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Maintaining a proper diet is essential for all of us. With so many health awareness groups and with people becoming more health-centric, a proper nutritious diet is gaining popularity. For many decades, it is known that an egg contains all the proteins and nutrients required by a human body, and it plays a crucial role when it is a part of this nutritious diet. So, people have eggs in their breakfast as boiled or scrambled or in the form of an omelet. Some people have eggs as part of bodybuilding training too. Now that you know the importance of egg, the next important question is the way that you want to cook the eggs that you need to consume. Well, as mentioned, eggs can be consumed in numerous ways like a scrambled egg or poached egg or in any way that you are comfortable with. The most famous and healthy way of consuming an egg is when it is boiled. It can be either soft-boiled or hard-boiled based on preference.

Best Electric Egg Boiler Machine

When it comes to boiling an egg, even though it is an easy task to complete, it requires some time from your schedule, and you need to keep monitoring it when it is on stovetop whether it got completed or not. In worse cases, you might overcook or undercook the eggs which you might not be intending to make. Sometimes, you just ignore it and do not consume eggs as you may run out of time. This is where the wonderful egg boiler evolved. An egg boiler does not need you to continuously monitor the eggs whether they are done or not. You can parallelly place the eggs in the egg boiler and do your other works. This consumes power to boil the eggs, and the main advantage is that you always get perfectly boiled eggs out of this egg boiler. There are many egg boilers available in the market and in this post, we are mentioning our top recommended egg boilers. You can go ahead and select one of these. Also, if you are not quite sure about how to choose among these products, we are also providing a buying guide that you can use to select the best egg boiler. Let us get started.

#1 Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01

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The first egg boiler from our list is from one of the popular kitchen appliance manufacturers, Prestige. This perfect egg boiler has a durable body and can cook 7 eggs at a time. If you are a person who is particular about the texture of the eggs, then this is the perfect egg boiler for you and your family. There are 3 modes from which you can select the level of consistency you need for your eggs – hard, medium, and soft. With the touch of a single button, you can start the whole process and leave it for the rest of the work. With the multi-measure cup, there are markings clearly set on the cup for the consistency level and number of eggs. You can easily measure the exact amount of water required and use it for the boiling. There is also an egg pin provided with the egg boiler. Just poke your eggs and switch it on. Once the eggs are boiled to the required level, the egg boiler automatically switches off. This considerably helps to save power and is safe to use. 


  • 3 modes of boiling eggs – hard, soft and medium
  • Automatically switches off once the eggs are boiled
  • Able to cook 7 eggs at a time
  • Comes with a multi-measure cup and an egg pin
  • With a single touch, you can start the process of boiling the eggs.


  • Some people complained that the auto-off option is not working properly and had to manually switch off once it gives a beep.

#2 Simxen Egg Boiler

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Our next egg boiler from the list is from Simxen. There is an auto-off option available so that the water does not completely dry out when not observed in time which is not safe. You can boil 7 eggs at a time which is suitable for a family with 3 or 4 members. With high-quality ABS plastic material, this egg boiler has a very sleek design and comes in different cute colors too. A measuring cup allows you to measure the water perfectly required for the boiling and precisely boils your eggs. The voltage that is rated for this egg boiler is 220 Volts with a frequency of 50 Hz. It utilizes 350 Watts of energy, which is quite good. With 3 steps you get perfectly boiled eggs. 


  • Sleek design with high-quality ABS plastic material making this egg boiler durable
  • Can boil 7 eggs at a time
  • An auto-off option is available for safety and less energy consumption
  • 220 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency, and 350 Watts energy making it a perfect energy saver.


  • Some users complained about breaking eggs and leakage of egg whites.

#3 Brand Enterprise Freedom Plastic Mini Electric Steamer

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With 4 different cute colors available, this electric egg boiler is one of its kind. You can boil a maximum of 7 eggs in this egg boiler. It is made of plastic and a little bit of steel. It comes with a transparent lid. This allows you to check the eggs while they are boiling. The total time taken for the eggs to boil is just 10 minutes. With an automatic shut off option, this egg boiler helps to automatically switch off once the eggs are done.


  • Made with plastic and steel
  • Comes in multi-colors
  • Transparent lid 
  • Automatic shut off option
  • Can cook 7 eggs at a time


  • Some people felt that the quality is not up to the mark

#4 PETRICE Plastic Boiler 

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The fourth egg boiler from the list is from Petrice. This boiler has a stainless steel heater. One of the notable things about this boiler is that it can boil the eggs in 7 minutes and utilizes 400 Watts or 220 Volts of power. With the measuring cup, you can measure the exact amount of water needed for the boiling. It comes with a transparent lid and it is made with high-quality material. The eggs come out easily without any cracks. Double thermal protection is available for the safety of the user. There is an indicator light which is quite easy to notice once the eggs are done. The material is made of food-grade material and hence is completely safe to use. It can cook up to 7 eggs at a time. In addition to the mentioned features, this egg boiler can also be used as a steamer to help cook other items as well. 


  • The heater is made of stainless steel material
  • Eggs are boiled in 7 minutes of time
  • Comes with a transparent lid and measuring cup
  • Consists of an indicator light for the convenience of the user
  • Double thermal protection is available
  • Egg boiler can be used as a steamer as well


  • Some customers complained that the eggs are not boiling as expected

#5 CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker

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The last item from our list is from CurioCity and is made of stainless steel material. With the transparent lid, you can watch the eggs boiling. A maximum of 7 eggs can be boiled at a time using this egg boiler. CurioCity egg boiler design is compact with 16 cm by 16 cm by 16 cm dimensions which occupy very little space in your kitchen. As a result, you can carry this egg boiler easily from place to place. This egg boiler can also be used as a steamer and can boil vegetables or make dumplings when not using for eggs. There is an automatic shut off option available for the safety and convenience of the user.


  • Comes with automatic shut off option
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Can boil 7 eggs at a time
  • Compact design which is good for portability
  • Can be used as a steamer as well


  • Some people might not like the quality.

=> You can also use Rice Cooker or Pressure Cooker to boil an egg. check it out

Buying Guide for Egg Boiler 

A buying guide always helps you with what to look at when selecting an item that you wish to purchase. In this section, we are providing a perfect buying guide for you to help you select an egg boiler either you decide to buy from our list or offline.


When you try to boil eggs on the stovetop by the traditional method, some eggs might get cracked. An egg boiler avoids this. You need to take the exact quantity of water required for the eggs mentioned by the manufacturer. Furthermore, they come in different sizes. They range from 6 to 12 number based on your requirements. If you are a family of 3 members, a 6 numbered egg boiler is a perfect fit. If you have a larger family, you might need to have a look at 12 numbered egg boiler. Also, remember that your counter space is also important when deciding the capacity of the egg boiler. A smaller egg boiler fits well in any space. If you need to have a larger capacity, you can go with egg boilers, which are made of two layers. 


There are different materials that are used to make egg boilers. Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic are some popular options. Nonstick coated egg boilers are also available these days. The aluminum ones are definitely less costly and hence are less durable. Plastic egg boilers are good ones and some are dishwasher safe too. However, the plastic might get damaged if not placed properly in the dishwasher. The stainless steel boilers are the most durable ones and are a bit costly too. When it comes to lids, there are steel and plastic ones available. The plastic lids are see-through and eggs can be seen while boiling. Please bear in mind that the plastic should be non-toxic when buying. The steel lids are completely non-toxic and durable. But, you cannot see through a steel lid.


The egg boilers have some options which allow you to leave it to work so that you can carry on other works you have. This is a major advantage of using egg boilers. Some noteworthy options are timer, indicator and boiling mode setting. With the boiling mode setting, you can either select a hard boil or soft boil setting. The timer allows you to set the time that you want your eggs to boil. The indicator might buzz or blink when the eggs are done. This is a cool feature and you can directly take them out when this indicator is blinking.

Cooking time

Generally, an egg boiler takes 5 to 12 minutes to boil the eggs. The texture, power consumption, water type and the number of eggs affect this timing. If you want to boil only a single egg, it takes lesser time compared to the maximum capacity of the egg boiler.

Power Consumption 

If you want to cook your eggs at a faster pace, you might need high-efficiency power. However, it again increases your electricity bill. As the eggs take less time to boil, a standard egg boiler is a good option. This saves your energy and hence bills while giving you perfectly boiled eggs. So, consider an egg boiler that can boil eggs at a faster pace with less energy usage.


There are some accessories that come with the egg boiler. They can be either the standard ones or any additional accessories. Some of them are the main unit, lid, egg holding tray, additional tray for omelets, a measuring cup, etc.,

Final Words:

Well, you have seen the buying guide for buying an egg boiler and the best list to select from. Now you got an idea of what factors to look at and then go to the list to select the one that suits you the most. You can directly click the link that we have mentioned to look at the product and purchase one.


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