6 Best Use of Pedestal Fan in India

The demand for pedestal fans in the past few years has increased due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they offer some benefits that no other type of fan offers. These fans come in different varieties to make sure that you get what you need. Moreover, when you compare a pedestal fan with a ceiling fan, pedestal fans are handy and convenient to use. Pedestal fans are a combination of style, elegant design, and features that everybody wants in their fans.  

Apart from this, using a pedestal fan is hassle-free and one of the best cooling options available in the market after air conditioners. If you ask us to recommend the best type of fan for you, then we would definitely recommend a pedestal fan. There is no doubt about It; do you want to know why we would recommend a pedestal fan? Then here are some of the common uses and benefits of pedestal fans.

#1 Portability

There are different types of fans available today, ceiling fan, table fan, wall fan, tower fan, personal fan, etc. among all these types of fans, only one or two fans are designed to be portable. Among the portable types of fans, the pedestal fan is comparatively more portable. There is a reason for such a feature, a pedestal fan might be heavy, or it could be lightweight, but the manufacturer makes it portable so that the user could move the fan anywhere as he/she requires. As far as we know, the only part that might be heavy is the base of the fan. 

Whether you take it to the balcony, terrace, or any of the rooms in your home, this fan is capable of offering you high airflow. Where there is a socket, you can connect a pedestal fan and enjoy a cool breeze. Yes, this is that much simple to use a pedestal fan.  

#2 Stylish Design

Today, pedestal fans are all about style and aesthetics. While some people find a pedestal fan to be a nuisance to their floor space, a majority of the people consider it to be a part of a style statement. This is true that today, most of the pedestal fans come in a design that is superior to older models. Those days of annoying size and aesthetics have long gone. Pedestal fans are available in comparatively better shape and style that enhances the look of any home. Furthermore, their style and design make them an ideal choice to décor your home and get cool air.  

#3 Swing Head

One of the key limitations of a ceiling fan, wall fan, and table fan is that they could direct airflow in one direction only. This makes them less desirable. However, a ceiling fan is an exception. Even if its head cannot swing, the design and mount make it efficient to deliver airflow in the entire room. But, when it comes to pedestal fans, most of them come with swing head. The swing head could be activated or deactivated; this swing feature could enable the head to move two directions, which helps the fan to direct airflow to these directions. This, in turn, makes the pedestal fan more efficient than other fans. When your entire family is having dinner or merrymaking, a pedestal fan makes the situation more enjoyable. 

#4 Affordability

Pedestal fans, when compared to air coolers or appliances with almost the same efficiency, are cheaper. Yes, most people who neglect the pedestal fan even without considering it an option assume it to be expensive. However, it is not expensive. A pedestal fan is comparatively cheap, and for the price you pay, a pedestal fan is efficient. 

#5 Multi-Functional

Since pedestal fans come with multiple features, they let you use them efficiently for a long time. With variable speed and remote-control option, these fans can be operated conveniently in any room in your home. Additionally, the latest pedestal fans come with a timer function to let you control the fan with ease. Also, some pedestal fans come with a display function to allow you to change the fan settings. Pedestal fans are also environmentally friendly and simple to use. These fans require less maintenance than air conditioners.

#6 Speed Control Option

Usually, pedestal fans come with three speed modes – high, medium, and low. This enables users to change the speed according to their needs. This way, it allows you to manage the temperature in your room, depending on your comfort. This attribute of these fans allows you to enjoy the cool breeze at night. 

          These are some of the common benefits of pedestal fans. However, when it comes to the uses of a pedestal fan, these advantages itself makes the uses of a pedestal fan diverse. 

  1. Pedestal fans could be moved from one place to another with ease. It could be used near a table or a bed. Furthermore, it is ideal for use in different locations in your home. This mobility makes pedestal fan comparatively better than other types of fans. 
  2. Pedestal fans are not only available for home use but also for commercial or industrial use. Yes, there are heavy-duty large pedestal fans that offer comparatively 5- or 6-times high airflow. Such pedestal fans are used in auditoriums, machining rooms, etc. Therefore, these fans are versatile compared to other fans. 
  3. Some of the pedestal fans come with fiber or plastic blades, which makes them compatible to be used in areas with high moisture. Remember, most of the ceiling fans use metallic blades that rust if exposed or used at high moisture areas. So, you need to take care of that if you have such a model. However, the maintenance of these fans is less, which makes them efficient to use.  
  4. The remote control makes pedestal fans easy to use. It allows you to manage its settings efficiently, like remote-controlled ceiling fans. But pedestal fans are more comfortable and effective than those. 

Both the benefits and uses of a pedestal fan are mentioned above. Hope it could help you in some way.

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