10 Best Hair Dryers In India 2021 – Expert Reviews and Guide

Generally, for medium length of hair, it takes at least a couple of hours to dry them after a hair wash. The time for drying hair can be even more if your hair is long. And even when you think the strands of your hair have dried, your crown may steal be a little damp. Sometimes, even in the high heat weather of India, your hair still won’t dry. Drying hair is extremely important. If you don’t, your hair will end up smelling pretty bad, and that is never a good thing. After all, who wants to rewash their hair just to eliminate that false smell, right?

In such a situation, hairdryers come as a great rescue and simply reduce the time required for hair drying to just 5 to 10 minutes. Unbelievable right? With the advancement in their designs, you get even more benefits with which you can style your hair as you dry them. You will just need to watch a couple of hairstyling videos on the internet and boom; you get a great hairstyle with a huge volume of hair right at your home. This way, you will be able to flaunt those hair locks as much as you want.

Best Buy Hair Dryer Online In India

We know no one wants to spend hours and hours just for the drying process. Many people also stop letting their hair open just because they didn’t have the time to wash and dry it. This is just sad, and we want to help you if this happens to you too. Today, we are here with ten of the best hair dryers you can buy very easily if you are an Indian resident. All these hair dryers are amazing, as we have only picked and reviewed the best of best. Let’s discuss all of them –

1: Panasonic EH-ND11-A6B2 Hair Dryer

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Panasonic is a reputed brand all over the world. You can fully trust them with all of their appliances. We were quite impressed by this blue hairdryer by them, and we truly felt that it deserved the first spot on our list. It consumes 1000 watts of power, which is okay for Indian household usage. Indians have coarser hair compared to westerners, which is why their hair takes longer to dry. This is also why the hair dryers that we use need to be extremely powerful.

This hairdryer, however, will suffice all those needs. Other than regular blow speed, you can also use it in the turbo dry mode. In this mode, the dryer only takes a few minutes to dry all your hair from the root to the tips. If you are not a fan of blue color, you can also choose the appliance from two other colors: white and pink. The pink version of this hairdryer will also cost you lesser and still serve all the benefits. Buy this fantastic hair dryer now.

What we liked

  • There are three lovely colors that you can pick this hair dryer from.
  • Styling and drying are effortless with this product.
  • It can be controlled at two speeds, and the entire hairdryer is highly portable.
  • The cord is 1.8 m long, and it also never gets tangled easily.

What we didn’t like

  • We found no drawbacks to this hairdryer.

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2: Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

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The model of this Philips hairdryer is exceptionally famous in India. You will find it in almost every drawer of a girl’s dressing table. It operates by consuming 1200 Watts of power and can work on all hair types. No matter who thick or coarse your hair is, this dryer will help you style your hair with the utmost freeness. It always offers an optimum hair flow, and at the lowest speed settings, that air does not even feel hot. However, as you keep increasing the speed, the blowing air gets dryer and more heated.

You can use it regularly to get beautiful results on your hair. It is also equipped with a fabulous ThermoProtect setting. This setting helps prevent overheating on your hair roots and hair shafts. In this way, your hair gets dry and still does not lose the natural moisture that allows them to be silky and smooth. Also, the handle of this dryer is foldable. Due to this reason, you can easily store it even if your dressing drawer does not have too much space. This dryer is here to meet all of your hair drying needs.

What we liked

  • This hair dryer has a foldable design, which saves vast storage space.
  • There is a concentrator in the product’s design, which helps focus the airflow on wet hair so that drying does not take a lot of time.
  • There are three-speed settings in this dryer that can be used as per your hair type and hair drying needs.

What we didn’t like

  • We do not have any cons of this hairdryer.

3: Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer

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The Havells HD3101 hairdryer is the appliance that is continuously being used in many professional hair salons to meet the hair drying needs. And even after offering such huge services, its price is still less. Can you believe it? This is why many people have started buying it for personal uses. Whether you are a male or a female, you can buy this hairdryer and get your hair styled in the best ways right at your home. What more can one wish for?

However, you have to know that there are only two speed and heat setting in the product. They are known as hot and warm. The warm mode takes more time for drying when compared to the hot mode; however, it is more delicate to the hair shafts and roots. Additionally, we love the white and pink design of this product. This color combination makes the appliance look incredibly adorable. Furthermore, the power consumption of this hairdryer is rated at just 1200 Watts.

What we liked

  • The price of this hairdryer is such that many citizens can afford it.
  • The drying and styling results of this hair dryer by Havells are long-lasting.  
  • The heat distribution on wet hair is always even and uniform with this amazing hairdryer.

What we didn’t like

  • If you have incredibly fragile hair, you should not buy this hairdryer.

4: Syska HD1600 Hair Dryer

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This is a trendsetter hairdryer by Syska, which is available in some unique colors. Some of these colors include – purple, pink, and teal. They are all closely priced, so you won’t have to give up on a color you like. If you often have frizzy hair after using a hairdryer, please know that this hairdryer will ultimately solve all of those problems like magic. It is the only appliance that you will need to style and dry your hair simultaneously. Rather than taking away the natural oils from the hair, this dryer preserves them for a shinier hair finish.

There are two speed + heat settings in the product that allow you to have full control over the hairdryer in all situations. This way, you will also have control over the dryer’s airflow and temperature when you are just out of the bathroom with wet hair. Additionally, no matter which looks you have in your mind, this hair dryer will help you achieve it and flaunt it in full fledge. It will also protect your hair from overheating and excessive heat. This dryer is crafted in an intricate manner in Korea and comes with a warranty of two years.

What we liked

  • Only the latest expertise and technology have been incorporated while making this dryer.
  • The heat balance technology of this hairdryer is simply amazing.
  • The color variants of this hair dryer by Syska are very eye-catchy and unique.

What we didn’t like

  • The functionality of the concentrator in this hairdryer can be a little bit improved.

5: Lifelong LLPCW08 Professional Hair Dryer

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This is one of the hairdryers in India that is the first choice of many well-known hairstylists. That is how superb it is. It has a foldable design, so it is straightforward to fit in your bags and carry around. For easy styling, it has a concentrator that helps you get the perfect finish in your hair after the drying process. So even if you are new to hairdryers, you will still be able to use it quickly. Its cord is very long, and the dryer also has a hanging loop to easily manage this long cord.

You will get a warranty for one year with this professional hairdryer. However, if you register it on Lifelong’s website, you will be able to extend this warranty by six months and make it 1.5 years instead of just one year. Thus, do not forget to do that as it is a huge benefit. It has a matte design, which is unique. This is also why it will never mix with other hair appliances that you might have. Instead, it will simply stand out. The dryer only weighs 690 grams, and you can move and operate it with just one hand.

What we liked

  • This hair dryer is not too heavy and won’t cause any stiffness in the arms and palm.
  • You will get an extended warranty if you register the dryer on the brand’s website.
  • It is an excellent hairdryer for drying your hair and also for small touch-ups.

What we didn’t like

  • The wattage of this hairdryer is comparatively higher than other hair dryers that we mentioned above.

6: CHAOBA Professional Hair Dryer

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In many hair salons, you will find hairdryers that are supposed to be closely concentrated on wet hair. In this way, they take tremendously lesser time to make the hair shafts free from water droplets. The whole drying process with such kinds of dryers is fast-paced and effortless. Hence, we had to come up with at least one of these dryers here. Thus, we have for you the CHAOBA 2000 watts hairdryer. Even though the wattage may feel high to you, you should know that it is to cut down the time required for hair drying.

As you run the head of the blower closely on your hair strands, you will notice water evaporating in just a few seconds. Additionally, this same process helps in volumizing hair by a considerable degree; therefore, people who do not have dense hair on their scalp like using such hair dryers more than the other ones. The handle of the dryer is created so that you never lose your grip from it. This way, you will run the dryer even when you are alone and do not have any help around. After all, who is not the fan of those stylish locks? We surely are.

What we liked

  • This is a quick heating dryer designed to reduce the time required for the hair drying process.
  • You can use it regularly to volumize your hair thoroughly.  
  • The body of the nozzle of this dryer remains cold even after prolonged usage.
  • You can use the cool shot button to have cooler air on your hair for lesser damage.

What we didn’t like

  • This hair dryer consumes immense electrical power during its operation.

7: HANA Skin Plus Hair Dryer

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Both men and women can easily use this hair dryer as soon as they step out of the shower. It is an extremely well-rated product, and you can get great benefits out of it. Even if its retail price is high, it is often discounted online; hence you must keep checking it on e-commercial platforms to get the product at half its price. Its black design is shiny, which makes the dryer look hugely attractive. Even if you use it year after year, its drying motor will still not give, and the dryer won’t stop working.

Additionally, did you know this dryer generates negative ions? With such ions, the appliance smoothes your hair and help in locking in the moisture for a very long period. Every time you dry your hair with it, you will get and achieve a frizz-free look, which will look very appealing. Hair will dry inside out; that is how powerful this fantastic hair dryer is. You will find nothing like this dryer in the market, even if you only refine your search to the most qualitative and popular hair dryers. For a quick dry when you are running late, this hairdryer is a lifesaver.

What we liked

  • You get nozzles with this dryer that are detachable.
  • The design of the hairdryer is very safe and durable.
  • It has an AC motor which has a better life when compared to DC motors.

What we didn’t like

  • Its air filter is removable; however, the task of removal for cleaning purposes is quite tricky.

8: AGARO HD-1214 Hair Dryer

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If you are searching for a hair dryer that comes with the cool shot button, you must try this fantastic HD-1214 hairdryer by AGARO. Even after being priced at an effective rate, this dryer still comes with unique features such as the concentrator nozzle. With this nozzle, the air and heat distribution is always uniform so that you never cause any amount of damage to your hair locks. Also, this dryer has an auto shut off function with the help of which it shuts off to prevent overheating the dryer’s motor.

This is an easy-to-handle, ergonomically designed hair dryer that you can operate with great ease regularly. Also, to make your hairstyle last, try using the cool shot button. When pressed, the dryer will release cool air and help lock the shape and style of your hair for a very long time. The cord of this dryer is 2 meters long. This has to be the most extended length of the wire that we have witnessed till now in this list of best hair dryers. The long wire is why you can dry your hair even when the power socket lies far away from you.  

What we liked

  • The wire of this hair dryer remains tangle-free even when it is exceptionally long.
  • The cool shot button is handy when it comes to locking hairstyles.
  • This hair dryer will always help you in achieving a very precise hairstyle.

What we didn’t like

  • The movability of the product must be made a little easier.

9: Urban Nova Hot and Cold Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryers in India

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These days everyone owns a hairdryer. However, it is always tiresome and tough to find a hairdryer that will last years. But don’t worry because now we have the superb hair dryer by Urban Nova for you. From its design to its functionally, this hairdryer is genuinely unique. The best thing about this deal is that you will get two nozzles with this product. Both of these nozzles are detachable, so you can use the appliance without putting and attaching them on to the dryer. The dryer has an AC motor instead of a DC motor for enhanced life.

It will make your hair resistant to humidity and still reduce the frizz with the negative ions it releases. The heated air that comes out of the dryer remains at the perfect temperature. In such a temperature, the dryer dries your hair and still does not cause any damage. For using the dryer in the most useful way possible, please try referring to the manual that comes with it. Also, always use the concentrators if you wish to have a smoother finish in your hair.  

What we liked

  • The two nozzles that come with the dryer are easy to attach and detach.
  • The dryer will never slip from your hands as its grip is quite good.
  • You can change the speed of hair according to the type of hair that you are drying.

What we didn’t like

  • You will dry up your hair if you use this hairdryer every day.

10: Vega Galaxy 1100 VHDH-06 Hair Dryer

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To be honest, Vega hair dryers have completely blown away in the market. The reason being their low rates and high durability. However, their popular demand is also the courtesy of their hair dryer design, so let’s not forget it. Today, we have the Vega Galaxy VHDH-06 hair dryer for you. There are two settings in this dryer where one is hot while the other is cold. Like many great and long-lasting dryers, this dryer also has a foldable design. This is also why you can carry the appliance anywhere you want.

If you have fragile hair, you can use the cool settings; however, if your hair is healthy and you know how to take proper care of it, you can also switch to the high heat. The wattage of this hairdryer is comparatively low and is only rated at 1100 Watts. This appliance will prove to be the best grooming product that you ever own. These are only a few reasons why we think you should buy the Vega hairdryer. Once you own it, you will find even more and keep loving to use it on your lovely hair locks for proper hairstyling and hair drying.  

What we liked

  • The heat settings of this dryer are elementary to switch.
  • Its nozzle is detachable, and once you detach it, you will get a wider airflow when you need it.
  • This is one of the few hairdryers which has a very travel-friendly design.

What we didn’t like

  • The color of the hairdryer may slightly differ from the pictures you see online.

How To Choose The Best Hair Dryer in India

Please consider these five factors before you head to buy a hairdryer for yourself –

1. Heat Settings: Before you jump on to buy a hairdryer, make sure you have seen the number and types of hair settings it has. For fragile hair, you must stick to buying hair dryers that have heat-free settings. In such settings, the dryer only delivers normal temperature air. Such settings take time to dry your hair, but their result never damages your hair. If you like drying your hair in a superfast way, try sticking to hairdryers that have turbo boost settings.

2. Cold Shot Button: When hair dryers have a cool shot button, they are just next-level good. With the help of a cool shot button, you can lock any hairstyle for a very long time. Once you press the button, the dryer will deliver cool air to help the hair maintain its structure. Additionally, such features also let you have an incredibly smooth finish. With the cool shot button, your hair does not lose too much moisture, which helps your hair retain the shine and softness for long hours very easily.

3. Portability: Hair dryers that have a compact design are known to be extremely portable. They do not take too much space with your belongings and fit in any type of bag you might own. This will help you a lot if you are used to traveling a lot; additionally, for enjoying higher portability, look if the dryer has a foldable design. This way, the appliance will even take lesser space than you expect it to. Checking its overall dimensions before buying it is also a great idea and will help you a lot with your purchase.

4. Wattage: Since a hairdryer is an electrical appliance, it will be better to check its wattage, which signifies its overall power consumption. According to experts buying hairdryers with wattage above 2000 watts will not be a good idea. Even when you use them for a short time, they will consume huge power units. If you are buying the dryer for use at your salon, that will be even worse. Hence, stick to purchasing hair dryers that consume lesser power as such hair dryers can be used quickly multiple times.

5. Cost: Generally, hairdryers from professional and well-known brands in India are not that costly. However, it is still better to look for a hairdryer with an exceptionally cost-effective price and is always qualitative. After all, who does not like such deals, right? If you are only going to use the dryer no more than two days a week, please go with a cheaper option. However, if you are purchasing the dryer for using as styling equipment in your hair salon, you must stick to the product’s long life rather than the amount of money you will pay for it.

Hair Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is hairdryer harmful to hair?

No, drying your hair is not at all harmful for your hair if you know the correct way to use the hairdryer. A lot of people tend to blow hot hair on dry hair, and this can make your hair very frizzy. Such type of use will rob your hair of the moisture, and it may even lead to dandruff.  Always use the hairdryer when your hair is wet. Moreover, keep the heat on the low, and it will ensure that you do not over-dry your hair. It is also better to disperse the air over a large area, and you can use the broader attachment for this functionality. So, the hairdryer is not harmful if you use it correctly.

  • How reliable are battery-powered hairdryer?

Today, the market is flooded with the cordless hairdryer. They offer great flexibility to the user, but the problem is that the motor may not be as powerful as the corded ones. The heat is also very low, and if you run the cordless hairdryer on full power, the battery will be drained out very quickly. At max, you will be able to get 60 minutes of run time after charging it for a long time. If you have long hair, then we do not recommend using a battery-powered hairdryer. These models would be more of a frustration.

  • Can hairdryer help me in getting rid of lice?

If you have lice in your hair, then you might have used shampoos, chemicals and a lot of other things to get rid of lice. Many people are not aware of this fact, but the hairdryer can help you in getting rid of lice. Many researchers have claimed that blowing hot air on the scalp will kill up to 88% lice. The lice lose the moisture from their body, and they die. Thehairdryer also kills 99% of lice eggs. There is a specific hair dryer designed for the purpose, but you may even use a standard home blow dryer. It can help you in achieving 96.7% efficiency in killing the eggs of the lice.

  • What is the minimum wattage hair dryer should I buy?

While the wattage defines electricity consumption, it is also one of the factors that determine the power of the hairdryer. So, it can be said that the wattage is always directly proportional to the hairdryer. The appropriate voltage for the hairdryer would be anything between 1000 watts to 2000 watts. Most of the models that you will find in the market have a power rating of 1200 watts, and this is usually enough to dry your hair. This kind of power consumption will also not shoot your electric bill high.

  • Is it better to dry hair with cold air or with hot air?

Many people have the same question about using the hairdryer. Well, both the temperature settings have different purposes. Hot air is usually used to alter the texture of the hair. If you are trying to get curls or straight hair, then you need to use hot air. Moreover, a lot depends on the texture of your hair as well. If you have thin hair, then we recommend using cold air to dry or to make style. As a general rule, it is always better to use lower temperature as the cold hair will never damage your hair.


At last, we only want to tell you that a hairdryer is a great appliance. These days many people own them, and they have never regretted their purchase. These dryers have become so common that both men and women now own it to properly style their hair. We have tried to include only the most long-lasting hair dryers in our list above. Please read all our reviews carefully and do not forget to go through or just skim through the buying guide. We hope that you invest in a good hairdryer soon.

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