Top 5 Best Coffee Maker Machine in India For Home & Office Use

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee is considered to be one of the best things. It gives a perfect start to your day. Most Indians love to have a refreshing cup of coffee every morning. Coffee makers are made to reduce the amount of effort required to make a good cup of coffee. It helps you save a lot of your time. Every coffee lover should have an excellent working coffee maker at home. Making coffee at home saves a bundle for you, rather than heading to the coffee shops daily, you can make your cup of coffee java at your home. You just need to invest in a coffee machine.

There are hundreds of models and brands of coffee makers that are available in India. They all come in different configurations. Choosing a good coffee machine is quite a tedious job, especially when you are a new buyer. If you are planning to buy an efficient coffee maker for you, then you should consider reading this article. We have listed some of the best coffee makers that you can easily buy in India. Each one of them has some great and unique features. We have also included the pros and cons of these coffee makers that will help you choose the desired product. 

Best Selling Coffee Maker Machine

Additionally, we have provided a quick buying guide. It explains you the factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a coffee maker for yourself. They include brewing size, type of brewing, speed, timing, etc.

#1 Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker

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If you are looking for a coffee maker that can give you the best coffee experience, then Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker is best for you. It is one of those coffee makers that come with aroma twister to provide you with one of your best coffee experience. This coffee maker serves you around 6-7 cups of delicious brewed coffee. 

The coffee gets circulated by the aroma twister, which can give it an excellent optimal taste. This aroma twister is a smart nozzle present inside the jug to evenly distribute the coffee flowing. The coffee gets circulated throughout the jug from the first cup to the last one to provide a real aroma.

There is a drip-stop present that allows you to pour the cup of coffee even before the brewing cycle gets finished. An LED light is also present that gets switched on and off to indicate the power of the coffee maker. Red light present on the switch button gets illuminated when the coffee maker is turned on.

 This coffee maker has a compact design that is perfect for 2 to 7 cups of coffee, which is equal to around 0.6 litres. Due to the compact design, this coffee maker occupies a small space in your kitchen. The coffee maker also indicates about the level of water present inside. This feature helps you fill the tank with water in an easy and precise way. 


  • The coffee machine comes with a detachable and washable filter. 
  • The model is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe. 
  •  Two years of the product warranty is provided.


  • The brewing time is quite longer than other coffee machines (10 minutes).
  • The design of the jug is condemnable as it spills out the coffee.

#2 Amazon Brand – Solimo Zing Coffee Maker

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You can quickly prepare your cup of freshly brewed coffee on your own. The Solimo zing coffee maker is a smart appliance that ensures to provide you with a hot cup of coffee by maintaining an optimal temperature. The coffee maker not only takes care of your taste but also helps in maintaining the hygienic and safety; this is due to the presence of a food-grade filter. The filter is easy to use and detachable. The coffee maker also has a drip-stop function that can interrupt the flow after you remove its carafe. This feature helps you keep your kitchen tidy and clean. 

The coffee maker has an elegant, black colored body, and the carafe is transparent that significantly boosts the aesthetics of the kitchen. The transparency of the carafe lets you observe your coffee while making it. The carafe has a 600 ml capacity that helps you brew around 4-5 cups of coffee at once. Now you can efficiently serve flavourful coffee to your guests without extra efforts.

This coffee maker also has an indicator which indicates the water level. Additionally, an illuminated power switch is provided. You can easily clean/wipe the exterior of the coffee-maker with damp cloths. Also, the carafe can be washed using water, which makes the cleaning task relatively convenient. The water is stored inside a food-grade filter, which ensures to provide the best quality of the coffee.


  • The coffee maker is easy to use.
  • The design of the coffee maker is elegant.


  • The jar is quite delicate.
  • The quality of plastic is condemnable. 

#3 Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker

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Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker is a perfect coffee machine for those buyers who are searching for efficient and durable coffee machines. The design of this coffee maker is fantastic, and a 450Watts of heating is provided for a fast brewing experience. It comes with an anti-drip system and a micro-fine filter for a good decoction. The anti-drip system is for the maintenance of safety while the quality of the filter is excellent as it has heat resistant capacities. The filter is made up of high-quality plastics.

The coffee machine has an ergonomically made, chromed handle, which makes it a perfect buy for you. There is a thermal fuse present, which is also heat sensitive. It lets you maintain a proper temperature which is required for a coffee. The temperature control system has been made whilst keeping the safety of its customers in mind.

The coffee maker has one switch with a light that indicates the power. This light indicates the turning on and off of the coffee machine. This avoids the chances of circuit burning. The coffee machine also has water indicating technology, which indicates the level of water present inside the coffee maker.


  • Presence of an ergonomically designed, chromed handle.
  • The coffee machine comes with a water-level indicator.
  • The temperature control system is accurate and safe.
  • The filter chamber is made up of heat resistant plastics.


  • The jar provided for coffee is quite small.
  • The overall quality of the coffee maker is not reviewed well by the customers.

#4 Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker (White)

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People like to have a refreshing cup of coffee in order to get energized. This device allows you to prepare a delicious cup of coffee for yourself whenever you want. You can make your coffee instantly and in simple steps using this coffee maker. 

Preethi Dripcafe coffee maker has a durable body design, which makes the product to be used for a more extended period without any issue. The coffee maker is concealed with a heating element of 450 watts, which helps you brew your coffee very fast. The plastic used in this coffee maker is of high grade and heat resistant.  

A micro-fine filter has been provided for an excellent decoction process. The thermal fuse used in this coffee maker is heat sensitive. Temperature can be controlled accurately. There is a one year warranty provided in the product. The voltage required for operating is 230 volts.

The coffee maker can be cleaned very easily. There are two strainers provided, which lets you choose the amount of decoction that you want. There is auto cut off feature that tells you when you have to turn the machine off. The coffee machine is very efficient. It is also straightforward to operate.


  • The plastic body is heat resistant.
  • It can be operated easily.
  • Brewing is very fast and quick.


  • The warranty period seems short.
  • Functionality is unimpressive. 
  • The plastic is flimsy and is susceptible to easy damage.
  • The product users do not like overall quality.

#5 Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker + Nescafe Gold Rich and Smooth Coffee Powder

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This is a great combo product brought to you by Nescafe. É by Nescafe is one of a kind. It is a smart and coffee machine that can be enabled by an app. You can pair this coffee machine via Bluetooth and get connected to the É-Connected mug app in order to get a personalized coffee brewing experience. Several recipes are being provided, which is present in the touch of a single button. The coffee mug is very trendy in design. It provides a 100% spill proof and leak proof mug, which allows you to enjoy your coffee even when you are travelling. This will enable you to sip your coffee without any worry.  

É-Smart coffee maker has special frothing and heating features. É, lets you prepare your coffee very quickly (65-90 seconds) without creating any noises. There is a unique thermal insulation system that helps you maintain the temperature required for your coffee, i.e., hot or cold. The temperature range provided by Nescafe is 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The mug has a capacity of 210 ml, which is quite sufficient. The box consists of a docking station, a cup, a safety leaflet, a spoon, and a user manual.

The combo pack consists of two items- 1.Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and a Travel Mug, 2.Nescafe Gold Rich and Smooth Coffee Powder (100g Glass Jar). The coffee powder is premium, made up of choicest Arabica and Robusta beans that are grounded multiple times for a fine and smooth taste.


  • The mug is spill-proof.
  • It prepares coffee in less than 3 minutes.


  • The functionality of the coffee maker is condemnable.
  • It is quite expensive. 


Buying Guide for Coffee Maker

The buying guide below explains some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a coffee machine for yourself. If you are unaware of the required details, you might end up wasting your money in a poor working and useless coffee machine. So, read each one of the factors carefully before buying a coffee machine for yourself. This feature helps you select the most suitable coffee machine for yourself.

  • Brew size: There are different types of coffee makers that can brew the exact amount of coffee required by you. It can either be a single cup of coffee to family-sized cups. Some coffee machines provide a wide range of brew sizes for you, while others provide a narrow range of brew sizes. Single-cup brewers are suitable for people who live alone, while large brewers are good for a big family. Large brewers can provide you around 8-10 cups. For some events or functions, you can opt for commercial-sized brewers. 
  • Type of Coffee: There are different types of coffee machines available, which include coffee machines, espresso machines, and hybrid machines that can brew both kinds of coffee. Hybrid coffee machines save a lot of your space, but separate coffee machines are preferred as they make each type of coffee perfectly. Hybrid machines are not considered to be useful if you want a high-quality coffee for yourself.
  • Time: A thermal carafe is suitable for your household if you need coffee throughout the day as if it keeps the coffee pipe hot always. Pod machine will be best for you if you want a quick cup of coffee. This machine is a good option for you if you are someone who runs errands as you do not need to worry even if you left the Pod machine running.
  • Bar Pressure: Bar pressure should be kept in mind while buying an espresso machine as it helps in creating a good foam on your coffee. 15-19 bar pressure is optimum to avoid the bitterness of the coffee.
  • Energy efficiency: Coffee makers have excellent energy efficiency. They are also cheap and cost-effective.
  • Filter holder: The container holding the coffee needs to be warm. Models with high pricing have holders made up of brass, while the regular models have aluminium holders that retain heat for a more extended period.

Final Words: Morning coffees are definitely energizing. A fresh cup of coffee can effectively enhance your mood and helps you start your day happily. Waking up and jumping into the kitchen to make your coffee is quite challenging for most of us. Coffee machines acts as a blessing if you are not a morning person. It helps you make your coffee within minutes.

New users can face difficulties in buying a coffee maker and that is the reason we have written this article for you. You should read all of these factors as they are very essential for buying an efficient coffee maker, this might help you choose the coffee maker which is best for you. 

We have also listed some of the best coffee makers in India. All of the above coffee machines have their own uniqueness and features. You can go ahead and check out the list provided by us. You can even compare them and then select the most preferable coffee maker for yourself. 


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