Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner In India 2021 – Price & Review

#1 Ecovacs #2 Eufy #3 iRobot
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Over many years, technology has improved a lot, and so is the house chore activities. Initially, cleaning a house used to be too difficult and time-consuming. Some people got body aches as a result of this. Slowly, vacuum cleaners replaced the manual process. It has made cleaning an easy process. All you need to do is plug it to a power, hold the vacuum cleaner and turn the switch on. Then the vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt from carpets or any type of floor. All you need to do is move around the house, holding it to clean each area in the house. First of all, this reduces so much manual work, and it does in less time. Also, cleaning carpets is a difficult task which is handled perfectly with a vacuum cleaner. 

Top 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Best Selling

Even though using a vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver for you, doing it often might be a tedious task if you are in a busy daily schedule. For this purpose, robotic vacuum cleaners are introduced. These are an advanced version of vacuum cleaners. All you need to do is press a button and it does its work. You can work on other things meanwhile. This is a beneficial option for people going to work. Also, some of these robotic vacuum cleaners can be automated, which means you can schedule a time to clean daily, and the robotic vacuum cleaner works accordingly. Some can be connected to your mobile devices so you can efficiently operate them through mobile. These different types of robotic vacuum cleaners are available in the market, both online and offline.

These work on all kinds of floors like hardwood or carpet. You can select a stronger one if you have pets in your house. Based on the features and budget, many robotic vacuum cleaners are available in the market. If you are new to these cleaners, in this post we are providing a buying guide for you to check factors before selecting. Along with that, for your convenience, we have consolidated a list of best robotic vacuum cleaners available so that you can also select a product of your choice. Let us get started.

#1. Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

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Ecovacs Robotic vacuum cleaner is the first one from our recommended list. This robotic cleaner is a perfect cleaner, even if you have pets. Firstly, it works perfectly on both hard floors as well as on carpets. The normal mode of cleaning is enough for even sucking pet’s hair. However, there is another mode called max mode which allows the robotic cleaner to clean rigid dirt, and on special occasions, you can clean the house with this mode on. There are also 3 selective modes on this cleaner – auto, edge and spot modes. Auto mode can be used regularly for more general cleaning. Edge mode can be used whenever you are planning on cleaning specific edges. Spot mode allows for intensive cleaning at a specified area. With connectivity to the app, you can select these modes or scheduled cleaning time and continuously monitor the status. This robotic cleaner is even compatible with Google Home and Alexa devices. Your furniture is always protected with the anti-collision, anti-drop sensors and bumpers which have soft cushions. The vacuum runs for about 120 minutes after a single charge. With a large dustbin, the whole house can be cleaned without frequently cleaning the bin. 


  • The vacuum cleaner cleans the floor in 3 stages for precise cleaning
  • The max mode helps for intense deep cleaning 
  • There is connectivity with the app to control functions.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google home
  • It works with a low sound level.


  • Some people complained about the app not working properly

#2. Eufy BoostIQ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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With 6 different cleaning modes, Eufy provides an all-round cleaner for your home needs. With the help of a remote, you can control all these functions with a single touch. It can suck pet hairs from the hard floor with the enhanced suction strength using the max mode. Debris and hair can be easily cleaned using this mode. The vacuum cleaner can be used on wooden, cement, ceramic tile floors or undercoat carpet. Whenever the vacuum cleaner runs out of charge, it automatically goes to the base system to recharge itself. It operates silently without creating much noise, and it also avoids obstacles by the anti-collision system. One other useful feature of this robotic vacuum cleaner is that it also has the mopping ability built within it. With iDrop technology, you do not need to worry about dripping water when the cleaner stops at a place. With a large dustbin capacity of 750 ml, you do not need to empty the bin frequently. The water tank capacity is 450ml. A single charge can keep your cleaner working up to 300 minutes. 


  • 6 Cleaning modes available for customized cleaning
  • Mop and dry cleaning are available both in a single cleaner.
  • iDrop technology to not drip water from the vacuum cleaner whenever it is not running


  • Some users have issues with the quality

#3. Trifo Ironpie Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank

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Constant efforts are being made to RoboVac to provide users with the best features possible. This latest model has become the slimmest model with 2.85 inches, which means the cleaner can easily get under furniture to clean dirt. Even though the size got reduced, it’s suction power got increased by 1300 Pa, and the cleaner works silently. With BoostIQ Technology, the suction power is increased within 1.5 seconds whenever you require that extra cleaning. For avoiding obstacles, infrared-sensor is used, and the drop-sensing technology helps it to detect falls. The battery can stay up to 100 minutes after every charge and automatically starts charging when it is out of power.


  • RoboVac model is the slimmest model of all
  • Maximum suction power with BoostIQ Technology
  • Infrared-sensor and drop-sensing technology. 


  • Some people felt that the battery is not up to the mark

#4. Irobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot

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The next robotic cleaner is for mopping the floor. It means this robot works on all hard floors like tile, vinyl, hardwood, etc.; the cleaner can be operated using the foot. Once the cleaning is done, the cleaner returns to its initial position. The cloth used for mopping is easy to attach or remove via a magnetic multi-purpose cleaning pad, which is detachable. Then you can select a cleaning mode to start acting on the floor. With an indoor GPS, you can locate your cleaner with the NorthStar navigation system. It easily cleans edges, areas close to walls and tight spaces. The charging system is compact and can fit easily in smaller areas and the cleaner gets charged completely in 2 hours. It is also smart enough not to enter raised transitions like carpets or rugs.


  • Used for mopping the floor and works on all kinds of hard floors
  • The cleaner works smartly by returning to its initial position once cleaning is done and does not enter raised areas
  • The cloth can be easily attached to the cleaning pad
  • With GPS you can locate the cleaner easily


  • Some customers felt that the mopping isn’t working for them

#5. ILIFE V80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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The last item from our list is the Ilife V80 vacuum cleaner. There are 5 cleaning modes available for customized cleaning. With a touch of the button on the remote, you can easily change modes. The suction power is great enough that it can suck the pet’s hair easily. You can even increase the suction power to a maximum by max mode. With a scheduling system, you can easily schedule the cleaning of your house at any time of the day. A large dustbin is provided with the vacuum so that you do not need to empty it often. You can even mop the floor with a water tanker.


  • There are 5 cleaning modes available 
  • Maximum suction capacity to clean touchest dirt like pets hair
  • Scheduling the cleaning time can be done
  • Comes with large dustbin
  • Mopping facility is also available


  • Nothing as such


Buying Guide For Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When you do not have any idea about what to consider before even buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, the below buying guide aids you in making your decision. So, read through the below guide and then decide from the products that we have listed in the previous section.

House size

First thing’s first, you need to consider the size of your house. Some robotic cleaners work well in smaller areas and houses while others can be efficient in large houses may be up to 2000 square feet size. Your selection should consider this factor. Otherwise, you end up having a cleaner which cannot cover the whole house or the one which has features more than your house size. Also, the area under furniture needs to be considered too. Some cleaners do not fit under the furniture, and hence they will not be able to vacuum this area. So, when considering to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, calculate your house size and area under furniture to select an apt one.

Floor Type

Another important factor to consider is the floor type. Some people have hardwood, and some others have carpets/rugs. Select a robotic vacuum cleaner by seeing its specification about floor cleaning. More power is required when it comes to carpet or rug. A high-end robotic vacuum cleaner can detect the surface changes faster and increase/decrease the power based on the floor type. Remember that sometimes rugs get caught inside the cleaner when it is not meant for rug type floor. If you have a hardwood floor across your house, you can select a lower version of these robotic vacuum cleaners. However, for carpet or rug type, you need to consider the high-end type or high power models.

Wifi Option

Having a wifi option means you can easily communicate with the robotic vacuum cleaner about cleaning options easily. Some vacuum cleaners come with this option, which means you have an app associated with the robotic cleaner, and whatever you command through the app, the vacuum cleaner does the work. Also, the app often offers collaboration with Alexa or Google Assistant, which means giving a command through the app by voice-command just does the work. If you do not want to invest in this wifi connectivity, most of the robotic vacuum cleaners come with remote controls that you can use to control the robot.


One of the important factors to consider is the budget. Robotic vacuum cleaners are often pricier than normal vacuum cleaners. The more money you invest in these vacuum cleaners, the more features you get. However, don’t be disappointed if your budget is low. You always get good robotic vacuum cleaners at all ranges of budget.


If you are a person who has pets and often have a dog’s fur or cat hair on the floor and allergens in the air, do not worry. Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners are pretty good to collect the hair or fur, and with HEPA filters, the allergens are also caught. This way, you will be free of all the mess. However, you need to remember that the bins that collect the fur or hair and the HEPA filters need to be cleared quite often. And after recommended uses, these may need to be replaced too. This maintenance is important.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to consider. Luckily, most of the robotic vacuum cleaners can have battery lasting one cleaning session, which is 1 hour. Some high-end cleaners might last for 2 hours. Some have a feature of going back to the base stations to get charged and continue cleaning after.

Final Words

With all the above buying guide details, you might get an idea of what factors to look at before purchasing. Also, the list that we have provided is a consolidated best list to purchase the robotic vacuum cleaners online. Go ahead and click on the link that we have provided to further look at the details and reviews.

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