigns multi-functionality to the device. It can be run on two heat settings – 1000 and 2000 Watts. The thermostat is provided for power regulation and saves your electricity bill. Indicator light helps to detect the position of the room heater.

What we liked

  • We loved the color and design of the heater.
  • It has indicator lights that help to avoid accidents.
  • The mesh design in the front helps to spread the heat evenly.
  • Heat-resisting plastic body
  • This room heater delivers in a strong packing box.

What we didn’t like

  • Many customers have complained of the damaged product
  • This room heater is not certified by ISI

10. Oreva 1209 Element Room Heater 

Best Room Heaters in India

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This room heater from Oreva has multi-element functionality. This room heater utilized 800-Watt energy and saved your electric consumption. Most of the room heaters are made from materials that are prone to corrosion, especially in the rainy season. This is made from powder-coated material that prevents the heater from getting rust. The price is on the higher side as compared to other brands featuring similar products. This room heater is a complete value for the price because of its classic design and amazing functionality. The dimensions of this room heater allow you to carry it from one room to another without any trouble. It has a safety mesh provided in front of the heater that has dual functions. Firstly, it keeps the children away from the heating element as they have a habit of poking every new thing. Secondly, it ensures proper divisional distribution of warm air in every direction. Now, every corner of your room is your favorite as it warms the entire corner evenly. This fan heater is provided with the speed control knob at the bottom of the mesh. There also exists an auto shut off feature which prevents the device from overheating. This adds to the durability of the room heater.  

What we liked

  • This device has a rich look.
  • It is portable and suitable for every indoor location.
  • Even the distribution of air is assured.
  • Safety features protect your children from accidents.

What we didn’t like

  • This item comes in high cost.
  • It cannot warm a large room.
  • Some customers complained of a faulty heating element.

How To Choose The Best Room Heaters in India

1. Portability

Being able to carry a room heater from one room to another reduces the cost to fit a heater in every room. Portability entirely depends on the weight of the heaters, which in turn depends on the type of heater. An ideal room heater should be lightweight and portable.

2. Power consumption

It is obvious that a large and heavy build heater will consume more electricity than a smaller one. Some heaters are fitted with a thermostat, which automatically switches off the heater after the room temperature has been stabilized. A regular room heater consumes 1200-2000 Watts if used for 8 hours a day. This sums up your electricity bill about 1500- 2700 per month. Remember, power consumption entirely depends on the type of heater and the hours of use.

3. Safety features

Room heaters mainly include two safety features. Firstly, some of them have extra caging, which renders it entirely safe for children; secondly, it has a thermal cut feature that allows extended use even in a power cut.

4. Room size

Room size plays an important role in the heating of the room. The bigger is the size of the room; the more electricity consumption is there. We recommend you buy a small, portable heater for intact spaces, and if you are looking for a bigger room, consider buying a fan heater.

5. Your utility

This has a lot to do with the temperatures! If you are living in a freezing area, the hours of use will be more. A moderate cold can be tolerated by using it for 6-8 hours.

6. Type of room heater

Let us first discuss about quartz heater. It is named after the material of the tubes fitted in it that is made up of quartz. In India, there is the availability of 2-3 tube heaters. The price increases as the number of tubes increase. These heaters are lightweight that makes it portable and easy to carry. The running mechanism is entirely noise-free.

Next up, let us review halogen heaters. These are often similar to quartz heater except for the amount of light generation higher in these heaters. These heaters are convenient for small spaces.

The room heater used to deal with large spaces is carbon heaters. The heating efficiency of these heaters is higher than quartz and halogen heaters. These heaters come with medical benefits such as disinfection and improve blood circulation. These are one of the most durable heaters.

Next, we are going to talk about the very common fan heaters. It is used in large spaces such as halls and theatres. These come in two ranges, with and without the thermostat.

Ceramic heaters have higher heating efficiency than fan heaters. Although the electric consumption of these heaters is quite more, it burns less oxygen as compared to other heaters.

7. Cost-effective

Room heaters come in a range of Rs.1000 to Rs.10, 000. It is always recommended to buy a room heater with a moderate price with all the deluxe features. If you are new to this, you can also go for a mini room heater, which comes under Rs.2000.

8. Temperature settings

Many room heaters come with temperature control. Just like you can set temperature in AC, you are allowed to set here too. This is an outstanding feature for people who have immigrated from a temperate area. The thermostat also ensures an extended period of use of room heater without any sustainable damage.

Room Heaters Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A room heater is safe to use? I have heard it is dangerous?

A room heater is designed to be safe to use, but in some exceptional circumstances, it could lead to accidents. Apart from this, it is safe to use.

  1. Are room heaters easy to use and better than heating feature in an air conditioner?

Yes, when compared to most air conditioners, a room heater is easy to use and mobile. While most air-conditioners are mounted to the wall or fixed to the window, a room heater is designed to be portable. It could be moved around as per the user’s requirement. Room heaters do not require those complicated coolant inlets and water drainage outlet tubes.

  1. The functioning of an air-conditioner and room heater is the same?

No, while air-conditioner suck air from a room, cools/heats it, and deliver back into the room, a room heater does not have such complicated functioning. All it does is simply head a coil or panel and a fan would blow to transfer this heat to the surroundings. Room heaters use the principle of convection to heat a room.

  1. Using a room heater could make one sick?

Yes, depending on how you use a room heater, the result could differ. If you leave your room heater running while you go to sleep, you would wake up with a dry mouth, headache, and maybe broken skin. Unless your room heater has a thermostat or timer feature, never sleep with your room heater turned on.

  1. Using a room heater would increase the electricity bill?

Yes, if you frequently use a room heater then, it could increase your electricity bill. On the other hand, there are room heaters that are designed to consume less power. Apart from this, if you consider leaving the heater on without turning it on and off while you are in a room could help reduce electricity bill. Remember, each time you switch off a room heater, the coil or panel cools down, when you switch it on, the coil will start heating again, this consumes power. So, instead of simply switching it on and off unnecessarily, consider letting it run till you sleep or leave the room.

  1. Central heating systems are better than room heaters?

No, when it comes to heating efficiency, power consumption, and price, a room heater is far better than a central heating system. However, if the heating product is for a large building a central heating system would be better. For household use, a room heater is the best option.

  1. Room heaters are loud? Is there any way to reduce the noise produced?

No, as far as we know, most of the room heaters available these days are comparatively silent. We do not mean perfect silence, there would be some sound, but it is bearable. If your room heater is producing too much noise, consider cleaning it, if it does not fix the issue. Check the fan bearing, improper movement of the fan blade would be a reason.


 Thinking of the right time to buy a room heater in winter is useless. With every passing day; you are challenging your health. We hope you liked the collection of our top 10 room heaters.

We are looking forward to helping you in the near time. Happy shopping!  

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