Best Rechargeable Emergency Light 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Emergency lights are one of the most vital things in life. Have you ever faced crisis during the times of power cut or when the inverter falls down? Emergency lights are the perfect solutions that help around in the time of dark and when the lights are out. And paired with the situation in India where the power cuts are quite common around, then these emergency lights become one of the best useful things around. 

It’s quite often that we reach for the emergency lights or even torch as soon as the power is out. We all should have an emergency light with us back at home as this helps around in need. It is best advised to keep the emergency light pretty near to you. And the lights that you seek should also befit some of the basic needs like good battery backup, and good light area and pretty easy to hold onto.

Best Rechargeable Emergency Light

The market is filled with these diverse options that come with fleeting price and functionality. We here look into these top picks and would present it to you as part of our Top 10 list. Read along as we look into the top 10 best of the emergency lights that you can buy for your home. 

#1 Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern


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The first one in our list is from the Philips with their Ujjwal Plus rechargeable emergency light. This one is one of the top sellers of the bunch and have been known to perform quite well. They have certainly helped around with this particular offering. 

It comes with 40 x LED’s inside and provides a light of 250 Lumens. It has Philips latest LED technology that makes sure that the light source remains safe and lasts long. It also comes with 360 degree bright based light and has a plated reflector so that the there’s a large light source area. It’s pretty handy in size and comes with push button for on/off. It also has a cable and plug included for charging. It comes with 6 months of warranty. It offers a back up of up to 4 hrs. 

Why to buy

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Latest LED technology from Philips 
  • 4 hrs battery backup 

 Why not to buy

  • Absence of charging indicator

#2 DP 7103 6.6-Watt 66 SMD LED Emergency Light 


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Placed at second in our list is the one from DP with its 6.6-watt SMD LED emergency light. This one comes with a solar panel charge port and features 66 SMD LED’s that allow for the better light. It has soft light lampshade which doesn’t affect the eyes and comes with a stepless adjustment for brightness. It has a base stand that helps it to stand on the table or the flow and comes with a power of 6.6 watts. 

The luminous fix for this one is 462 lumens. It has a pretty large capacity battery of 2500 mAh and comes with wall hang-able holes that helps it to either hang on the walls or more.   

Why to buy

  • Soft light lampshade
  • Stepless adjustment for brightness
  • High capacity battery 

Why not to buy

  • Battery backup might be an issue

#3 Havells Rayline 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Batten

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The third one in our list is from Havells with its Rayline series. Havells are one of the best brands when it comes to performance and this rechargeable LED batten completely adheres to it. It comes with 6 watts of power and has two dimming modes with it. It also has a pull chord switch that helps in on-off of the same. It has a lithium ion battery of 2000 mAh which comes with low glare light and has milky acrylic diffuser. 

It features a dimming switch that is mounted on the design along with a rope-based switch that acts as on/off option. It comes with 6 months of warranty. 

Why to buy

  • Impressive design
  • Pull chord switch
  • Low glare light along with acrylic milky diffuser
  • High performance 

Why not to buy

  • The light cord is small so you need another charger to connect with it

#4 Syska EML-4262 Emergency Rechargeable Light


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Syska is one of the top rated companies in India when it comes to electrical appliances. And their rechargeable lights stake the claim. It comes with 48 bright SMD lantern and comes with a perfect foil for the indicator light. 

It has a working time of 8 hrs and comes with a dim light of 15 hrs and has a charging time of 15-24 hrs. It has the automatic turn on option automatically when the battery turns on. It comes with 6V 2Ah battery lead acid based rechargeable one. it has a Red LED indicator light that shows up in the charging option. Syska packs this one with 0.8 m AC power cord and also a plug.

Why to buy

  • Auto-on option
  • 8 hrs of working time. 15 hrs of dim time
  • 48 bright SMD lantern
  • Red LED indicator when charging

Why not to buy

  • Price tends to be a bit high

#5 Bajaj. ABS Plastic ELX 16 LED Emergency Light


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We have Bajaj coming in at the fifth one with this ABS Plastic ELX 16 LED light. This one comes with a battery operated rechargeable option. It has a dimension of 70 x 250 x 120 mm and has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. It has a LED life of 50,000 hrs and can offer a time of 6 hrs. It has rechargeable battery with low maintenance. It has an impressive design and comes with switch on/off option. It comes with 16 LED bulbs.

Why to buy

  • Stylish design
  • 6 hrs run time
  • High battery capacity

Why not to buy

  • The size may be small for some

#6 iBELL 8430 Rechargable Emergency Light LED Tube


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Next up we have the one from iBELL with tis 8430 rechargeable emergency light. This one comes with high bright LED tube. It comes in a white and red color combination and has a wall mountable based lantern. It comes with unbreakable transparent based cover and has a rechargeable sealed based acid battery. It comes loaded with a standard warranty of 6 months which can be extended further for 6 months with a free registration. 

Why to buy

  • High bright LED tube
  • Stylish look
  • Unbreakable transparent cover
  • Standard 6 months warranty with additional 6 months warranty upon registration

Why not to buy

  • Battery backup isn’t always high

#7 Qualimate 716 Portable Emergency Light Rechargeable 


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Qualimate is another of those top ranked companies around that is known for the emergency lights. This one comes with 30 LED rechargeable lights that come with impressive light skills. It comes with 9.5 x 2.8 x 2 inches. It has a LED light source and has a rechargeable battery. The battery integrated in this one is a maintenance free piece and comes with long life. It has a battery capacity of 1600 mAh.

Why to buy

  • 30 LED lights
  • Bright LED light source
  • Maintenance free battery

Why not to buy

  • Battery backup may be a bit low

#8 Impex IL-676 Rechargeable LED Lantern – 24cm


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Impex is one of those brands which offers quite a few smart and compatible appliances. It comes with rechargeable LED lantern that comes with Impex IL-676 LED. It’s a perfect piece of precision and power and comes with li-lion battery. It has a rugged front cover and features a high bright LED. 

It also has overcharge and over discharge based protection. The battery backup stands on this one 3 hrs on full brightness and 6 hrs on the normal usage. It has a tough body with ergonomic and compact based body. 

Why to buy

  • Premium design
  • Good battery backup
  • High bright LED
  • High capacity

Why not to buy

  • Durability might be an issue

#9 Everest Rechargeable LED Emergency Light 


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Next up is the one from Everest with its rechargeable 180 degree emergency light. This one comes with an adjustable switch and features a 180 degree based bright light and comes with a plated reflector that comes with larger illumination area. It has a handy size and comes with a mobility with handy usage. It has a compact design and comes with cable and plug included. There’s also an on/off  button.

Why to buy

  • Impressive and compact design
  • Larger illumination area
  • Highly mobile

Why not to buy

  • Brightness might be an issue

#10 Havells Galaxy 5-Watt Rechargeable Lantern


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Rounding up our list is Havells with another entry into our list. This one comes in a lantern form and has a power wattage of 5 watts. It comes with rechargeable battery that adheres to long back-up. It has a lithium ion battery of 4400 mAh and comes with 180 degree illumination. It features bright light and has a 6 months of warranty.

Why to buy

  • High battery backup of 4400 mAh
  • 180 degree illumination
  • 6 months warranty

Why not to buy

  • Price might be an issue when compared to other pieces.

These are the top rated ones among the list of best emergency lights available around in the market. We had set upon some parameters that allowed us to reach to the list of best ten of them. We hope you like the same. 

Top 5 Best Emergency Light Brands in India

India is home to plenty of top emergency lights and lantern brands who all offer top notch products. They have a lineup of one of the most practical and worthy of pieces for people. We here take on the best of the brands to see which ranks as the top 5 among all in India. Read along.

  • Philips

Philips is one of the top ranked electrical appliance manufacturer in India and they rank on top for their performance and products. They have multiple series under their tutelage each of them coming in with their own allure of features and facilities. Their Ojas, Ujwal, Slimray, Lifelight series have made quite a mark in India and is home to best of facilities. 

  • Havells

Another of those best electric appliance manufacturer in India, Havells stands on top of the line for many products. Their efficient performance have allowed them to be on the folklore of the electrical world. Their emergency lights come in form of Glanz, Ranger, Rayline series and much more. We also have the rayline piece featured in our top ten list above. 

  • Wipro

Wipro stands as certainly the best brand when it comes to performance wise in India. Their electrical bulbs and more have always garnered top reviews over the years. And they certainly have upped the game with the launch of emergency lights and more. Their emergency lights come in different series all of which are loved throughout.

  • Syska

Syska is one of those up and coming electrical appliance manufacturer company which has been taking long strides over the years. They have a range of LED products coming along and certainly have taken the hold the market. Their emergency lights come in LED variant and are rechargeable with high performance guaranteed. 

  • Onlite

Not many of us know about the Onlite brand but when it comes to electrical appliance and emergency lights, Online certainly stakes the top claim. They come along with a range of emergency lights that offer varying degrees of lighting features from dimming to ultra-bright. Their products further come along with the best of features and stands a long time when it comes to performance.

Things to know before buying Emergency Light.

There goes quite alot of consideration into emergency lights before you settle down on one. Emergency lights just as with the other electrical appliances require a bit of test and research which would allow you to get the best piece possible. Here’s us with the things you need to know while buying an emergency light.

  • Charging option

One of the major things for the emergency light is the kind of charging system that it uses. Quite a few emergency lights these days come with both the solar and normal grid charging or just one. You can get the one based on your preference and budget.

  • Light display- Choose only LED

LED lights are the modern day trend. And there’s a reason for it. It comes with higher light based intensity and as low power consumption than others. It also has longer shelf life than CFL and other variants.

  • Battery Backup

People buy emergency lights so that they can use it in times of need. Emergency lights are the need of times during power cut and more and certainly you’d want something that stands more in battery backup. Normally the lights offer about 3-4 hrs of backup whilst the max can go upto 8-10 hrs. Look for the one that suits your need. 

  • Intensity of the light

Intensity of the emergency light matters quite a lot. It’s not that just having more number of LED’s would automatically give you more light. It’s more about the intensity of the light that matters the most. Always look for the lamp that has higher intensity as that will give you more light to study and work.

  • Charging time for battery

Apart from battery backup, another major thing for the battery is the charging time taken by it. Normally the average charging time should be around 8-10 hrs for a lamp that would offer a backup of 10-12 hrs at minimum.

  • Warranty

Always look for the warranty aspect in a emergency light. See whether it comes with 6 months or warranty or not as that is the normal theme going around. Some may offer additional 6 months to you. Look for the best option of all.

How to charge Emergency Light?

Emergency light come with an in-built charging point which can be plugged into a power source to charge it. The in-built charger allows for the NiCd cells to change and that gives the power. As and when the power is out, the electronics inside change from charging mode to power mode and runs the light. You can simply just use the cable and the plug given to you by the company as part of the emergency light package. Connect it to a power source and you’d be good to go.

How long do Emergency Lights be powered on?

Emergency lights are there for a purpose. It is there so that you can get the light source during the time of power failure or cuts. As is the case, normally the emergency lights come with different varying battery backup ranging from 3-4 hrs to 10-12 hrs. It is mandated that an emergency light battery must have at least 90 minutes of continuous run time so as to assure that the battery is alright.

The 90 minutes load time is the perfect foil for making sure that the lights be tested and checked for better assurance. If it doesn’t pass the load test then it would be time for replacing the battery.

How to Test Rechargeable Emergency Light?

An emergency light battery can be tested along with a pretty easy task. You won’t need much of a fuss for this one and can easily test the light with a few tips. Just make sure of these following steps and you’d be good to go. There are altogether multiple batteries in an emergency light and one battery may affect the performance of all. So always make sure that the battery is working perfectly.

Here’s how you can do it. All you need is:

  1. Pen and paper
  2. Marker pen
  3. Batteries that gets removed from the light
  4. Calculator

Open the emergency light and remove the battery from inside. If there are multiple batteries open them and mark them with the pen as one, two, three and more. Take the multimeter with yourself and them measure the ampere-hours. Note down these readings as they will come of use later. 

Repeat the sequence for all the batteries and then you can compare the readings between them. If the values are different in the batteries then it may mean that the batteries are simply not fully charged. 

You can further evaluate by doing the computation for every single battery as:

(Multimeter reading/ battery level specs) * 100 = Percentage of battery charged

You can take in the example as if the battery comes with 2000 mAh label and if the multimeter shows that is 1500 mAh, then this means that,

(2000/1500) * 100 = 75% charged.

If any of the battery showcases percentage low than 50% then it is time to change or replace the battery. You can note down all of the battery percentages and compare to see whether they are similar or not. If there seems to be a substantial difference then you should probably replace the battery. 

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