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People have started caring more for their health. People are investing more than ever in diet plans, fitness equipment, and personal trainer. While adapting to healthy habits is essential, it is even more critical to track your health. Fortunately, many brands in India offer fitness bands. The cost of the fitness bands have fallen drastically, and they are a lot more affordable now. Most of these smart bands are capable of tracking a lot of different activities. They are capable of tracking the calories burned, heart rate, sleep cycle, steps, elevation climbed, and even SPO2 levels. 

The primary function of the activity tracker remains the same in all smart bands. You can check out the additional features offered by these bands. Some of the fitness watches even allow you to install various applications, and that offers you the maximum utility. The connectivity method is Bluetooth for most of these smart bands. If you are looking for a fitness band for yourself, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best-selling smart bands available in India. Before you proceed with the reviews, it should be noted that we have not reviewed Apple Watch or Galaxy watch as those are smart watches and not the fitness bands. 

We have also ensured that we only list the smart bands that are compatible with both Apple &, android devices. So, without worrying about the compatibility, go ahead, and check out the best fitness bands available in India. We are sure that you will find a reliable fitness watch according to your needs.

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands Available in India

Even before you thought of purchasing a fitness band, we are sure that you would have had a specific product or a brand in your mind. At least, you would have a list of features that you would like to have in your fitness watch. Well, we have reviewed the top 10 best fitness bands in this section, and we have also listed all the strengths and the weaknesses associated with these smart bands. You can scroll through the reviews below, and if you want some more help then, you can check out the buying guide before going through this list.

#1 Mi Smart Band 4

 Mi Smart Band 4

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Mi smart bands are trendy, and at number 1, we have the latest offering from Mi. This band comes with a coloured AMOLED touchscreen, and it is water resistant up to 50 meters. The brand also provides watch faces, and access is 100% free. You can use the screen to change the soundtracks and to control the volume. Apart from these features, this band is capable of monitoring your heartbeat throughout the day. 

You can track a lot of different activities using the band. It lets you track an outdoor run as well as a run on the treadmill. It tracks all types of exercises, and it also tracks activities like cycling and swimming in the pool. If you use Windows 10, then this band will also allow you to unlock the laptop without having to enter the password. You get one year warranty on the purchase of this band.


  • It has an impressive battery life of 20 days.
  • The AMOLED touchscreen is very bright, and the watch has a fantastic face library as well.
  • The watch can be used for tracking various indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Mi Smart Band 4 is priced at a premium, and it is mainly because of the features that you get.

#2 HONOR Band 5

HONOR Band 5

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Another famous brand available in India is from Honor. It is the 5th generation of the fitness band, and it is priced at a similar level to that of Mi Band 4. This fitness band from Honor also has an AMOLED display, and it can also allow you to control the music that is being played on the phone. One additional feature in this band is the SpO2 monitoring. The band is really smart, and it can even recognize the swim strokes while you are swimming. Ten different fitness modes enable you to track the activities accurately.

The sleep tracker ensures that it tracks the data while you are sleeping, and in the morning, you get the data of REM, Deep Sleep, and the awake time. Honor also provides you with additional sleep faces that add fun to the watch. There are four colour options available in this band.


  • The battery of this band lasts up to 14 days.
  • It has a heart rate tracker, and it also has a sleep tracking system along with SpO2 tracker.
  • The band lets you control the music, camera, and it also acts as your assistant.


  • It is priced similar to the Mi Band, and we found it to be expensive.

#3 Mi Band 3 

Mi Band 3

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Mi is undoubtedly a favourite brand of many people. If you found Mi Band 4 to be expensive then how about considering a previous generation fitness band? It is a lot more affordable, and it has similar features. This fitness band is priced below Rs 1400, and it is quite accurate. The band also lets you unlock your Windows 10 PC without the need of the password. The battery life of this band is also 20 days. The display used on this band is a 0.78 inches OLED touchscreen.

The band also supports call as well as message alerts. You also get notification from WhatsApp, Uber, and other such applications. Since it is waterproof, you do not have to worry about damaging the band. If you are not able to find your phone, then you can also use the band to locate the phone in the room.


  • The band supports instant notifications, and it also monitors your heart rate.
  • The band also has sleep tracking, and the battery can last up to 20 days.
  • The straps offered with this band are soft, and they are very comfortable.


  • The band lacks a coloured display and many other features that you can get at a similar price point.

#4 Redmi Smart Band 

Redmi Smart Band 

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In the previous listing, we talked about a very basic fitness watch from Mi. You would agree that the band lacked some of the essential features. Here is a smart band from Redmi that is available at a similar price point but it offers a lot more features to you. This fitness band from Redmi comes with a 1.08-inch coloured touchscreen, and it also a battery life of up to 14 days. The band has over 50 watch faces, and you can always experiment with something new.

The watch is water resistant to 5 ATM pressure, and it weighs just 13 grams. The continuous heart rate tracking system ensures that it alerts you in case of a high heart rate. The band is available in 4 attractive colours. There is no need to carry a charger along with this watch as it has an in-built USB slot.


  • This fitness band can directly be plugged into a USB slot, and it means one less cable to carry.
  • The battery life of the band is 14 days, and it also has a coloured display.
  • This fitness watch has over 30 smart features, and you explore them all.


  • Some people do not like the design of the strap that comes with this fitness band.

#5 SBA999 – 250807 M4 Smart Health Band 

 SBA999 - 250807 M4 Smart Health | Band

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If you want the most affordable fitness band, then you can check out this one from SBA999 store. This band is priced below Rs 500, and it will serve the purpose of tracking fitness activities. If your child is fond of the fitness trackers, then you gift the band to him as well. This band has all the standard features like the step count, distance measurements, heart rate monitor, weather display, alarm clock, sleep tracking, and notifications from the social app.

The software of this smart health band can even measure your BP. The watch is waterproof, and it is pretty accurate. The battery of this smart band lasts for 7 to 8 days. The colour display is easy to use, and it is very sturdy as well.


  • It is one of the most affordable smart health band available in the market.
  • The band has a coloured display, and the battery lasts for about seven days.
  • The band can track sleep as well as BP.


  • Some people reported receiving a damaged or a used product which had to be replaced later.

#6 SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker 

SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker 

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ShopToShop is a brand that is known to offer gadgets at an affordable price. If you are looking for an affordable band, then this is also an option. It has a screen with a resolution of 128 x 64, and it has a 380 maH battery. The activity tracker is loaded with all the features like the call notification, SMS notification, and notification for other apps. The OLED display is very bright, and it has been covered with a toughened glass. You just need to charge it for 30 minutes to get a full battery.


  • This activity tracker is waterproof, and it also has a heart rate sensor.
  • The sleep tracker is very accurate, and it allows you to get a well-rested sleep.
  • The charging time is just 30 minutes.


  • It offers a backup of just two days.

#7 Realme Band (Black) – Full Colour Screen with Touchkey

Realme Band (Black) - Full Colour Screen with Touchkey

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We have already reviewed one Realme Band for you. Well, if you found it to be expensive, then you can check out this option. It is a refurbished option, and Amazon also offers a warranty of 6 months. Talking about the features, this fitness band has a large colour display, and it also has a heart rate monitor. The fitness band also has smart notifications enabled for all your social media apps. It can also offer notifications for apps like Uber. You can charge your watch directly as has a direct USB input. 

The sports mode in the tracker can track nine different activities. The dial face can be personalized, and it also has a battery of 10 days. The IP68 rating makes it highly resistant to water damage. The sleep quality monitoring is yet another add-on feature in this band.


  • The band is IP68 rated, and it has a lot of smart features.
  • The band can be used for tracking a workout, sleep, heart rate, and other such things.
  • The coloured display is very bright, and it is easy to use.


  • It is a refurbished product that comes with a six-month warranty.

#8 SBA A004 M4 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Smart Fitness Band 

SBA A004 M4 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Smart Fitness Band

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Here is another affordable fitness band on our list. SBA is selling this band, and it accurately records your activities. The tracker can help in recording the distance that you have travelled, and it is a must-have band for the people who love to cycle. It provides you with all the notifications on your wrist; it also monitors all the essential parameters of your body. Even when you are resting, the fitness watch is continuously monitoring your heart rate.

You can get an estimate of blood pressure with the help of this fitness band. Apart from that, it notifies you of the activities on Facebook as well as other apps. If you are not able to find the phone in the room, then you can use this fitness band to ping your phone. The app of this fitness tracker can also be used for setting the alarm, and it is very useful in waking you up at a specific time.


  • The band supports Oxygen concentration monitoring.
  • The band has a coloured screen, and it is easy to interact because of the touch screen capabilities.
  • The brand also offers a warranty policy to the buyers.


  • Accuracy of some of the metrics is questionable. 

#9 SBA999 VA- 250804 M4 Smart Band 

SBA999 VA- 250804 M4 Smart Band

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At number 9, we have the third smart band from SBA999 store. This band is compatible with iOS as well as android devices. The band of this fitness tracker features an anti-loss design that keeps your fuselage safe even when you are doing High-Intensity Training. There is a long list of activities supported by the smart band. The list includes skipping, sit-ups, step counters, exercise minutes, distance travelled, and even sleep monitoring.

The watch displays all the information on the coloured screen, and the touch feature makes it easy to use. The fitness tracker is waterproof, and it also has a heart rate monitor system on it. The tracker also gives you an estimate of the blood pressure. Overall, this smart band from SBA999 store is very affordable, and it offers true value for money to the users.


  • The design of the band ensures that you do not lose the fitness tracker.
  • The fitness band has a silicone band of fantastic quality.
  • The tracker also has different watch faces that you can use.


  • The interface of the fitness tracker is not very clean.

#10 SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band Fitness Tracker

SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band Fitness Tracker

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Here is the last fitness tracker on our list today. This model is from ShopToShop, and it is also available at an affordable price. The fitness tracker not only tracks your activities, but it also helps you with real-time notifications from social media applications. When you are sitting for too long, the app reminds you to stand-up, and it takes care of your fitness, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. 

The fitness tracker can even track your blood pressure, and it also tracks your calories burned. The sleep monitoring helps you in judging your stress levels as well as sleep quality. The watch also acts as a remote shutter so that you can get a perfect selfie every time. Some people don’t like the quality of this fitness tracker whereas some people prefer it because of the price point. 


  • The tracker helps you by tracking the sleep, activities, and heart rate. 
  • It has a notification feature for all your social media apps.
  • The standby time of the battery is close to 2 days.


  • There is no warranty information available about this fitness tracker.


Buying Guide for Fitness Band

If you have already used a fitness band, then you will have a lot fewer challenges while upgrading your fitness band. In such a case, you would know what exactly you are looking for. If you are buying a fitness watch for the first time, then we are here to help you. We have listed some of the factors that you must consider before making a purchase. It will help you in buying a fitness watch on your budget. So, let us go ahead and check out the points in the buying guide.

Design – You can start by looking at the design of the fitness band. There are multiple options available, but we recommend buying a sleek fitness band. We assume that you will be running and playing sports with the fitness band on your wrist. In such a case, the sleek design would save it from any kind of damage. Most of the fitness hands had a small oval display. These designs are standard. You can even check out the type of the band available. Most of the brands would offer a silicone band that is also resistant to microbes.

Features – You must also look at the features that you need in your fitness band. The basic feature that every band would include is the step counter, distance measurements, heart rate monitor, and activity tracker. Some of the bands also have a sleep tracker. Most of these features exploit the capabilities of the motion sensor and the accelerometer. Some bands offer even advanced features like the ability to measure the oxygen levels. A lot also depends on the UI of the band. So, you can carefully explore the features that the brand is offering you.

SPO2 Sensor – We are living in a pandemic era, and during the COVID, you always need to keep track of your oxygen levels. You can check out the fitness bands that also have an oxygen level concentration detector. These fitness bands would track the SPO2 levels of your body, and they would alert you when you need medical attention. If you are involved in sports, then also the feature will be useful. It will let you know when your body is getting suffocated. Most of the people are ready to pay a little extra for such features.

Accuracy – There is no point in buying an activity tracker that is not accurate. In such a case, you must check for the accuracy of the fitness band. It may be difficult to gauge the accuracy levels before the purchase. The only way to measure the accuracy could be to check the reviews of the users. A lot of users would have already shared their thoughts, and experiences about the activity tracker that you are interested in. Ensure that whatever you are buying is accurate enough to give you a real picture of your fitness. 

Display – The display of the fitness bands is usually small. It is still worth checking the size of the display. In addition to this, you must go through the resolution of the display. Some of the fitness bands also offer a monochromatic display. We recommend buying something that has an LCD. You must also have the freedom to choose between the various watch faces. It will add the element of fun for you.

Type of Band – Another point to consider is the type of band that you are getting with the unit. The most common bands available are the silicone bands. You will also find some of the brands that offer nylon bands or even leather brands. Rubber is yet another standard option available in the market. You can choose your style and the colour of the brand. Apart from this, it is worth checking the price of the bands if you are purchasing them as an add-on.

Call Facility – Some bands would alert you when you receive a call. You might not be able to answer the call, but you will surely be able to check who is calling you. In the case of messages, you are usually able to check the message. It is worth buying a fitness band that allows you to take the calls as well. This feature adds accessibility for you. If we are purchasing a smart band, then we would steer clear of the models that don’t have notifications for the calls, and alarms.

Battery Life – You do not want to charge your band after every few hours. In such a case, you must check out a fitness band that has good battery life. The usual standard is somewhere between 8 to 14 days. You can also find the bands that last longer than 14 days. You must also pay attention to the charging time required to charge the band fully. All these factors can play a significant role in your adaption to the smart band.

Waterproof – The band that you are purchasing will often be exposed to sweat, moisture, and even water. In such a case, you must buy a waterproof fitness band. This feature will help you in ensuring that you are not damaging the band while you are performing your fitness activities. To sum it up, you can check the IPX rating of the activity tracker that you are buying.

Brand & Warranty – Regarding the brand, we just want to tell you that you must buy the fitness bands from reliable brands. Avoid cheap Chinese products as they are not going to last for a long time. The standard warranty policy available on the band is for one year, and anything less than that should be avoided.

Cost – The cost of the smart band is the last factor to be considered. Most of the bands are priced below Rs 1000. You will also find the bands that are available at a price point below Rs 500. Some of the feature-loaded smart bands are priced over Rs 2000. You need to decide your budget before jumping into the market.


Final Verdict

You have reached the end of the page. By now, you would have a clear picture of what you want. Before finalizing the purchase, ensure that you go through all the points in the buying guide. It will give you an idea of what you are looking at, and what are your needs. Versatility is the key over here because your fitness watch can also help you in keeping your phone in your pocket for a long time. In our opinion, the Mi Band 4 is one of the best fitness band available in the market. If you do not have any budget constraints, then you can go ahead, and buy the band from Mi. It has all the features, and it even has a very friendly interface. If you think, there are even better smart bands available in the market then do leave a comment. We would love to review the new options for our readers so that they can buy the best for themselves. With this, we are going to conclude the page & Thank You for going through this listing.

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