Best Mobile With Keypad in India 2021 – Top Rated

#1 Nokia 105 #2 Nokia 106 #3 Nokia 3310
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Mobile phones have become an intact part of our lives. They are used in personal as well as professional fronts. They are generally of three types – cell phones, feature phones, and smartphones. They can either have keypad or touch screen functionality. Generally, keypad phones are more durable, less costly, and have a primary function of call making. Apart from call making these phones can also have other additional features. You can use these as secondary mobile phones. They serve well in emergencies because they have exceptional battery life. They are also very reliable and resourceful.

Top 5 Mobile With Keypad – Best Selling

Here, we have listed five keypad phones available in India in 2020. This list includes cell phones as well as feature phones. We have also provided a buying guide as well as the pros and cons of the handsets to help you choose the best keypad phone. We have considered features like – battery life, durability, design, functionality, and many features to bring this list to you. We hope our article will help you. Let us discuss these phones in detail:

#1. Nokia 105 Keypad Phone Single SIM

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This device by Nokia comes in three colour variants, namely – black, blue and pink. It has a display of 1.8 inches with a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. This provides the user with vibrant screen visuals. It consists of an 800 mAH battery, which will last long hours between charges. Nokia 105 has a single SIM card slot. It comes with basic features such as – clock, calculator, ultra-torch, calendar, and more. It weighs only 163 grams and hence is very easy to carry. It has a Candybar phone form factor.

The keypad of this phone has a very sleek design and is analogue in nature. This phone also has a power-saving mode feature. You can also use wireless FM Radio on this phone. This handset can also be used to send and store SMS.  Nokia provides its users with a whole year of device warranty and six months warranty for accessories from the date of purchase.


  • It has a very compact size and is easy to carry around. 
  • It has great battery life. It comes in three beautiful colour variants.
  • Hundreds of contacts can be saved on this phone.


  • It only supports a single SIM card. 
  • Voice clarity of the phone is not very good. 
  • It does not have a camera.

#2. Nokia 150 Keypad Phone Dual SIM


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This dual SIM supporting handset by Nokia comes in two colour variants, which are – black and white. Its shell is made up of polycarbonate, which makes it scratch-proof and fall-proof. It has a 0.3 MP rear camera with a flashlight. This handset is very well designed and looks very stylish. It has a 16 MB RAM, which makes the functionality of this phone very fast. 

The phone has a 1020 mAH Lithium-ion battery with a talk time of 22 hours.  The battery life is such that it can last for up to 25 days on standby. The charger that comes with this phone is micro-USB type which makes charging of the phone very fast and convenient. Other features of this phone include – Bluetooth 3.0 with Slam, series 30+ OS, clock, calendar, calculator and more.

This phone weighs only 81.6 grams and is very easy to carry. The display size is 2.4 inch, i.e. 6.096 cm with a resolution of 230 X 320 pixels. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack as well. The buyer gets a warranty of one year for the device and a warranty of 6 months for other accessories provided with the phone. The keypad in this phone is of analogue type.


  • The functionality of this phone is commendable. 
  • The battery life is also great. 
  • The phone also provides great voice call clarity. 
  • It also supports an external SD card.


  • There are very fewer variants in colour of this phone.
  • This phone does not support 4G SIM cards. 
  • Some buyers have reported defects in the charger.


#3. Nokia 106 Keypad Phone Dual SIM

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This keypad phone by Nokia is priced at a very affordable and economical price. It has a 1.8 inch (4.572 cm) display with a resolution of 160 X 128 pixels. It has dual SIM card slots that support GSM SIM cards. The battery of this phone is of 800 mAH and is a Lithium-ion type battery.  It has a 4 MB RAM and weighs only 68 grams. It is designed very well and is easy to carry around. You can play and buy games like Nitro Dash, Snake Xenzia, Tetris and more on this phone.

This phone can hold up to 2000 contacts. It can also store messages up to 500, which makes it very reliable and resourceful for networking.  The shell of this phone is made up of polycarbonate. It is built to last a long time and is scratch-proof as well as fall-proof. A single charge will let you have a talk time of over 15 hours. The battery will never disappoint you. You will get a device warranty of one year and an accessory warranty of 6 months if you buy this phone.


  • The battery is long-lasting and very effective. 
  • It has a very sleek design and fits well in hands. 
  • Other basic features like – calculator, clock, calendar etc. are also available.


  • Some users have reported lag in its functionality. 
  • It is not available in many colour variants. It does not have Bluetooth.


#4. Micromax X741 Keypad Phone Dual SIM

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 This feature phone by Micromax has a very sleek design and is easy to carry around. It comes in black and grey in colour at an affordable price. It has a display of 6.1 cm and a RAM of 32 MB. The handset is 15 cm in length and has a great screen resolution. What makes this keypad handset unique is the power saving mode feature, which can save you long hours of battery. 

The battery provided in this phone is of 1750 mAH. It can last for days in standby. You can also record phone calls as well as save those recordings on this phone. It weighs 222 grams and has a standby time of 24 hours with data. You will receive a charger as an additional accessory with this phone. 

The user guide provided by Micromax is user-friendly and easy to use. This phone uses 2G connectivity technologies. It has a 0.3 MP rear camera and Bluetooth feature as well. It has a very bright flashlight. You can also use FM Radio on this phone. It comes at a very affordable and economical price. 


  • Voice calls can be recorded and saved on this phone. 
  • This phone has a power-saving mode which will not let the device eat up battery.
  • It supports SD cards up to 16 GB memory. 
  • The battery life of this phone is excellent.


  • The functionality of this phone has not been rated well by users. 
  • Earphones are not provided with this handset.

#5. Samsung Guru Music 2 Dual SIM

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 This phone comes in four colour variants, namely – black, white, gold and blue. There are two slots for SIM cards in this phone, but only GSM SIM cards can be inserted and used in this handset. This phone is very efficient when it comes to playing music. The central navigation button of this phone has been provided with a play/pause button which is a very resourceful and reliable feature. 

The phone also has a provision of inserting an external memory card of up to 16 GB. Due to this expansion in memory, you can save up to 3000 songs on this phone. The display of this phone is 2 inches, i.e. 5.1 cm in size and has a resolution of 128 X 160 pixels. This enhances the viewing experience a lot. You can also use FM Radio on this phone. 

The battery of this phone is of Lithium-ion type and is of 800 mAH. It provides you with a talk time of 11 hours. The CPU speed of this handset is 208 MHz. The speakers on this phone are also very loud. Samsung provides you with a device warranty of one year and an accessory warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase.  Other basic features of this phone include – calendar, clock, calculator and much more. The shell of this phone is very durable and scratch-proof.  The price of this phone is very economical and cost-effective.


  • It comes in four colour variants. 
  • It is a great device when it comes to playing music. 
  • The keypad of this phone is of analogue type and also has a lock feature.


  • There is no camera on this phone.
  • You cannot use CDMA SIM cards on this phone.

Buying Guide For Best Mobile With Keypad 

Selecting the right mobile phone is all about understanding your needs first. During the purchase, you can check a plethora of factors, but it might get tricky to land on one product. So, we made a list of factors that you might not willing to miss. Let’s have a deep dive –

Display Size: The size of the display seems like the first important thing when everyone buys a phone, and it plays a vital role in usability. So, you should know what size feels the most pleasing to your needs. A mobile phone with 1.8-inch display fulfils the needs and provides you with additional advantages. You also need to check out the resolution and, in this case, we think that 240 x 320 is optimal, to begin with. 

Battery Capacity: A mobile phone with a large display, great speakers, but poor battery life is not going to offer you a satisfactory feel. Most of the people buy a mobile phone with a keypad as a secondary device. A 1000 mAh battery is good enough to provide two days of battery backup in such devices, and if you want higher capacity, you better increase the budget. 

Manufacturer and After-sale Services: Going with a reputed manufacturer of the mobile phone will serve the need and help you expect genuine after-sale services. Most of the brands like Nokia, Samsung and many others are well established in India, and they have adequate customer support with repair centres around the country. It ensures you a safer deal and makes you avoid wasting money on a poor-quality fancy device.

Consider the features you are expecting: Needless to mention that premium built quality isn’t everything to fulfil the desire. So, you must consider the features of the basic features. Calendar, calculator, alarm clock, media player, mini-games are common features that you can expect. Even if you want dual-SIM functionality, then you must check out that specific variant.   

Know Your Budget: Keypad mobile phones are available for different price ranges, and if you want a good quality option with additional tweaks into the same, you better consider keeping the budget above 1,000 INR. This budget is good enough to help you meet with variety and colour options. On the other hand, you can find better features in those devices.

Go After Reviews: Whether you are willing to buy a low-end keypad device or a premium one, it would be better if you take a quick glare at reviews. It helps you know if there is any flaw in the device or not. Apparently, devices from reputed manufacturers have heartwarming reviews, and they can help you finalize the perfect deal and save you money while grabbing the best deal.


Keypad mobile devices are much more durable, offer great battery life, and are perfect as a second companion with your primary mobile phone. Going through the mentioned factors will help you cease the right deal and get satisfactory results from the same. Being selective with the brand is essential, and it saves a ton of time while concluding the best one among such a wide variety. We hope that you have a great mobile buying experience during the selection of the products we have mentioned above. 


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